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"The world needs a revolution led by women." Desmond Tutu

Creatrix: Embody your Creative Nature

Come on a 24 week challenge to embody the feminine creator (Creatrix) & give birth to a renaissance or rebirth of feminine power in yourself, life & time. Whether you identify as a woman or man, this is a chance to explore the Creatrix archetype & energy to heal wounds, from abuse to a miscarriage & the repression of our feminine values & nature. At this time of crisis, we are called to come together & reconnect with the source of life within us & the world to birth a sustainable, equitable & hopeful revolution, healing Mother Earth& the Creatrix herself. 
To be a creatrix is to dedicate oneself to the cycle of creativity--to embodying soul, through impregnation, gestation, birth, nurturing and death in a way that is not really understood in our culture [but needed]. 
Lucy H. Purce

Creatrix: Reclaim Feminine Creative Power

This is a class for both women and men who want to reclaim the archetypal creativity of the Creatrix or feminine creator. The Creatrix follows a circular path over 24 weeks as you are guided to embrace and embody your power in creating, birthing & nurturing your gifts & a project. This is a call to dig deep and drop down into the womb of life to give birth to something unique & uniquely you. Explore and experience the Creatrix power as we help bring the feminine back to balance our world.
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"It is to consciously engage directly with the forces of the Universe on a daily basis." Lucy H Pearce

To be a Wild Creatrix is to create in a way that aligns your power with the cycles & seasons of nature. 

Wild Creatrix co-create with nature

A Creatrix is a feminine creator who "produces, creates or brings forth" from the archetypal power of the feminine rooted in the connection between mother & matter . . . which share the same root, mater.  For, Creatrix power comes from the earth, connecting our nature with nature through a feminine embodied knowing that is natural. By aligning our creativity to the cycles of the earth, moon & womb, we remember our power to unite in strength & co-create a better life & world. We remember who we are together & our power.
Within Every Woman there is a Wild and Natural creature, a powerful force, passionate creativity and ageless knowing. Her name is: Wild Woman. But she is  . . . an endangered species. 
Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Healing your womb--metaphoric & literal


4 directions, elements & seasons of the earth


Transmuting the lead of your past into gold


Creative centers & the colors of your pallet 


The healing whole of self-acceptance & love

Creatrix POWER is circular

Feminine power moves with nature, like the orbits of the heavens, the rings of a tree & the eye through which we see. It is a way of synchronizing with the elements & each other, so that we can co-create in homeostatic balance within the circles of our lives, families, communities & world. So, we begin each session in circle & have a bonus section on circle leadership & teachings to help us coordinate our power together. All of our movements align to the dance of the circle, centered within ourselves & our lives to create one orbit.

Circle Center

Center in yourself, the earth & life to ground

Circle of Life

Full circle life cycle from maiden to crone

Circle Orbit

Orbit with the moon around the sun & soul

Circle Support

Gather in a circle of support to co-create

Circle Seasons

Turn with the day, year & seasons of life


You travel alone

You are always your own center, grounded in your body, life & soul. Get to know you.


A partner helps to mirror you

A partner holds you in co-creative power, increasing empathy, insight & + outcomes.


A circle to support & co-create

Create & lead circle gatherings as part of Creatrix work & play with circle teachings.

This class comes with a weekly drop-in because, let's face it, we need each other.

A woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
Diane Mariechild

New. Maiden

Inspire new intentions & fresh start to begin

1/4. Mother

New ideas & decisions around your creation

Full. Queen

Let go, release, adapt  & evolve as sovereign

1/2. Crone

Cleanse, cut cords & habits for wisdom

Triple Goddess

Create from all moon & life cycles & stages

Reclaiming our Power to Recreate Ourselves 

This is Creatrix with a capital C as we remember & empower the 4 Feminine Archetypes 

I. Maiden. Love of Body

Reimagine the inspiration & innocence of the Maiden, healing & reclaiming your body & womb as a center of YOUR power. (91% of women are unhappy with their body, 41.8 % experience rape & abuse . . .)

II. Mother. Love of Self

Reclaim your womb as a feminine power center to create new life with a Creatrix altar & dedicated project, as you embrace & love yourself & maternal lineage (OMG) to create from healing not wounding. 

III. Queen. Love of Community *Lost Power

Recreate the "lost" feminine leadership of the Queendom & Qbee to harmonize with creation for the betterment of all. The repressed Queen is feminine leadership.

IV. Crone. Love of Spirit

Reanimate the Crone as a woman of vital wisdom & essential understanding to complete the circle of life & alchemically embodying spirit in matter as heaven on earth (i. e. really changing the world). 
Matrix = Mother. A matrix is Latin for "mother, pregnant animal, uterus & womb." It is also a natural or organizational structure created from equality.
Matrix is a structure based on equality

Womb Journal

Creative journaling to catch your seed ideas

Healing Rituals

Self-generated to heal your wounds & womb

Creatrix Art

Capture the power of your dreams & visions

Power Practices

Creatrix practices for the stages of your path

Creatrix Portrait

Create a portrait of your Creatrix power

Creatrix POWER is Social Dreaming

Feminine power is collective and connective by nature like our natural metaphor of a tree & the rhizomal network of forest roots that communicates and distributes information, nutrients, and even antibodies. While the archetypal masculine is singular, linear, and materialistic, the feminine is multiple, networkal, and animistic--based on the root anima or soul, meaning life breath. Animism extends soul or life to all creation, & this is the Creatrix orientation to life as ensouled within a co-equal celebration of creation.

Creatrix Vision

Mirror, meditate & visualize for insight

Daily Practice

Morning & evening reflections & meds

Circle Leadership

Learn techniques to guide & facilitate