A HEALING AND TEACHING PLATFORM An Archetypal and Jungian Approach to Imaginal Research

Heather Taylor - Zimmerman
Because of my soul calling and resulting doctoral dissertation publishing Jung's art-based methodology, I view the psychologist Carl Jung as a primary example of this soul path. Jung taught this process to his advanced patients and found it to be an invaluable and archetypal process. Jung taught his to walk this path as a healing and a teaching, saying that the artist was a creator and educator. Yet, “despite the fact” that he “so often traveled this path with individual patients,” Jung lamented that he had not “succeeded in making the process clear to a wider circle and in working it up in a form suitable for publication,” something that was “accomplished only in a fragmentary way." This online learning platform helps to bring Jung's path to the wider circle of the earth.

This coursework (and play) is designed to help bring Jung’s painted soul path out into the world, while providing containment for those who walk upon it. This is a soul path that leads people who are ready for “invaluable growth,” “independence,” and “maturity.”

What is the power of creativity?

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