Soul is the teacher: inside, out & all around

Teaching in Art & Nature

There is no one instructor but teachers everywhere. Even (& especially) your adversary is your teacher. Pay attention to learn the lessons around you & within you.
Teaching holds a mirror to the soul. If I am willing to look in that mirror and not run from what I see I have a chance to gain self knowledge and knowing myself. 
Ajahn Chah

Soul Instruction

At Soul Space learning is a lived experience that is emergent, transdisciplinary, revelatory, compensatory & synthetic. This teaching takes many forms . . . 
  • Soul instructors guide you in ways that are personal & real
  • Images from art & life initiate you into psychological depth
  • Synchronicities form steppingstones to lead you on your path
  • Embodied wisdom & insightful intuition reveal the WAY 
  • Individuation is reinforced by partner, triad &group work
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to begin with . . . dig into soul soil

Drop Deep 

Soul is all around you. Throughout time & space & beyond. Let's learn to pay attention in new & ancient ways.
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Each seed planted is precious & we are in a mental health breakdown . . . and through as we grow up together toward our future.


From Jung to Picasso, Frida Kahlo to Hildegarde of Bingen & modern artist friends, artists help guide the psychic life of mankind. 


Equality is grounded in soul as we come together across generational lines to teach each other diverse lessons from our varied positions.


Social learning is our power. When we grow together we harness the power of human creation & transformation in a natural movement.
Towards this consummation all education should tend: Response to the Thinker or the soul. With the registration of this response, the man enters into his kingdom. The above & the below become one. The objective and subjective worlds are unified. The soul and its mechanism function as one unit.
Alice bailey


We embody soul & are alive in form here & now. So, we drop deep & return to our bodies to play & celebrate our lives in physical form.


Soul plays & play is one of the best ways to improve your mood & dispel the ego in its insecurity & arrogance. Return to childhood play!


Soul is rooted in images & the imagination, drawing from the depths of our collective unconscious to communicate possibility.


The short version of this whole process is becoming natural & nature is our teacher. Look for guidance. Pay attention. Wonder. 

Creation constellates lessons for us.

There is meaning everywhere we look if we are receptive to it. Every blade of grass has its teaching, every face its story. You are here for a reason. Be still & present to receive the presents of life before you. Reflect, journal & dialogue, have a power partner. It could be the same person the whole time or pick someone new. 

We can only find OURSELVES.

But this happens in a container of life which is conspiring with us to teach us through the ensouled nature of creation. Look. Find the teachers around you. They may surprise you & some of the teachings may make you want to throw them away. Don't. Be with soul. The hardest teachings are the greatest. Dig deep.

We learn from & with each other.

Our social learning approach is oriented around the fact that we learn together form each other. With a partner we gain empathy, insight & understanding, PLUS we are 65% more likely to do the things that we want to do to transform & grow. We hold each other accountable for being true to ourselves & soul.

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

Natural Eco-Art & Play Therapy

Heather is passionate about creative transformation. Walking a soul-led path of individuation, she explores the intersection of science, spirituality & creativity. This journey led her to a doctoral degree in psychology on creativity as a transformative practice & the creation of the Soul of Creativity and Circle Passages. Heather is a co-founder of Soul Space & she enjoys speaking and teaching at conferences and for colleges and organizations. She is currently creating workbooks & eco-art therapy kits to help people in need. Please reach out to connect if you have ideas to collaborate & co-create.

 Soul of Creativity

A Soulful Journey

The Soul of Creativity is a path of deep transformation, rooted in the creative nature of the soul & the work of the psychologist C G Jung. A journey of self and Self-discovery, this path leads into our creative nature. More than art, it is a way to commune & communicate with the soul who speaks in images from the unconscious. These images guide & teach us, opening our heart, mind, and eyes to new possibilities & ways to heal and grow. Through co-creative dialogue with our soul, we are called & guided to recreate ourselves & our lives in service to the world soul. 
First & foremost, it is your soul that teaches you in its own way. Pay attention & get to know the unique language of your soul.

your soul working & playing with

Give the gift of your authentic self and soul work.

your soul & the world soul in nature

Remember yourself in a soul renaissance of YOU.

& the creative nature of your soul in art

Ground yourself to explore your landscape.

Self: you instruct yourself

You are the teacher, and what you learn is between you and You. At SS we believe a part of you KNOWS.

Soul: you have an inner teacher

Commune & communicate with your soul in a dance of self-discovery  through art, nature, and more.

Synchronicity: the world guides you

Follow synchronicity on a path that connects inner and outer worlds in a journey from head to heart.

Soul Treasure

Give the gift of your authentic self & soul work in community.

Soul Power

Remember yourself in a soul renaissance of YOU.

Soul Purpose

Ground yourself to explore your landscape.

There are many teachers and teachings 

While you are the ultimate teacher along with nature &your soul, it is the group that offers a container for deep work. So, Heather has reached out to her friends to join her, offering a symposium including sacred geometry, ecology, creativity & more. As we come together, we invite you to invite your friends too, so that we can grow organically into a global learning & healing community. Who do you know who is need of a helping hand? This is a socially altruistic community, so invite people & lend a hand in offering to the community in terms of help. Everyone has something to give.

Opus: creating your opus creates YOU

Give the gift of your authentic self and soul work.

Nurture: return to the womb of rebirth

Remember yourself in a soul renaissance of YOU.

Nature: the world supports you

Ground yourself to explore your landscape.
You are your own teacher. Looking for teachers can't solve your own doubts. Investigate yourself to find the truth--inside, not outside. Knowing yourself is most important.
Ajahn Chah

How do you learn?

  • Video & Live Meetings
  • Text & Audio material
  • Activities & Prompts
  • Partner & Group Work

Heart-Centered Service

At SS learning transcends the personal to focus on global service.

Transformational Growth

Selfless service is in our self-interest, leading to personal & group growth.
The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
Caroline myss
What makes us different 

Here is what you get with our courses

We honor diverse and holistic learning styles.

We recognize that teaching comes in many forms.

We create and serve the future.

The World Soul or Nature is the real teacher

At the heart of Soul Space is the instruction of nature: our nature and the natural world. This platform is rooted in land where Heather was called and to the land which is the real teacher. When we return to our nature, centered in our soul, we enter the common ground of our ancestors, barefoot upon the indigenous land that lies within all of us. Come home to yourself and the Garden within. 

Get Together

Modern Pilgrimage

Soul Space classes combine modern science and ancient wisdom to unite body, mind, and spirit in soulful and archetypal practices that reimagine the vision quest and wilderness rite of passage in new and powerful ways.

Go Within

Your Soul

While each offering has lessons, directions, and demonstrations, you are the one who finds your own way to implement this information in your OWN WAY. More than anything else, you are getting to know YOU.

Go Out

World Soul

Soul Space is based on the reality of the soul or psyche as an integral part of our psychological anatomy that connects us to the soul in the world or world soul. When we connect with our soul we connect our nature to nature to grow.
Education is not the filling of a pot but light of a fire.
w b yeats

To teach is to connect and illuminate the world

Education is not about separate bits of knowledge but about inspiring each other. To inspire is to breath spirit into the body and soul is the breath of life itself. In this sense, education is about connection inside and out, as we connect body, mind, and spirit in each other and the world. 
An understanding heart is everything in a teacher.
C g Jung
As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.
Hermes trismegistus

Circle Passages

Modern Rites of Passage

Our uniquely powerful offerings combine cutting edge science with ancient wisdom to provide a circle of support for the journey of your life. Weaving on-site learning at our nature center with online resources, at Circle Passages we are here to help you navigate the big steps that mark your passage from one stage and place to another, helping you along the way.
 Offering an intimate circle of support that includes counselors and doctors, tribal elders and storytellers, drum-makers and nutritionists, we have gathered the resources to provide safe passage as you navigate your journey. Whether you are transitioning through childhood, adulthood, elderhood or going through significant passages in your life, we have created a circle to help hold you as you grow into the fullness of your power, purpose and potential.

Finding Yourself

Finding Safe Passage

The rites of passage are designed by the individual as they are initiated to reflect the unique VISION and experience of THEIR process. While a basic structure is provided, individuals are encouraged to create their own circle of support and self-generated ritual, including options in terms of where and how the rite of passage takes place. 
While in the past the rite of passage was determined by culture and gender, we believe that people’s processes are best reflected in initiating ceremonies of their own design. Leading people into the wilderness of their nature in nature, rites of passage help people overcome depression, anxiety, addiction, and low self-worth by getting in touch with the inner guidance and vision of the soul. Rites of passage offer a path to greater clarity, health, stability, happiness and balance. This is deep growth.

To find out more about the Circle Passage offerings and register.


Heaven + Earth

Like a compass oriented to your destiny, the chakras are a map that connects heaven and earth in your body. We use the 7 physical chakras and the 5 star chakras to bridge above and and below. 
We use the language of the stars, light, symbols and signs, to connect to the heavens as a celestial map. The 12 chakras and the zodiac forms a wheel that guides us, connecting heaven and earth in our life. 


Following in Archetypal Footsteps

  1. Our soul calls us to offer our unique gifts to the world. So, I was called to explore art as a path of transformative power and healing. Following in the archetypal footsteps from Carl Jung, Frida Kahlo, Hildegarde of Bingen, and others, I walked a path that led to a doctoral degree in creative transformation and healing from cancer. What is your soul's call and purpose? What is your gift to the world?

Courage to Change

Transformation requires vulnerability

As you claim your truth you claim your power. When you accept this responsibility you become the creator of your destiny. This requires courage and support, and vulnerability. You will want instructors, those that know the way, and a tribe to support you.

Soul Instruction

You are your guide

You will have a tribe to support you, but ultimately only you know the way. You will learn to trust your soul, your inner wisdom or intuition. Your soul, psyche, lives in the realm of the unconscious and knows all parts of you, including your destiny!