Remember How to Bee Ensouled

Creating a Hive of Soulful Community

Bees are natural. They know they are a part of nature not apart from nature, connecting with each other in community hives as a single superorganism. Like a bee hive, Soul Space is a place for us to come together and remember that we are not alone but part of a greater community and organism: the earth. We live in a world that is alive and ensouled. When we remember the living nature of soul in ourselves and others, we remember that we are a part of nature and embrace our nature. Just as a bee navigates and creates a sustainable future as a single organism, we can come together to navigate the darkness around us and create a future that is fruitful and abuzz with life. We can create hope to light the darkness.
"Hope is the only bee that makes honey." Robert Ingersoll

"Become a bee start looking for the flower of life." Joshna