June 1

"Art is not a thing. It is a way." Elbert Hubbard
soul + art = deep creativity

Come PLAY with art in a new & old way!

This is a 24 day art pilgrimage introducing basic art & psychology concepts, tools & techniques to help wake up & warm up to your innate inner artist. With daily lessons, labs, affirmations & more, this path is designed to awaken your creative power . . . not just to create art but your life. Based on the time it takes to create a new habit, 24 days is a spiraling into your creative core & back out into your life & world. Come home to your artistic self.
Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words or images to achieve changes in consciousness. 
Alan Moore

24-day Art Toolkit

This is a 24-day introduction to the basic and yet essential skills of creative expression.  Plus, a bonus Art History Tour, Soul Collage, (Fun) Critique Group, Mandala Centering & Depth Psychology + Art Orientation. Com PLAY!!
  • Partner & Group 

    Weekly live support
  • Daily content

    Video, audio, prompts . . .
  • soul art school=flexible

    Made for you & your life
  • Bonus Material

    To explore more

24 days for deep & lasting change

There is a method to the madness. 20-26 days has been found to be the time it takes to create a new pattern & sustain it (which is the big part). In order for this change to take root in you & your life, you need to take it seriously . . . but not too seriously. Some things are too serious to take seriously, & this is one of those things (like all of the content of Soul Space). So, we will be playful & have fun, while remaining steadfast in our journey. Perhaps the best word for our approach is sincerity from Latin meaning "clean, pure, sound" or "one growth." 

Why should I take this course?

This course is the most impractical & practical thing you can do, preparing you not to make a living but to make a life & really live. It empowers you through art & a toolkit to transform.
This toolkit is really for everyone, because we all need to heal, learn & grow. It is for you if you feel: lost, anxious, depressed, hopeless, disconnected, lonely, disassociated or confused. Yet, it is also for you if you feel: excited, on the cusp of a breakthrough, a call to something deeper or more, a need to help others or the world. In truth, the "call" to this course can take many forms, and everyone can benefit from its transformative potential. Go within & ask your soul.

Combining powerful transdisciplinary practices this toolkit has many BENEFITS: Increasing: immunity, clarity, cognition, energy, concentration, self-acceptance, love, worth, confidence, empathy, esteem, communication, understanding & power.
: anxiety, depression, dependence, insecurity, stress & addiction 

To create a work of art is to create the is free. 
Wassily Kandinsky

This art is safe 

People have art trauma, but this is not your elementary art class & Heather is not a scary teacher. In fact, the course is designed to help you recover from & break through trauma & blocks. Breathe deep. This is fun & you are ok. 95% of 2nd graders say they are artists, but by high school only 5%. Time to become a child!
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Create! Play, Explore & Be

Picasso said that all children are artists. The trick is to get our creative power back, but the beauty is that art takes us back to our childhood artist to heal. This is a process of deconditioning & unconditional love in which your soul "parents" you to become your fun-loving child-self.

What's in your kit? Content to jumpstart your art!

  • Daily 5-15 minute videos
  • Daily Creative Activities
  • Support Structure
  • Clear & Concise Tutorials
  • Daily Journal Prompts 

50% Discount for you + 10 free kits to those in need. Thanks!

Because this is ESSENTIAL healing for our world & time. We need to pull it & come together inside & out. 

Bonus Material to Continue (value $225)

While you go on to other classes or somewhere else, this toolkit expands to go with you & help along the way.
Everyone is an artist. Everyone is creative in their own way and that creativity is a great thing. . . it needs to be nurtured and it can help us go down life's path and help us to become deeper, richer, more satisfied human beings . . . art is no different than prayer.  
Rainn Wilson

Why an Art Toolkit & what is it?

Art is a way of knowing that is within all of us but buried deep, repressed & dismissed by our society's lack of appreciation & understanding of it's true power. The good news is that we have the innate ability to create, an inner artist that is dormant but powerful. This kit is designed to awaken you to your own ability through a return to an older way of deep creativity. This is the opposite of art to go with your sofa. It is art as an archetypal power that blows up blocks to clear a path & way for our inner creative healer. POW & ZOOM!

24 days of tools for creative life support 

This challenge is designed to loosen up your inner artist & shut up (or calm down) your inner critic (often your real parent). Each day is a psychological play session with introspection facilitated by art as a way of healing & knowing.
  • Partner and Group Work for support (assigned or self-selected & covered in the first day)
  • Live weekly sessions with Heather (as a group & by request)
  • Engaging flexible daily content (that can be done in a "day" of creation of Allah, Brahma, Eurynome . . . or) 
  • Safe Transformative Group Container (class, partner & self-generated by creating your own ) 
  • Archetypal & Evidence-Based Power Practices (combining ancient wisdom & modern science)
  • Personal & Transpersonal Healing (transcending human understanding to connect to the world)

What is a "day"? It's relative

Time is not real & you can take the time you need. This is self-paced & you get to blaze your own trail on a flexible & recyclable path.
  • Each day can take as long as you want with the ability to return when & as much as you want to "finish."
  • Each day has: an affirmation or mantra, psychological concept, activity, lab, prompt & memory anchor
  • Each day can be done in an hour or less but also take much longer. (Art is uncontrollable & predictable.)
  • *Recommendation: take a "run" at this & then return

Coursework and play . . .

Each day your content drops down for you. When you sign up, you will immediately come to the new content, but you can also go back to review past material too. As you drop into the new material, I also suggest that you "drop into your heart." This was the number one message from my soul. 

Retell your story

Day 1

What is your art history? 
A: Create a life comic strip. (Stick figures welcome!)

No Mistakes

Day 2

No right way, only your way
A: Create an ugly image. (Spatter. Scratch. Whatever!)


Day 3

You are perfectly imperfect.
A: Collage your weird/wyrd. (Embrace your unique fate.)

Inner Artist 

Day 4

Connect to art intuition
A: Soul Portrait Meditation
(What is your soul essence?)


Day 5

Embody flow in movement.
A: Heart Drop Practice  
(Drop into the body & BE.)

Release Fear

Day 6

Conquer fear with silliness!
A: Blind Contour Portrait 
(Soul is Fearless Love!)

Overcome Blocks

Day 7

Overcome complex blocks
A: Draw your block & burn it (Soul Pyromaniac fun!)

Creative Courage

Day 8

Breathe Deep. Art is life.
A: Creative Courage (Soul is fierce!) Written Manifesto

Color Flow

Day 9

Deep Color. Wet your brush.
A: Paint emotions to know & recreate a flow state in life

Play with Lines

Day 10

Lines are Building Blocks 
A: Create a Line Contour drawing to embody lines

Texture of Life

Day 11

Texture makes art yummy:
A: Texture Map to gnosis  how it feels inside & out

Pattern On

Day 12

Look for & ID patterns 
A: Make a Life Pattern image to remember change

Study Contrast

Day 13

Create contrast to know it.
A: Black & White Paper Art
+ & - space creates duality

Shape Your World

Day 14

Combine shapes & space.
A: Positive & Negative Space = transcendent function

Compose a World

Day 15

Compose without imposing.
A: Create & enter your Soul's World as a composition

Cocoon to Fly

Day 16

Look for emergence.
A: Go for a nature walk & see what is unfolding

Creative Flux

Day 17

All life is impermanent.
A: Create Impermanent Art to connect to life & death.

Integrate Parts

Day 18

Create a mandala of the Self.
A: Life Circle drawing to
remember & integrate parts.

Invite a Friend

Day 19

Share art & inspiration.
A: Go on an art Play Date somewhere you love

Mantra Magic

Day 20

Create & chant a message.
A: Mantra Magic focuses your creative/creator power 

Symbol Talisman

Day 21

Embody your new creativity.
A: Make a Talisman or energy image on a necklace  . . ?

Art Portrait

Day 22

Make a self-portrait.
A: Create a Self-Portrait of how you see yourself & art.

Secret Message

Day 23

Layer self-commitment.
A: Layered color with writing to create a hidden contract

Artist Statement

Day 24

An artist statement is YOU.
A: Write an Artist Statement to express your unique truth
This is a year-long monthly drop in to support you where share as a group, as questions & break into partners for creative support.

Art Partner & Group

This is NOT a critique group but a support group where curiosity, mystery & inquiry create a container for risk-taking, insight, awe & reflection. No judgement allowed!
  • Learn how to ask questions to foster deep exploration
  • Reimagine how you communicate for internal vs external power
  • Create authentic stability & confidence to "come out" as an artist
  • Mirror each as partners & a group for greater soul perspective
  • Share knowledge, techniques, skills & experiences benefitting all
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Art History Insight

Virtual Tour Video

Soul Collage Vision

Image to Remember

Mandala Centering

Sacred Geometry

Art & the Unconscious

Tour of the Depths
Life beats down & crushes the soul & art remind you that you have one. [No more art beatings!!]
Stella Adler
an embodied psychological (Soul) approach to creative power

Art Integrates: Sensation, Emotion, Thought & Intuition

Physical & Ritual Art

Art embodies soul energy to see & know it

Emotional Expression

Art facilitates emotional trauma & release 

Gnosis & Knowledge

Art connects head & heart in a gnosis

Insight & Intuition

Art is a way of seeing past the invisible veil

Revelation & Grace

Art reaches beyond to reveal the cosmos

Mystery Beyond

Art is the way to touch the mystery
To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage. 
Georgia O'keeffe

This is a beginning but essential step

This kit is a first step to remember your inner artist & shake off the fear of your conditioning & limitation. You may already have a toolkit, skills and practices that you use to connect to soul & create art, but chances are that there will be added value in taking this kit which will introduce the content in a way designed specifically for this trail. As always, you implement the information in your own way, making it a part of your own journey. This is between you and You. You want to connect to & follow your inner guide & intuition. 
Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings [their singing, dancing...]. 
Henry Ward Beecher

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

A playfully creative guide

I am Heather & your guide on this creative jump start. An artist, visionary, educator & speaker, I have decades of experience from art history to creative transformation, but what I really draw upon is my experience with mindfulness & meditation . . . with art. For, what you really need is to let go & be receptive, to FLOW & BE FREE.

Your Soul, the Path, Creative Spark . . .

As always, your soul (by whatever name) is the guide.

The soul guides you through art & play. The trick is to let go of your ego control & "leave things to chance" or synchronicity, as C G Jung said, to let soul move in you & through you. As you transition from ego to soul, you walk upon painted stepping stones that guide & transform you & the world. All you need is receptivity & honesty.

Spiral in & back out . . . then again

As you walk you activate your imagination & open to the symbolic guidance of the soul in your life through synchronicity, dreams, and visions. Opening to an archetypal perspective, you will begin to perceive the story that underpins your life and relationship to life itself. As you move through the coursework, each day's lesson will "show up" & reveal itself in living images and experiences that deepen your insight. Walking in this way, brings you to greater consciousness, as it weaves your inner & outer, unconscious and conscious lives & worlds together. This union is the healing nature of the soul that unites opposites to connect the dots and see the big picture. 

Our mission is to claim our creative power!

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& an re-orientation on how to view or imagine art . . .

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to have art experience?

Answer 1: No. There are benefits to having & not having experience. The main thing is effort, courage & honesty.

2. Do I get to choose how I create?

Answer 2: Yes. You always get to choose. This is your art. The course offers guidance & support . . . but you choose.

3. Will I learn different kinds of art?

Answer 3: Yes. Each day has a different teaching & technique, combining creativity, ritual, mindfulness . . .

4. Do I have to finish "on time"? 

Answer 4: No. You get to take your own time. This is self-paced self-transformation, love & empowerment.

Creating a container for soul

Our class is a container & we will open and close each session with ritual to pattern a more ensouled way of being & being in the body. Additional containment can come in many form & layers, creating a safe sacred space in your own way. Everything that you do, & especially all ritual, is self-generated. This means that it is done your way, in your language, whether visual, verbal . . . or a combination. As you create sacred safe space, you allow yourself to go deeper & cocoon, nurturing your creative practice in your body and body of art as a temenos or sacred enclosure. Click below to explore how to do this.


Transformation requires a safe space for reverie--a liminal state in between conscious & unconscious.

A structure to CONTAIN the process

This process is contained by your soul but also by 3 circles of support  made by you and your classmates . . . or friends, family, whoever you pick. These circles have been proven to help foster deep connection, helping with insight to makes changes in the body & brain. It is also an accountability practice. This can be short messages on the embedded social media hub with your partner (you can make your own groups with anyone) or within the class container. As always, you get to do this in the way that works for you but participating helps.


You travel alone to self-reflect

The daily content is designed for you.


A partner helps to mirror you.

Partner work is woven in daily & weekly.


A circle contains & holds you.

Circle work is a temenos of sacred space.