What's Right


a soulfully ethical approach to how to be & relate in a kinship model.
Beginning 9.1.23

24 Days of Relationship Healing = +Change

Embrace a challenge designed to create greater intimacy & love in your life. Based on a model of systems healing & conflict transformation, this kit guides you through creative depth psychological practices to heal your relationships by aligning to your soul, others & the world, including human & nonhuman life in the Self. 
Right relationship isn't about finding the right person (though it will help) but relating to life in the right way. The paradox is that right relationship comes from your relationship with yourself not others. It is selfless yet self-fulfilling, improving all relationships as a whole.
Right relationship aligns with & Through soul 

Relationship is ALL

From Latin roots meaning, "a bringing back, restoring, together, interdependence & connection," relationship is the thread of life that unites & atONEs us. So, this kit:
  • Ripples out to connect you to your family, community & world
  • Includes the personal & collective unconscious & superconscious
  • Weaves 7 levels of relationship & ways of healing together
  • Offers daily support & content to create sustainable change
  • Includes a container, group & partner support structure
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We are all ONE

Like a family tree with many roots & branches but one trunk, we heal together as one in soul as life itself.
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Relationships transform us

They offer us insight into ourselves & lives to help us know what to heal & how. So, we:
  • Journey inward & outward for guidance, including outreach to your inner circle & those you love
  • Make amends in ritual, action, conversation & more
  • Look to the mirroring of soul in the outside world
  • Learn & practice intentional mirroring for support

This is for you if . . .

Are you ready to align to the power of the universe to co-create from a place of collective right relationship? Right relationship is the key to all locks. 
* You want to create greater intimacy & authenticity in your relationships
* You have trauma from past relationships that you want to release & resolve
* You feel called to connect to the energy, purpose & integrity of your soul
* You desire new patterning & positive relationships in the new year
* You hope to heal past wounds to free your lineage of intergenerational trauma
* You are ready to receive the resources of the universe to flow through you
* You embrace the hope of greater wholeness & healing for yourself & others

. . . there are many reasons to be in right relations. Truly, this is for everyone.

24 day Healing Journey: Come Full Circle

While relationships are a journey, this is a way to jump start the process and initiate fundamental healing based on the time it takes to change patterns, overcome resistance & maintain positive sustainable growth. All elements are intentional.
  • Partner and Group Work increases empathy, insight & efficacy
  • Live weekly sessions with Heather create a place for people to learn & share
  • Engaging & flexible daily content builds & maintains transformation
  • Safe Transformative Group Container hosted on our internal social media hub
  • Archetypal & Evidence-Based Power Practices guide your growth
  • Personal & Transpersonal Healing ripples out to create movement

Our mission is to BE in love & power together

Do it for OUR CHILDREN & their children & so on. (Please!)
Do it to relax & rest into your body (present & healthy).
Do it to find meaning, purpose, relief, peace, serenity & love.
Do it to get to the root of the problems that plague you.

Heal Yourself = Heal the World

We need this sooooo badly & beautifully. Come in your fullness (greatness & weakness). This is where we meet together in surrender to a unifying power (life & love). When we are in right relationship we are one with the web.

Don't run away . . . come back to the table.

It's the elephant in the room that we are all touching like the proverbial blind men, saying it is this or that. It is an elephant. This is a process to help you let go because you want to. You have better things to do with your energy!

You have everything you need

You are conscious & aware here & now with everything you need to heal (past, present & future). Don't wait, benefit from healing today & pass the healing on down sympathetic lines of ancestry, gender, class, race . . . please. All you need is to choose & let go & let soul. Release. Ahhh

You don't need "their" participation

You can talk to you father, mother (brother, sister . . .) virtually or psychologically, speaking to their higher, more conscious self or soul. It doesn't matter if they are dead (not that there is such a thing). It doesn't matter if they are in Chicago. The soul is not bound by space or time. Just do it.


Core personal relationships


 Traditions & connections 


Close ties & cultural codes


Lines of legacy & inheritance


Root in love & responsibility


Psychological & universal


Big picture & whole story


We all have them! It's ok.


 What I'm not triggered!


Grieving loss to recover love.


Letting go of. . . what isn't ok.


Restore right relationship.


Accepting what is to reclaim.


Loving as Living in RR.
The Universe is circles within circles, & everything is one circle, & all the circles are connected to each other. Each family is a circle, & those family circles connect together & make a community, & the community makes its circle where it lives on the Earth. It (the community) cares for that part (of the Earth) but cares for it as a circle--which is to say in a cooperative & egalitarian way, where everybody is cared for, & everybody is respected . . . Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. 
Black Elk

Circle of Healing > Circle of Abuse 

What we don't heal, repeats, rippling through the circles of our relations, generation after generation. This makes healing essential to all of us. Now we have a powerful opportunity to heal ancestral lineages as we confront the shadows of our past together, but we can only do this together as we realize, release, rebound, reinvent, resurrect, and remember to transform (and repeat . . .). Incorporating quantum physics & creativity, we are remembering how to heal ourselves & the world as a whole. Right Relationship is how we do it.

"It's not forgetting that heals. It is remembering." Amy Greene
I know you carry deep wounds and sometimes you act out your unhealed pain. Offer yourself compassion but then commit to doing better. Once we know better, there's no excuse not to do better. What we don't heal will be passed on through generations [let's not]. 
Ash Alves

This path is for us & 7 generations

From the shared origins of a common ancestral genetic Eve to our mythic past, we are born of one earth, branches from a common family tree. This leaves a legacy of both trauma and wisdom. While we confront the shadow of the past, we call upon our ancestors to help us heal for our children.
When we heal ourselves, we heal our children. Trauma is passed through our family lines until we are willing and ready to feel it, heal it and release it. 

"Be the change in the world that you wish to see." Gandhi

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

I have walked this path . . . & am still walking

I have gone through this process and navigated this journey to work (and play with different relationships in my life--both personal and cultural. From healing my maternal lineage to confronting intergenerational trauma held in the earth, this is a path that I know. Yet it is also yours and only you can find your way. So, listen inwardly and honor inner images and guidance--even if they take you off my path and in a different direction. You will be guided.

Your Soul, Land & Ancestors

Following those who have gone before

In my processing of relational healing, I have combined art, active imagination, journaling, rites of passage, mindfulness, myth, and more to create a toolkit that is diverse and powerful. At its heart it is archetypal, formed of the practices used throughout time and the ancestral wisdom of the ages. As you journey seek guidance from your ancestors and your soul in symbols, signs, and synchronicity.
"Take time to cleanse, to heal, to renew, to grow, to become."
In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you [letting go is healing].

Archetypal roots reach deep

This approach views healing as systemic and emergent, based on the image of a family tree. From the shared origins of a common ancestral genetic Eve to our mythic past, we are born of one earth, rooting and branching from a common family tree and story. So, we explore images that emerge from the psyche as stepping, combining images from our history and art history. In this sense, our mother and father are biological and archetypal: our mother earth and father in heaven as well as our personal mother and father, rooting deep. 

Sometimes people are just reflecting to us how we treat ourselves or how they feel about themselves. Pay attention to what your relationships are teaching you.
Ash alves

This is a journey home to your Self.

Each day you walk on stepping stones that introduce a new concept, activity, or skill to help you heal the different parts of your psyche. These steps take you into the past & unconscious to remember past parts of yourself and life. Only through reclaiming these fragments of your psyche or soul can you become your Self: healed and whole. This is the heart of right relationship: wholeness.
It is a journey home because we come into the world whole, so we return. No fear, just love in right relationship with the greater whole: by whatever name.
Pay attention to your patterns. The ways you learned to survive may not be the ways you want to continue. 
dr. thema bryant davis


Day 1

Create a healing container in yourself, space, and home
A: Center & Circle

Core Concepts

Day 2

Center & ground yourself through a basic orientation 
A: Healing Journal

Right Relations

Day 3

Establish right relationship and alignment with soul A: Alignment Practice

Inner Child

Day 4

Play and dialogue with your inner child to heal wounds. 
A: Drawing Memory

Mother Complex

Day 5

Explore the mother complex and archetype in art.
A: Mother Earth Stone

Father Complex

Day 6

Understand your "father" through story and history.
A: Father Sky Blessing

Family Complex

Day 7

Remembering your family line to heal and connect.
A: Family Interview

Cultural Complex

Day 8

Community therapy to heal the nation and world.
A: Cultural Collage

Your Wounds

Day 9

Create a body map to show your life and experiences.
A: Body Map

Your Complexes

Day 10

Mind map associations to see connections and the picture.
A: Mind Map 

Old Story

Day 11

Write your old story honestly to get it out and release it.
A: Past Story

New Story

Day 12

Compose a new story to remember and heal the old.
A: Soul Story
Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.
Jonathan Lockwood Hule

Healing Art

Day 13

Pick a relationship in your life to recreate in art.
A: Color Healing

Healing Ritual

Day 14

Create a healing ritual to transform this relationship.
A: Self-Generated Ritual

Healing Act 

Day 15

Choose an act to take to help heal a relationship.
A: Reimagining Healing

Healing Family

Day 16

Extend this healing in a ritual to your family and ancestors. 
A: Medicine Walk

Ecological Healing

Day 17

Breath into core wounds to consciously heal them
A: Tree Breath Visualization

Cosmological . . .

Day 18

Death comes in many forms. Grieve & let go of burdens
A: Bury the Past

Return to Self

Day 19

In order to heal and forgive let go of burdens on paper.
A: Burning Ritual

Return Home

Day 20

Make a commitment to your soul & stay in your power
A: Fun/Courage Act


Day 21

Compose an affirmation based on self-understanding.
A: Letting Wisdom in


Day 22

Let go of negativity and self-judgement in a letter and act.
A: Letter to Yourself


Day 23

Forgiveness requires a death. Let something go to live.
A: Ritual Blessing


Day 24

Celebrate in an act of self-love. Give a gift to yourself.
A: Self-Love Contract
Let's face it, there are layers to this onion. Relationships are the stuff of life, rich with complexity of every kind. So more resources:

4 Elements

Earth, Air, Fire, Water & the Quintessence/us

4 Directions

North, South, East, West & Center

4 Aspects

Feel, Think, Sense & Intuit as a Whole

4 Relationships

Or Layers of Creation as in the Tree of Life

4 Seasons

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter as Life

You may feel over your head with this. . .

In fact, most (like 95%) of what you are processing is unconscious. The Tree of Life above might have throw you too.
Empty space, drag to resize

Hakuna matata (aka no worries)

The essential part of right relationship is beyond words & independent of the findings of cognitive neuroscience. Healing alignment is simple, felt, intuitive, embodied & possible (despite past experience). You/we've got this. RR is balance.

Self-love & honesty are the key

As the saying goes, this is between you & you. The trick is you may have an ingrained belief that it is really between you & _____(fill in the blank). What is really required is the self-compassion to claim our power & let go of victimhood (despite perks). My cancer had me to drop it like a hot potato!

Shame is a soul-eating emotion

And it is insidious. Find it. Say thanks & bye. 

This class comes with a weekly drop-in because, let's face it, we need each other.

A structure to CONTAIN the process

This process is contained by the course content but also by 3 circles of support made by you and your classmates. Each circle expands with you as you create your opus, designed to offer different levels of containment as you individuate. These circles reflect Jung's process as archetypal or universal.


You travel alone.

We all need to go on a solo journey within.


A partner helps to mirror you.

We pick a partner to support our journey.


A circle to discuss and reflect.

We gather in circle to contain the path.

Create a healing container

Additional containment comes from creating sacred space in an art studio, creativity altar, and in your art which can be seen as your "church" and "cathedral," housing your soul. In these spaces you create a place of renewal and retreat for you to come back to again and again, whether creating art, lighting a candle, meditating, or doing gentle yoga. These spaces help to cocoon you as an alchemical container of transformation throughout your process, nurturing your creative practice in your body and a body of art. 

Change your perspective and Life

Psyche is a lens that we see through, and as we heal the distortion of our wounds and complexes we are able to see our relationships and lives more clearly. This shift in perspective allows us to find our way on the journey, navigating the pitfalls of the past to deeper understanding and intimacy with those we love. The worldview that results is essential to our health and the health of the world, guiding us to new insight as we travel. 

Daily content leads you . . . 

Each day your content drops down for you below, guiding you through a series of reflections and activities. As you travel, you can complete the kit in 24 days or you can take as long as you want, returning to go deeper or redo a lesson in a different way. It is up to you. This is your journey. 

"Not all who wander are lost." J. R. R. Tolkien

Healing is a JOURNEY

The end is really a beginning, as you embark more healed and whole on the rest of your life. Healing is a path that never ends, but this kit will give you guidelines and tools to help your journey. 

The earth supports your journey.

As you continue upon your path, remember that the earth is always below you and there to support you. 
love of self
The soul leads us to deep transformation and self-realization in ways that are creative and imaginative. 
Called by your soul through images from dreams, visions and the imagination, you are transformed in a process of deep soul care and soul relationship embodied in art.
Love of others
The soul leads us to love which is the soul's greatest gift, reflecting their ability to unite opposites.
Just as Jung received a crown that said love never ends, we are guided to our own realization of self and soul love. What this looks and feels like is unique to each person.
Love of Community
Self-care tends to your whole Self, gathering forgotten and repressed fragments of your soul from the past.
Receive tools that will support you to release unconscious patterns of self-doubt and neglect that lead to imbalance and disease. Down time is essential for creative growth.
Love of Planet
Gain the courage, confidence, and capacity of your soul to express Self-love for who YOU are.
Self-love is rooted in radical and deep acceptance of your uniqueness--how you are different. It is embodied in the unique qualities that are yours and yours alone.

On this path you find YOUR WAY.

While you are finding yourself and your way, you are on an archetypal path that offers a consistent way to navigate. Including elements of centering, mindfulness, visioning, dreaming, yoga, eco-psychology and breathwork, the soul guides us on a path that connects our nature to nature. So we begin with introductory videos to seed your imagination with these ancient archetypal practices proven through time.