Essential  concepts & tools to connect to & realize your soul calling.

Introduction to your soul calling essentials 

This is a 24-day pilgrimage to connect to your call, introducing basic skills & an orientation to help you find & realize your call. While this challenge includes the elements of dreamwork & shadow play, journaling, alchemy, symbolism & ritual art, it orients you to your call through the 7 directions as a way to gain the gifts they represent in service to your call. By the end, you will come away with an embodied sense of your soul & call.
Stop chasing what your mind wants, so you can find what your soul needs. [Drop into your heart.]

This is an overview to orient you to your calling.

Imagine into, understand & map your soul's CALL. . . & begin to manifest it.

Alchemy & Soul Calling 

Alchemy provides a framework for our soul service, teaching us to transform our leaden aspects into gold as we realize that our greatest strengths & weaknesses are inextricably connected. We embrace both.

Connect & create your call


7 Directions of Calling

We orient to & activate our gifts for our soul's call through the 7 directions along with their symbolic associations: the 4 directions of East, South, West & North as well as Above, Below & within as center. 

Inspiration & Dedication


24-day Soul's Call

This is a 24-day introduction to your calling a path of service & soul embodiment. For additional support manifesting your soul gift, look to the Soulful Living Bundle which offers a life coaching & goal setting. For more information, watch the video below. We need you to manifest your soul & call. Let's do this!!
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Go to the people & the places that set a spark in your soul. [This may be a soup kitchen or a mountain peak.]

Why learn through the 7 directions? 

Connecting to soul is essential to our life journey, bringing us a sense or energy & purpose along with the passion & potential to achieve it. Over the 24 days of this journey, you will come to embody your soul & your call through the ancient archetypal framework of the 7 directions as a way to align to the ensouled earth & stars realizing that you are one with them: one with your soul. You are one with your call which represents you in the truest way, like a true name. It is who you are. Though this challenge doesn't include fasting in the wilderness, it is a different kind of wilderness quest into your wild soul.

Connecting to & embodying your call

Connect with Calling

What is your deep purpose & call?

7 Directions of Calling

Calling in the 7 dimensions of creation.

Mapping your Calling

Vision & map your call to navigate.

Resourcing your Calling

Tools: meditation, visioning, allies & more

Manifesting your Calling

Embodying your call in your life.

Dedicating your Calling

Dedicating your call activates it.
Always trust your instincts, they are the messages from your soul, they are that inner part of you that strives to make you whole. [You were literally born for this.]

Guidance is all around you

 & inside you. It is manifest in an ensouled world which responds to & mirrors us in our uniqueness & needs. It's time to realize that:
  • Your call is unique to you like your fingerprint.
  • It offers your gifts (you) to the world.
  • You are your call . . . through it you are atONEd.
  • Your call is the gateway to right relationship.
  • Your call is how you self-actualize through service.
  • Your call offers the lessons & experiences you need.
  • Your call is a way of creating heaven on earth.
Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. [Many others before & after said this.]
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The living soul of man, once conscious of its power, cannot be quelled. [You've got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
Horace mann

A 3-week journey

20-26 days has been found to be the time it takes to create a new pattern & change. Because 20-26 is the period we offer an additional optional week to help you transplant your change into your life. 
Love is the beauty of the soul.
saint augustine

Create Container

Day 1

Create a cocoon

Calling Altar

Day 2

Make your altar

Calling Outline

Day 3

Write your story


Day 4

Clarification & Aspiration


Day 5

Consecration & Outline


Day 6

Purification & Calling


Day 7

Grounding & Create


Day 8

Inspiration & Bring to Life


Day 9

Intergenerational & Healing

Center. Light

Day 10

Quintessence & Illumination 


Day 11

Who do you serve?


Day 12

Envision your Calling

Calling Ritual

Day 13

Create a ritual to honor call

Calling Meditation

Day 14

Connect with soul call within

Call Dream Seed

Day 15

Seed sleep with questions

Call Imagination

Day 16

Active imagination on calling

Call Allies

Day 17

Inside & out, dead & alive

Brain Storm

Day 18

Mind Map ideas

Heart Storm

Day 19

Drop into heart

Calling Map

Day 20

Map your ideas/feelings

Calling Yantra

Day 21

Sacred symbol map

Chakra Road Map

Day 22

Creative centers as path


Day 23

Seeing & making connections


Day 24

Soul commitment

24-day dedicated to your calling

We will help you identify & unlock your inner gifts to offer them to the world. (This is a first step on a life journey.)
  • Partner & Group Work
  • Live monthly sessions with Heather
  • Engaging flexible daily content
  • Safe Transformative Group Container
  • Archetypal & Evidence-Based Power Practices
  • Personal & Transpersonal Healing
You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
C s lewis

Who is this path for? Everyone.

This kit was created to help you on the most important element at the heart of Soul Space: your calling (purpose & gift to the world). You may already have a sense of your soul's call as well, but this is designed to really hone in on your purpose as well as providing a toolkit, skills & practices that you use to connect with yourself & soul, but chances are that there will be added value in taking this kit which will introduce the content in a way designed specifically for this trail. As always, you implement the information in your own way, making it a part of your own journey. This is between you and You.
The soul is the truth of who we are.
marianne williamson

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

Following in the soul's footsteps

There are no new ideas. So, Heather is not the guide but someone passing on the guidance of others who have walked before. 

Your Soul & Call

As always, your soul is the real guide.

The soul guides us through dreams, intuitions, emotions, synchronicities, revelations, hunches, inner prompts, and visions.
Enough is enough. It's time to stop running, I miss myself. I want to get comfortable in my own skin. I want my soul back. I want to go home. 
Melody Beattie

This is a journey home to your Self.

Each week you walk on steppingstones that introduce fundamental concepts and skillsets that connect your creative nature to the creative nature of the soul, as you journey toward the Self. These steps take you into the unconscious through coursework that is patterned to help you trust the process & surrender to soul.
Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. 
Henry ward beecher

This is a trailhead to your soul

As you walk you activate your imagination & open to the symbolic guidance of the soul in your life through synchronicity, dreams & visions. Opening to an archetypal perspective, you will begin to perceive the story that underpins your life calling & relationship to life itself. As you move through the coursework, each day's call lesson will "show up" & reveal itself in living images & experiences that deepen your insight. Walking in this way brings you to greater consciousness, as it weaves your inner & outer, unconscious & conscious lives & worlds together. This union is the healing nature of the soul that unites opposites to connect the dots & see the big picture. 

This class comes with a weekly drop-in because, let's face it, we need each other.

A structure to CONTAIN the process

This process is contained by your soul but also by 3 circles of support made by you & your classmates. Each circle expands with you as you create your opus, designed to offer different levels of containment as you individuate. These circles reflect Jung's process as archetypal or universal.


You travel alone.

On some level, we are always alone.


A partner helps to mirror you.

Success goes up 65% when you partner.


A circle to discuss & reflect.

Circles hold, support & mirror you.

Creating a container for soul

Additional containment comes from creating a safe sacred space to cocoon you as an alchemical container of transformation throughout your process, nurturing your creative practice in your body & a body of art. Additionally, a container that opens & closes each class.

Enter the in class & Soul Space Hive

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday & the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do & mostly Live. (This is part of our calling: Today.)
Dalai Lama

Your soul brings you a vision 

Jung said that you cannot go directly into the unconscious but if you create unconsciously with your hands your soul would bring you a vision. Imagination has the roots magi for magic & image at the heart of this visionary path. As you walk you activate your imagination & remember how to play with your soul's images to guide you. Open your eyes, heart & mind to a new way of seeing and being. Learn to navigate by starlight through the dark night of the soul.

On this path you find YOUR WAY.

While you are finding yourself & your way, you are on an archetypal path that offers a consistent way to navigate. Including elements of centering, mindfulness, visioning, dreaming, yoga, eco-psychology & breathwork, the soul guides us on a path that connects our nature to nature. So, we begin with introductory videos to seed your imagination with these ancient archetypal practices proven through time.

Dream into your nature

Bridging head and heart, this course follows in the soul's footsteps into the wilds of your nature. Because creativity expresses in our nature & in nature, this is an eco-art therapeutic path to wholeness--for you & the whole world. This is more about the alchemical Great Work of Art than art. It is about your transformative growth, patterned after the perennial rhizome planted in the rich earth of your imagination to grow out of you in art.

Soul advice: "drop into your heart"

In our modern world we have become head-centered, dismissing emotion & intuition as inferior feminine ways of knowing. In a very real way, this path leads from head to heart, reconnecting inner masculine and feminine ways of knowing in a union or coniunctio that alchemically unites above and below, spirit and matter. This is a path to wholeness that integrates all parts of our being in newly discovered yet ancient embodied ways of knowing rooted in the earth.

A path into the wilderness of the soul

While we enter into the process on a path of painted steppingstones we find ourselves in the natural world. Jung said that the soul would become less and less a personification, an "other" and more a function. So we internalize our soul's capacity to activate the image of the world and navigate our life. We come alive and bring our life to life in its images. Where you find yourself upon this path is unique, but most people experience a deepening into the magic of nature and their own nature.

The soul speaks in images

The soul's communication is symbolic and imagistic, embodied and imaginal. Jung said that his soul did not have speech centers and let her use his to speak, and studies have found that during spiritual experiences speech is not generated in normal speech centers. Nor is core wounding reached by speech. Both are accessed through the imagistic and embodied language of the soul. So, this soul path combines visual and verbal imagery in the way of the soul (the picture superiority effect) in which words are symbolic and metaphoric images, combined with visual art. When Jung's soul referred to the Red Book as art, she meant all of it.

The soul's goal is to make you whole.

This deep self-care heals you by helping you remember the forgotten & dismembered parts of yourself, life & soul. Buried in the unconscious, these fragments of your Self are gathered by following your soul & harvesting your soul's images in art & creativity. This process touches & redresses core wounds that lie at the heart of your complexes, mining the rich soil of your unconscious to embrace lost parts, buried &cast in shadow. You need all of these pieces to reclaim your power & soul. On a fundamental level this is a soul retrieval & a soul mate relationship.