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Creating Soul Space Community

This is a circle of support for the Soul Space community to foster deep relationships & transformation. Come explore & play as we create deep belonging together.
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I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now.
c s lewis

This is a way of belonging & support 

We have the chance to create harmony & community while having fun. The Belonging Community is designed to support individuals in cultivating a sense of connection, acceptance & belonging within themselves & their communities. Through a combination of self-reflection, interactive exercises & group discussions, participants will explore various aspects of belonging, understand the importance of community, and develop practical strategies for building meaningful connections.

Belonging is a web of living meaning

Belonging, rooted in the ancient connection of humans to the earth, speaks to the deep longing within us to be connected, to find our place, and to be part of something greater. It signifies the intrinsic human need to be embraced by the tapestry of existence, to be woven into the fabric of community, and to find solace and purpose in the bonds that bind us together.

To belong is to be accepted as YOU

Cultivating belonging in community involves creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals are seen, heard, and valued for who they truly are. It is about fostering authentic connections, celebrating diversity, and nurturing a sense of belonging that transcends differences and fosters a deep sense of connection and collective growth.

When we belong life is better.

Belonging is a transformative force that brings lasting benefits to individuals and communities. It provides a sense of purpose and meaning, fosters well-being, and enhances overall life satisfaction. Belonging also promotes resilience, strengthens social bonds, and encourages collaboration, leading to greater creativity, innovation, peace, and collective success.

Remember an old way of belonging with:

A lot of Soul Space that calls us to heal & transform ourselves & the world. Honestly, that can be a lot. The Belonging about dropping deep into being with an emphasis on the BE in belonging. This is about really being together.
  •  3rd Friday Drop-In Art & Sips where we create, have fun & grow together. 
  • Weekly Eco-Mindful & Depth Psychological Reflections & Journal Prompts
  • Monthly Teachings from & Play Dates with the Land: Eco & Terra Psychology with a Video & Activity
  • Monthly Transformative Day Workshops with Movement & Dancing (Fear NOT)
  • Biannual 3-Day Summits Honoring Winter Dark & Summer Light *Donation
  • Annual Rite/Write of Passage with remote & in person options & MORE *Donation

Helping people heal.

Join for a free month to navigate & create our ensouled community together. So, we gather in belonging, reflecting the etymological roots of "be-" and "longen," as "to go along with" & "properly relate to." Come travel & transform with others to remember how to live & be in right relationship with each other & the natural world. Discount codes: LOVE25; LOVE; LOVE75; FREELOVE.
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Authentic Connection

Belonging begins with fostering authentic connections with ourselves & others. This involves being present, open & vulnerable, allowing others to see & accept us for who we truly are. By actively listening, expressing empathy & fostering trust, we create genuine connections inside & out.

Shared Purpose

Belonging is strengthened when individuals come together around a shared purpose or goal [like soul or life]. When we align our values & actions with a common vision, we tap into a collective sense of belonging & find purpose in our shared endeavors. This is the mission of Soul Space.

Inclusive Community

Belonging thrives in inclusive communities where diversity is celebrated & respected. Cultivating belonging requires creating an environment that embraces & values the uniqueness of each individual, fostering a culture of acceptance, where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. 

There are many kinds of belonging that connect us to the rich psychic soil of the world. Here are 3 categories:


Belonging begins with you in your embodied wholeness.


Community contains circles within circles of family, friends . . .


We are at home in nature, because we are nature.

1. Deep Listening

Active Listening and Empathy:

Seek to understand others' perspectives without judgment. Show empathy by acknowledging their experiences, fostering a sense of connection.

2. Safe Space

Inclusive Soul Space

Create a place of inclusivity, diversity & psychological safety. Encourage open dialogue, invite diverse voices, and ensure everyone feels welcome and respected.

3. Community Ritual

Shared Traditions

Celebrate & strengthen a sense of community through regular gatherings, ceremonies & shared activities that foster a sense of belonging & bonding.

4. Collaboration

Cooperate & Share

Foster collaboration & cooperation to help people contribute their unique skills & strengths. Promote teamwork and shared decision-making & collective ownership.

5. Appreciation

Culture of Gratitude

Cultivate a culture of gratitude by acknowledging the contributions of individuals within the community. Celebrate each person's unique gifts.

6. Nature Connection

Root & Ground

Connect to the earth, grounding your nature in the presence & healing of the Creation as the root of our interconnected power. Remember your real nature.