vessel =

safety & support

Alchemical Vessel = Creative Container

A container holds soul growth. Like a baby bird in an egg & nest, we expand within the safety & support of a shell & nest until we are ready to break free, fly & make our own nest with eggs of our own. This is a kit to help you.
The soul is the sacred space where my head and heart meet, where God lives. [God, goodness by any name]
Brene Brown

Create Sacred Space

A container is essential to hold us as we grow & transform. From the shell of an egg to a protective circle, containers hold us as an alchemical vessel for soul . . . in all its forms.
We need to create sacred space a temonos for our time. Without it we fragment and fall apart. Even as we are falling apart at the seams now, we need to create circles of containment for the crises to come. From ecological grief and catastrophe to epidemics in homelessness, suicide, depression, addiction and anxiety, we need additional containment to help our center or soul hold us together, just as we hold each other in community . . . our ultimate vessel.

There are many forms of containers and ways to create them, layers within layers like a nesting doll. We need these layers because we need to grow and transform rapidly to meet the rapid change around us and within us. 
Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.
Joseph Campbell

You are the acorn & the oak in all its stages

Acorns are containers that hold our potential . . . or pinecones or any other seedling. The point is that we grow into who we are & are meant to become. You cannot become a weeping willow if you are a poplar (though you can try). Yet, too often we are born in a container (home, family, society, etcetera) that calls us to be something & someone that we are not. If unchecked, this causes distortion, broken limbs & lost potential. A container helps protect us from this outside potential, giving us time to grow into ourselves.

Our mission is to co-create a container 

homeless, youth & veterans
life born from death
a path for the future for all life
creativity & imagination 

Basic Principles


Training materials

Our training materials have been specifically designed to be engaging and informative. Our courses are easy to follow, and are broken down into digestible chapters, which contain a mix of text, images, and videos.

Collective container

We understand that staying at the top of your profession means accessing education and earning certificates efficiently and effectively.

Online courses

We provide online courses that prepares everyone for the real world. We offer an array of courses that cover everything from business to writing skills, helping our students gain knowledge and practice their skills at the same time.

Creating Soul Space

Explore & evolve your sense of containment.
  • Containment in journaling, mandalas, nature & more. Find ways that work for you & play with them
  • Enjoy flexibility in how, when & why you create containers for yourself, children & others.
  • Share your ideas & experiences with others in community, as we co-create a vessel for earth soul.
Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world. 
Ramana Maharshi
Your body is a divine container that will change over your lifetime. Revel in this! Notice it! This is the way of things: the softening of the shell so the soul may emerge.
Sara Wiseman

We are a container for our soul

We create containers all the time, but they are unconscious and imperfect, broken and cracked. This is a calling to create individually and collectively in ways that are conscious, creative, collaborative and whole. Like the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, we remember our dismembered parts into a greater whole that is strongest where we are broken. The alchemical gold we create serves all of us, fitting our many pieces together from the individual to the cosmos as one in this Great Work of Art.


We have to first contain ourselves


Reconnect to heal relationships


Families are our building blocks


Called to contain the vulnerable


Our planet is our only home 


Expand into the space beyond


Your body is your primary container


Create a family of support for YOU


Your room is your sacred sanctuary


Altars contain & orient you to soul


Work where you grow & change


Keep your treasures safe
alchemical vessels are needed to hold the power of soul safely 

Containering Tools

We learn to create in the image of our soul, but we are imperfect vessels, pieced together. Yet the gold of soul can heal us and allow us to hold the power of soul without shattering us or misdirecting the soul's energy. It is a matter of safety for ourselves & others that we begin & continue to create containers. 

Learn & play with different ways to vessel your soul

  • Video & Social Media
  • Creative Growth
  • Sharing & Caring
  • Embodying Soul

Containing Paradox:  

Containers allow us to open & close our heart. They separate & protect us but also unite & connect us. 

Gift Economy 

Economy comes from oikos ("house") + nemein ("management"), to create a home of shared resources.
"Sacred space" is another way of saying 'with intention'"
S Kelley Harrell

We co-create earth as sacred space

Our planet needs us . . . our children and future generations. Nature needs us. More than anything, the earth is a vessel for soul--our souls & all souls. Through bio-mimicry (learning from & copying nature), we begin by starting to create containers with natural metaphors of an egg & nest, acorn & oak, as a way to connect with our bodies & their organic growth. Just as we are a part of nature, our soul is natural, growing in us and through us. The key is to co-create with soul to recreate ourselves as their vessel. 

Relationships Contain Us

Seek those who support you as YOU

Containers are easier to maintain if others support vs destroy them.

Love is our Gold & Glue

Holding us together body & soul (essential containers)

Our broken places are stronger, whether in a sword, life, body or pot.

Coursework and play . . .

Each week yours content drops down below. 


Creating your day, body & life as a vessel for your soul with time-tested practices.

Morning Practices & Prayer

Open your day with an affirmation of your purpose

Circle & Mandala

Hold trauma imaginally through creative practices.

Mid-Day Dedication

Create a ritual affirmation to align to your soul

Visualization & Imagination

Create a safe soul container when you need it most.

Evening Practices & Prayer

Connect to your dreams & soul to gain insight and seed dream incubation overnight

Boundaries & Thresholds

Boundaries create empathy & thresholds facilitate transformation by ritual
“Practices help us create boundaries, thresholds & psychological vessels.”
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Ritual thresholds create a container


Boundaries make us empathetic


Find your church (whatever it is)

Both/Yes & 

Superconscious soul container

Art & Lines

Create an artistic container 


Create an image to hold you


Wilderness is our alchemical vessel


Affirmation & Meditation


Write to process, reflect & learn


Treat your body as a soul temple


Envisioning is a form of creation 


Give gratitude daily to be happy
“We are contained by the cycles & seasons of nature, day & night, one season to the next.”
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Gratitude & new day ritual


Love is the way to connect in & out


Imagination is our superpower


Shift to see a benevolent world

Nature Ritual

Seeing nature as ensouled


Close your day & open to dreams
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“Containers are microcosmic & macrocosmic, as big as the cosmos & as small as an the smallest particles. They mediate the opposites as we do.”


Come Together in Creation

We are creating a vessel for soul together, collaborating with each other & nature
  • Create containers to bridge differences in the soul's transcendent function
  • Unite a masculine & feminine container for healing power and wholeness
  • Clarify your vision & make an intention to hold your container
  • Create an imaginative container for yourself & wounds
  • Learn how to create circles & containers of wholeness to contain others
  • Overcome limiting & divisive beliefs to claim your alchemical power