vessel =

safety & support

Alchemical Vessel = Creative Container

A container holds soul growth. Like a baby bird, we expand within the safety & support of a shell & nest until we are ready to break free, fly & make a nest with eggs of our own. This is a kit to help you contain yourself & create a larger container for all of us on Soul Space.
Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. [We are creating sacred space together.]
Joseph Campbell

Containers are an essential 1st step

Container. Latin root: "to hold together, enclose" & "to have something inside [soul]"

We are contained in so many ways, materially & energetically, but most of our vessels are broken or inadequate. At Soul Space we are creating a conscious container to cocoon together for individual & collective transformation. Like a cocoon for caterpillars, our container is essential to our transformation.

Create a new shell, like a hermit crab

When we transform, we need a container to hold us together & accommodate new growth. If we are not held or contained, we feel vulnerable & exposed, curling up in a fetal position instinctually for rebirth. Now is the time to create a conscious container for us & each other to facilitate our Reformation & Renaissance. This is especially vital for at risk populations who are currently uncontained. 

We know how to hold a container.

Creating a container is instinctual & biological but also psychological. We do it every day, but not in the way that we hold a baby. Containers can free or imprison, keep safe or harm. Now is the time to tend to our containers, to treat each other & ourselves in ways that are tender. We are creating a container for our soul but also an ensouled world where we hold all life in awe & reverence. We are learning soulful containment.

Creating Soul Space

A container is actually what we are! We contain the energy, purpose & essence of our soul or essential self. This deep dive into containment has ideas & hopefully inspiration to help.
We need to create sacred space as a temonos for our time. Without it we fragment and fall apart. Even as we are falling apart at the seams now, we need to create circles of containment for the crises to come. From ecological grief & catastrophe to epidemics in homelessness, suicide, depression, addiction & anxiety, we need additional containment to help our center or soul hold us together, just as we hold each other in community . . . our ultimate vessel.

There are many forms of containers and ways to create them, layers within layers like a nesting doll. We need these layers because we need to grow & transform rapidly to meet the rapid change around us & within us. 

Creating a Container. 

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Learn & play with different ways to vessel your soul

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Containing Paradox:  

Containers allow us to open & close our heart & lives. They separate & protect us but also unite & connect us. Containers create healing community.

= Gift Economy is a container

Economy comes from oikos ("house") + nemein ("management"), to create a home of shared resources. That is what the earth is & we are doing.