"Everyone has an opus--a soul work." C G Jung
Start a soul pilgrimage. 

Come on a journey to find yourself & soul

This is a 12 week path of individuation, following in the archetypal footsteps of the psychologist C G Jung to explore your inner depths. Create your own Black Book journal (s) as you seek, follow & dialogue with soul through active imagination and soul personification. Embarking on a soul quest to find your buried treasure, you will begin to create your soul's opus with the support of weekly content, a partner & depth community. 

Creating Your Own Black Books

This is a deep dive into the process that Jung embodied in journals as he followed and dialogued with his soul. Creating your own Black Books, you explore the path that Jung taught his advanced patients by beginning a creative healing journal. Come embark on a healing journey. 
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I have failed in my foremost task, to open people's eyes to the fact that man has a soul and there is a buried treasure in the field and that our religion and philosophy are in a lamentable state. [We need soul.]

Holding Paradox

Theory & Practice

Embodying theory in lived experience& practice in a body of art, our body, lives & world

Personal & Collective 

Beyond the personal, this is transpersonal, including both human & nonhuman nature

Psyche & Soma

This is a synthetic & holistic journey that unites body, mind & spirit in soul

What's included?

12 weeks & lessons offer a container with fundamental concepts, activities, support, prompts & experiences. Led by examples & tutorials with live group, partner & social media support structure, this is a deep dive into soul.

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Archetypal Examples

Including  Jung, Morgan, Blake, St Augustine +
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Psychological Skills

Automatic writing, active imagination, diagraming +
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Depth Concepts

Shadow work, embodiment, myth, personification +
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Depth Community

Community is rooted in communion with soul

Embody soul to create a better life & earth

Connect to your soul's power, purpose, potential & passion on a path bridging HEAD & HEART, psychology & ecology
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 A distance course & intimate content

In the way of paradox, we get close to each other through distance learning. How? Alchemical partner & group work grounded in the intimacy of deep community helps us break through to our authentic selves to mirror each other & the Self.

Individual journey into community

We believe in individual transformation rooted in collective individuation in which we root & grow together. Just as a forest is interconnected, we are connected in the psychic soil of the world soul & the mycorrhizal network underground in the collective unconscious or superconscious.

Deeply psychological & ecological

We understand that there is not separation between psychology & ecology in an ensouled universe.
To be one with yourself is being one with others. Being one with others is immortality. 

Drop Deep & Journey In

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.
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No individual can exist without individual relationships, and that is how the foundation of your chi church is laid. [Jung's soul told him that the new religion would manifest through "the spirit of men" and transformed human relations or communities.]

This course comes with an opening, closing, partner & support group  

Who is this path for? 

Everyone who is ready to transform. No artistic skills or psychological knowledge are required. You don't have to know about Carl Jung or anything else. This is deep transformation does require commitment, compassion, authenticity, and self-honesty. It is powerful and purposeful play. It is ideal for anyone who seeks their: life purpose or soul's calling; a deeper relationship to others, themselves, and their soul; a connection to the unity that underlies reality; and an abiding love that comes from indwelling an ensouled cosmos. 
One without a myth "is like one uprooted having not true link either with the past, or with the ancestral life which continues within him, or yet with contemporary human society."
c g jung


Getting to know Heather and the PATH
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Why should I take this course?


As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul
Hermes Trismegistus

What people are saying . . .

This coursework is deep psycho-active or soul activating creativity. It is often described as life changing, offering the gift of getting to know your soul and yourself. It is not easy, but it is profoundly rewarding and life affirming, touching upon the core of who you are and why you are here. At its foundation this art is about your heart's purpose and soul's call.
The time is a critical one, for it marks the beginning of the second half of life, when a metanoia, a mental transformation, not infrequently occurs.
c g jung

Prerequisite to travel

This coursework is deep psycho-active or soul activating creativity. It is often described as life changing, offering the gift of getting to know your soul and yourself. It is not easy, but it is profoundly rewarding and life affirming, touching upon the core of who you are and why you are here. At its foundation this art is about your heart's purpose and soul's call.

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

Following in the soul's footsteps

Heather has been called to walk the transformative path of the Soul of Creativity. Having spent decades in self and soul-directed exploration as a professional artist and seeker, she has taught this process in college classes and workshops. With a doctoral degree in archetypal psychology on art as a transformative process (based on Jung's Red Book), she is passionate about the transformative power of creativity. is a playful seeker, explorer, and inspirer who combines eco, art, and play therapy in a healing and teaching path that is embodied and natural.

Jung and the Soul

Following those who have gone before

While Heather has researched the soul's creativity to walk and lead others on this path, your soul is your real guide. Combining cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, this path's deep magic is the soul. It is the soul you follow and only you can connect to your soul (You). The heart of this path is your relationship with your soul that connects you with your greater Self.
Only in our creative acts do we step forth into the light and see ourselves as whole and complete. C G Jung

What is your relationship to soul? 


Activate your soul image 

When we activate our imagination we activate an inner way of knowing at the heart of creativity. Jung described this, saying, "Active imagination requires a state of reverie, half-way between sleep and waking. Without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable."

An inward and downward path

Jung begins his Black Books with the recognition of a "huge task" that lay before him, as he "got into the dark" and "groped along" his path. So, begins a journey to find and reunite with soul: "'My soul, my soul where are you?'" How many of us feel that we have lost our soul and our way? This is a course in which we seek the inner guidance off our soul to find our soul, Self, and way on a journey into the depths and the desert of our being. This is a path that leads us to our soul's call and life's purpose, uncovering images buried within the dark earth of the unconscious.

A format that follow soul

You walk on stepping stones that introduce fundamental concepts, quotes, and skills. These steps are patterned to help you follow your soul. Each week you will get a new video to watch, along with creative prompts, tutorials, and reading material. You journey held within a circle of support and aided by an alchemical partner, interacting in live zoom sessions and a private social media platform. 

A trailhead to the imagination.

As you walk you activate your imagination and open to the symbolic guidance of the soul in synchronicity, dreams, and visions. You are dreaming yourself awake and learning to see the waking world as if in a dream through the symbolic sight and insight of your soul. Opening to an archetypal perspective, you will begin to perceive the mythic story that underpins your life, guiding you on a path both within and without. As you move through the course, each week's lesson will "show up" and reveal itself in living images and experiences that deepen your insight. 
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Creativity connects us to the soul

Each week you walk on stepping stones that introduce fundamental concepts, quotes, skills, and activities designed to lead you closer to your soul. These steps take you deeper into the unconscious on a path of trust and surrender following soul guidance rooted in the freedom of creative expression.

Following in archetypal footsteps.

While we follow the voice and vision of Jung to guide us upon our way, we also follow in the footsteps of artists and seekers from the past and present who have trod this soulful path through the ages. Integrating different examples from different traditions helps us explore and experience the breadth and depth of the soul's archetypal pathway as a creative form of transformation. While we begin with the embodied example of Jung's Black Books, we end up off road, exploring the terrain of our own living psychology and soul. There is only one way, your way.

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down for you below. Here is some content to go through as we deepen into and wait for the journey to begin.

Vocation: Follow your soul's calling

"Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted." This is a call to the rhizome buried in our life that holds our purpose. What is our potential--our soul's true call?

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A structure to CONTAIN the process

This process is contained by your soul along with 3 circles of support that expand with you as you create your opus. Each is designed to offer a different level of containment as you individuate into yourself and group.


A circle of 1

Like Jung
To really experience the darkness of the dark night of the soul, you need to be alone with your soul. So, you walk alone.


A partner circle

Like Jung in partnership
Jung went through this process with an alchemical partner to mirror him. A partner helps you reflect on your process.


A circle of support

Like Jung's inner circle together
Jung led his inner circle on this path, creating a container for group growth. So, we meet in monthly zoom circles.

Creating a safe container 

In this process you are creating a sacred or dedicated space in an art studio, creativity altar, and in your art which can be seen as your "church" and "cathedral," housing your soul. In these spaces you create a place of renewal and retreat for you to come back to again and again, whether creating art, lighting a candle, meditating, or doing gentle yoga. These spaces help to cocoon you as an alchemical container of transformation throughout your process, nurturing your creative practice in your body and a body of art. Additionally, a container will be created with a circle ritual that opens and closes the class along with an individual session with me to open and close your personal transformation. 

A 3 month journey

While 3 month may seem like a long time compared to a weekend workshop, Jung took years to create his Black Books. These course steps are designed to provide a minimum of support and time needed to embark on a circuitous journey home to the soul and Self. They balance the need to go deep and live in the world, offering creative isolation along with partner and group work to simulate elements of the students that Jung taught and lead, following his own process and soul. In walking this path you are activating your imagination beyond art, as you enter into the Great Work of Art of the transformation of your life and the world.


Step 1

Black Books introduction & your own crisis. Drop deep

The Black Books

Step 2

Exploring examples from Jung's BB in your life.

Activate Images

Step 1

Introducing active imagination as soul dialogue

Living Myth

Step 1

What myth are you living? Soul myth & landscape


Step 5

Preparing for shadow work & unconscious depths


Step 6

Where are you, my soul? Inviting & invoking soul


Step 7

How did I find you? Entering through automatic writing


Step 8

I will stay with you. Commit to embody & follow soul

Seek Soul

Step 9

I will continue my story. 

Drop Down

Step 10

I must return to myself.

Start Journal

Step 11

I am willing.

Enter Darkness

Step 12

Between heaven and hell.

Dive Deep

Step 9

Pray to your depths. Learn the language of your soul

Wild Soul

Step 10

Entering your desert. Inner pilgrimage into wild psyche

Soul Treasure

Step 11

To become hell. Find your buried treasure in depths

Inner Ethic

Step 12

Live & embody your vision to honor it in yourself & life

Your soul brings you a vision 

Jung said that you cannot go directly into the unconscious but if you create unconsciously with your hands your soul would bring you a vision. Imagination has the roots magi for magic and image and it is the heart of this visionary path. As you walk you are activating your imagination and remembering how to play with your soul's images that guide you. Open your eyes, heart, and mind to a new way of seeing and being. Learn to navigate by starlight through the dark night of the soul.

Archetypal Psychology + Creativity

Soul Path
The soul leads us to deep transformation and self-realization in ways that are creative and imaginative. 
Called by your soul through images from dreams, visions and the imagination, you are transformed in a process of deep soul care and soul relationship embodied in art.
Soul Love
The soul leads us to love which is the soul's greatest gift, reflecting their ability to unite opposites.
Just as Jung received a crown that said love never ends, we are guided to our own realization of self and soul love. What this looks and feels like is unique to each person.
Self Care
Self-care tends to your whole Self, gathering forgotten and repressed fragments of your soul from the past.
Receive tools that will support you to release unconscious patterns of self-doubt and neglect that lead to imbalance and disease. Down time is essential for creative growth.
Self Love
Gain the courage, confidence, and capacity of your soul to express Self-love for who YOU are, others, and the world.
Self-love is rooted in radical and deep acceptance of your uniqueness--how you are different. It is embodied in the unique qualities that are yours and yours alone.

On this path you draw from a soul toolkit

While you are finding yourself and your way, you are on an archetypal path that offers a consistent way to navigate. Including elements of centering, mindfulness, visioning, dreaming, yoga, eco-psychology and breathwork, the soul guides us on a path that connects our nature to nature. So we begin with introductory videos to seed your imagination with these ancient archetypal practices proven through time. 

Connecting to the soul's creative nature

Images connect our nature to nature because we are a part of nature. So these courses work and play with the nature of our body. Using the picture superiority effect to draw upon our evolution and orientation to vision, the coursework combines visual and verbal imagery in ways that have been proven to maximize our whole brain and body learning. Just as images are the wealth and language of the soul, they are the language we speak in our creativity throughout the coursework. You are learning the unique language of your soul's images that are both visual and verbal.

A path into the wilderness of the soul

While we enter into the process on a path of painted steppingstones we find ourselves in the natural world. Jung said that the soul would become less and less a personification, an "other" and more a function. So we internalize our soul's capacity to activate the image of the world and navigate our life. We come alive and bring our life to life in its images. Where you find yourself upon this path is unique, but most people experience a deepening into the magic of nature and their own nature.

Soul advice: "drop into your heart"

In our modern world we have become head-centered, dismissing emotion and intuition as inferior feminine ways of knowing. In a very real way, this path leads from head to heart, reconnecting inner masculine and feminine ways of knowing in a union or coniunctio that alchemically unites above and below, spirit and matter. This is a path to wholeness that integrates all parts of our being in newly discovered yet ancient embodied ways of knowing rooted in the earth.

The soul's ethic is authenticity

This is a very simple path that requires that you honor the soul and the soul's images. Jung called this being a disciple to the image but it is really a discipleship to your soul as a guiding image. What this looks like will be unique to you but it is characterized by a sincere attention to the details of your soul's images, a willingness to follow them as a path.

The soul's energy is creative.

When we tap into the soul we tap into our ability to create, reflecting the creative nature of the soul. Our creativity can take different forms of expression in gardening or painting, poetry or sculpting, and it reflects the unique qualities and characteristics of your soul: of you. Art is a path of creativity connecting you and your soul through the imagination. 
Only in our creative acts do we step forth into the light and see ourselves as whole and complete. C G Jung

Imagine a new/old way and You

On this path you activate you imagination, moving ever deeper into yourself and the Self. The activating agent of the soul, the imagination is the soul's super power. An application of the intuition, imagination lets you reach places and knowledge otherwise unknown. As Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." We need imagination to grow.