This is an intensive that comes with a Certification Option in Partnership with the Wild Creatrix Creativity & Business Offerings. 



Create your dreams in circles of transformation as we step up & into the world together to ripple out.

Create transformational space & leadership

Create workshops, programs & retreats to embody the creative power of nature in circle leadership. From vision to discovery, inquiry to creativity, this is a class that guides you as you design & create your soul's call or purpose as a healing gift for the world. Come gather together to co-create life-changing offerings as a path of self-realization & collective transformation for our time & world with unique curriculums designed by & for you.
I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples. 
Mother Theresa

Vision & Creation

We seek to transform ourselves & the world through the power of the Creatrix or embodied feminine nature of creation. We believe in the power of transformation & the need to birth & offer our gifts to transform the world.
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Creatrix Circle Leadership 

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Course features
  • Circle Agreements
  • Evidence-Based Skills
  • Conflict Transforming
  • Papers & Templates
  • Natural & Sustainable
  •  Partner & Circle 
Course overview
Learn & embody the art of circle leadership & transformational facilitation as you create the offerings of your dreams. Weaving practical, experiential & transformational guidance, this offering is an in-depth immersion in how to manifest your calling. 
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Certification included
With an additional weekend

Our mission: help you facilitate your purpose.

Designed for real change
In depth analysis
Inspired passion for creation 
Technical insight

28 Steps to wild CREATRIX Leadership

Step by step guide to support your calling in the world from creating safe space to facilitating deep change.

Practical Resources to SUPPORT YOU

We need your gift (s), so here are practical tools & skills to support you as you as you develop them together.

Networking CONNECT YOU & your GIFT

With an imbedded social media for connections & a live kit DISCUSSION GROUP, we are here to help each other. 


We are changing the WAY we are making change with deep reflection, self-honesty, empath & creativity.
I see a creatrix as someone who uses his or her creativity to take the feminine wound & transform it. To take us from pain to power. To be a creatrix is to dedicate oneself to the cycle of creativity--to embodying soul . . . to consciously engage directly with the forces of the Universe . . . transformed.
Lucy H pearce

Remember our Feminine Nature

As we circle together, we remember past ways of knowing & being in relationship to each other & all of nature. Rooted in our connection to the earth, this is a chance to spread the wild seeds of circle leadership as well as the unique gift of your calling as in integrity with nature.

From vision to graphic facilitation

From visioning to sharing your vision, we walk forward to design & create powerful & personal transformational experiences to embody our gift in an offering that matches our energy with a form that reflects & brings it to life. Learn to be inclusive & creative in YOUR leadership.

Cultivate Common Ground Together

We offer a reliable, consistent & evidence-based approach that integrates all of the steps needed to facilitate the change you see & seek to create in the world. Integrating pluralism & diversity within a framework of integration & unity, we tend our garden to cross-pollinate our garden.
We need female leadership. Yet, despite teams with female leaders significantly outperform men (up to 30 % +), women hold only 8.8% of Fortune 500 leadership roles & make up only 5% of the top 1% of wealth. 

Circle Leadership

Remember & honor feminine Creatrix leadership with:
  • Content that is relational, natural, equal, intentional & integral
  • Weekly videos, exercises, prompts, journal . . . & progress
  • New skills like graphic recording & facilitation to build consensus
  • Partner & small group practices with coaching & mirroring
  • Outcomes, including Vision Map, Project Blueprint, Circle Agreements, Conflict Transformation Outline, Completion Practice; Stages of Building Community Structure & more
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Journal, prompts & exercises

Reflection Journal, creative prompts &activities 

Tools, Techniques, Skills & Strategies

Mind-map, story-board, graphic facilitation & more

Holistic View: Mind, Body & Spirit

Integration in a model that synthesizes head & heart

Experiencial & Transformational

Information that is embodied in yourself & life
Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
Sharyl Sandberg

Creative & Natural Structure

We move with nature together to co-create together

Mindful Creative Practices

Create with intention for greater clarity & power

Inner & Outer Creation

Creation in multiple forms, inside & outside 

Manifest your Creation

Practice & practical experience & expertise
Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, & it is also that difficult.
warren c bennis
Creating the culture of burnout is the opposite of creating a culture of sustainable creativity.
arianna huffington

Play together & have fun!!! 

This is more than learning. It is deep personal & transpersonal growth.

Create your own circle offering (s)

In alignment with the movement of heaven & earth

Creatrix Flows in a circle of kinship

We learn from & teach each other in a circle of sharing.

Friday 6-8:30

Circle up to set intentions

Saturday 9-12:00

Come together in Power

Saturday 2-5:00

Circle Leadership training

Sunday 1:30-5:00

Creatrix Partner Practice

If you want to help the world, teach people how to live in it.
Joseph campbell

1. Introduction

Overview of the course & structure with Q & A

2. Circle

Archetypal model of shared leadership & co-creation

3. Creatrix

A feminine creative model for natural transformation

4.  Transformation 

Contrast Traditional & transformational models

5. Calling

Create a goal with broad strokes to imagine + change.

6. Vision

Talk to a friend/partner to get feedback & refine goals.

7. Creation

From visionary idea to embodied workshop (or?).

8. Flow

Transformational cycle, arch & active processing path

9. Culture

Create a culture of co-creation & collaboration

10. Boundaries

Set & establish group rules, guidelines & boundaries

11. Story

Write your offering story to connect the pieces together

12. Design

"Illustrate" your story with a design to match

13. Leadership

What is your archetypal form of leadership?

14. Natural Model

Jungian & elemental models for your leadership style

15. Teaching

Embody emergent lessons in which all teach, learn & grow

16. Facilitating

Exploring facilitation as a model of natural creation

17. Support

Support circle as a natural outcome of transformation

14. Consensus

Buy in & transparency are essential to group success.

15. Intention

Set intention in outline, real & ritual form to create space

16. Manifestation

Create safe space as you build your offering out

17. Ethics

Create emergent ethics in circle as guiding core values

18. Communication

Establish conscious harmless dialogue in community

19. Message

Create a consistent message & refine it. Make it fun!

20. Risk

Assess & manage risk to maximize transformation

21. Challenge

Clear & ground for conflict transformation intervention

22. Revelation

Embrace insight, intuition & innovation as revelation

23. Transformation

4 phases of transformation & dynamic growth cycle

24. Full-Circle

Circle back to the beginning for ongoing growth

I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change . . . I'm changing the things I cannot accept.
Angela Davis

Play together & have fun!!! 

This is more than learning. It is deep personal & transpersonal growth.

Create your own circle offering (s)

In alignment with the movement of heaven & earth

Creatrix Flows in a circle of kinship

We learn from & teach each other in a circle of sharing.

Friday 6-8:30

Stories & C Gratitude Circle

Saturday 9-12:00

Connection Circle Network

Saturday 1:30-5:00

Rippling Out to transform

Sunday 1:30-5:00

Closing Circle Celebration

21. Participation

Foster participation to honor diverse voices & visions

22. Depth

Navigate the depths to find hidden treasure

23. Shadow

Confront & embrace shadow work & play inside & out 

24. Question

Cultivate questions as part of group transformation

 A circle of 1

Hear and Heed the Call

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Show up to root deep & grow up, connecting heaven & earth. On a fundamental level, this is between you & you or you & your soul. Come & take a stand.

A circle of many: Friends

Invite Others to Join (Please!)

Many hands make work fast & fun. Invite friends. There is more than enough transformative work for everyone. The good news is that serving soul in the world makes us feel better. 


Claim your power to recreate yourself and life.

In this process your are guiding yourself in terms of what you feel called to create and contribute. You are fostering your own resilience and creative independence whether in journaling, painting, collaging . . . whatever you feel called to do. Find your unique style.

GROUP Movement

Art moves in . . . well, movements.

While this is an emergent forum in which we each bring ourselves & our creativity, we are always moving within a larger whole of which we can only see a part. When we share, however, we can sense the bigger picture & the meaning behind the movement.
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Creatrix Models

We need female leadership

Art is a window into our humanity. In art, prejudice is not checked by institutional check & balances. So, for example, there is a 194 billion$ pay gap between men & women in art (women make 2% of a man's dollar). Art is thus a way to work directly with prejudice in the psyche.

Pick up your PAINT BRUSH

Art is powerful yet the cost of a creative revolution can be high. Jung recognized the Promethean price of the artistic spark: " A person must pay dearly for the divine gift of the creative fire" for "a ruthless passion for creation which may go so far as to override every personal desire."  

So, we can give our gifts to the world.

"Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted." C G Jung We do not want to climb "our" ladder only to realize it was our father's (who handed it to us so eagerly many years ago). Now is the time to check in with soul & root down to find out if we have the right ladder. What is YOUR purpose. Not society's or your persona's. YOURS!
This is a call to the rhizome buried in our life that holds our purpose. What is our potential--our true call? Usually this is related to the word weird's origin (wyrd) which means "fate." What makes us weird is our unique fate. Scary!
The more you can be authentic, the happier you're going to be, & life will work itself around that.
Melinda gates