Remember that soul is your psyche (like psychology) & can be seen as an inner knowing, intuition, instinct, guide . . . it's up to you.



Come heal in a cocoon of depth community.
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Weekend Retreat: Dark Night of the Soul 

Moving from dusk to dawn over 3 days, this weekend virtual retreat has 3 live sessions from 6-7:30, Friday-Sunday. Beginning with an opening circle, we deepen into story & discovery to emerge on Monday to a new dawn & day. Combining live circles with reflective & integrative activities in our "down time," we are guided by inner prompts, journaling, sharing & dreamwork to heal & empower ourselves & each other on a Jungian path.
The soul faithfully comes to our aid through dreams, deep emotion, love, the quiet voice of guidance, synchronicities, revelations, hunches, and visions, and at times through illness nightmares, and terrors. 
Bill plotkin

Is this path for you?

No art "skills" are required or even relevant. This class is about deep transformation. It is ideal for anyone who seeks deeper life purpose, passion & healing in relationship to themselves, others, their soul & community. Our wounds are the place where the healing comes, they are the womb to new life & light . . . even though I know that may seem impossible. Now is the time to heal through radical forgiveness & love to connect to the unity that underlies reality & atONEs us all. (*This doesn't mean we condone what others did but that we will no longer suffer from it.) While this is not a superficial path for the faint of heart, it leads to the life that we desire, leaving our suffering behind.

Reframe: crisis as transformation

The dark night of the soul is a spiritual or soul crisis that offers us a path through the darkness into the light of a new day & a new relationship with our soul, selves, others & the world. As we journey, we transform into something deeper--our soul & Self (whole Self). While it may be scary (painful, unknown, intimidating . . .), the dark night of the soul is really an opportunity to heal & become whole by embracing and accepting our darkness to claim our light.

Explore the darkness TOGETHER

We begin our journey exploring the darkness, but not alone. We journey together into a shared darkness. This is a course that centers around the stars & the starlight of the soul as it illuminates our darkness as well as the darkness of our time. This heavenly illumination can feel like the diffused light of a stellar glow or the electric strike of lightning connecting heaven & earth. The dark night of the soul can be painful & even life threatening, but it is also how we come to consciousness to transform. It is a process of death & rebirth in which we are reborn like a butterfly in the form of the soul to take flight, holding the paradox of dark & light, death & rebirth as well as personal & collective. For, we are here to navigate a dark night of the Earth Soul together.

3 Day Soul Retreat

We are all called to transform at one time or another on a journey into the depths of the dark night of the soul, crossing from sunset to sunrise to experience the light of a new dawn. Come gather in a weekend of deep intimacy with 3 evenings of creativity, deep sharing & heart-felt healing as we cultivate appreciation for the beauty of the dark. This is a call to transform in community with those who navigate the depths beside you as we seek peace.
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