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January 1
"The soul speaks in images."
C G Jung

Soul images & intuition guide you

This is a creative approach to fostering the intuition through a study of symbols and imagery, following in the diverse footsteps of Patanjoli, C G Jung, Christiana Morgan & Flora Bowley. This is a group that creates & shares emergent imagery to dialogue with psyche & follow the soul's images as a map to navigate the world.
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. 
albert Einstein

Intuition is the soul's way of knowing & images are the soul's language

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Gather Images

Journal & Embody Images
from dreams & visions
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Symbol Study

Symbolic Image Meditation to arrive at deeper insight
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Intuitive Arts

Embody Images in the Arts 
write, dance, draw, collage...
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Sharing Images

See Through Image Sharing 
for a collective perspective
It is not enough to have intuitions, we must act on them; we must live them.

Intuition helps us understand images

Soul Space is a place for you to drop deep, heal wounds, create positive change, and make new friends. More than anything, this is a place of soulful community, and this offering is designed to cultivate community by:
  • Creating Partnerships 
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Forming Groups
  • Teaching Skills
  • Guiding Visualizations  
  • Charting Strategies

Intuition connects

This free offering is designed to help people heal as they find safe passage and learn to navigate our time. Designed to help you meet and get to know others as much as to know and understand yourself, this is a place and course to return to process the suffering of your past.
The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery
There comes a leap in consciousness. . . the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why . . . the truly valuable thing is the intuition.
albert Einstein

Why art and nature?

Art and nature are ways that people have healed and transformed since the dawn of human consciousness.  

Why now? We need a road map


Who is this path for?

This path is designed to help students, teachers, families, and communities, because we know that we heal within circles of support together. Our offerings include journaling, prompts, and other activities designed to strengthen understanding and insight into not only the youth but the relationships around them. 


Friends & Guests

From multi-media collage to felt, ceramic, mosaic, sacred geometry, and more, artists of different disciplines have gathered to give talks, interviews, demonstrations and more. Come explore the power of art.


Visionaries through Time

Going back through time, artist examples serve as archetypal stepping stones to guide and teach us. From Jung to Picasso, O'keefe to Kahlo, these visionaries show us a way forward in our time.

Dreams & Visions

Learning & Healing

Combining over 4 decades of study on the power of art with graphic recording & facilitation training, Heather offers ways to learn and transform through art from mind mapping to nature-based ritual. 

Visionary art embodies images


Intuition is a window to the soul 


Dream Journal

Begin to record your dreams

Combining words, drawings, and doodling, record your dreams. You can map the dreamscape and color it in or write stream of consciousness, whatever works to anchor the memory and experience for you to return, observe patterns, and learn lessons. 

Vision & Synchronicity Journal

Record key images & insights

Record visual & verbal imagery & experiences that speak to you of the soul's imagery & guidance to give you a way to see patterns & a larger perspective. 




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Structure: You are held in CIRCLE

This is called Circle Passages because it is held in a circle. As you undergo your rite of passage there are 3 circles that provide safe passage.

A circle of ONE

whether student or teacher

This is a process that develops personal insight, healing, and understanding.

A family approach

made of siblings and parents

In this process you are held by your family as you heal and grow together 

A community CIRCLE

You are held in a larger circle

From beginning to end, you are held within the circle of your community.

This does NOT have to be hard.

While rites of passage are traditionally rigorous, this does not have to be hard. What is more important is that your experience is meaningful and suited to you. This can mean staying in a cabin or a tent, out in the open or in a cave. Go within to follow your intuition and heart about where your rite of passage should take place and how long it should be. Each of these details is yours to decide. This is a reflection of you. 

15 week intuitive kickstart

We begin and end with an opening and closing of the circle, as we come together. Week 1 & 2. Beginning with the stages of introduction and separation, you step away from your old life and self toward a new call and identity. Week 3 & 4. Learning about self-generated ritual and thresholds, you design your rite of passage, as we circle up together to create intentions. Week 5 & 6. Entering into your transformation, you experience time on the land before coming back into a circle of story and power. Week 7 & 8. Returning to integrate your experience within the circle of family and community, you embrace your new power, name, and identity, as you ground your experience in your daily life.

Week 1. Introduction

What intuition is (and isn't)


Week 2. Meditation

Begin or deepen your practice


Week 3. Identification

What intuition is (and isn't)


Week 4. Embodiment

Body Scan Practice


Week 5.
Natural Instinct

Circle for Preparation

Holding circle and beginning to separate from your old life.
What do you want to leave behind? 

Week 6. 
Nature Intuition

Embodied Intuition 


Week 7.

Circle for Design

Designing your rite of passage for YOU.
What do you want to bring with you and experience?

Week 8.
+ Art

Circle for Intention

Circling up for intention: gather in ceremony.
Who are you and what calls you?

Week 9. 
+ Dream

Circle for Design

Designing your rite of passage for YOU.
What do you want to bring with you and experience?

Week 10.  

Glamour & Illusion

Entering onto the land to transform and create a power circle.
What is your calling, purpose, and identity? 

Week 11.
Symbol Study

Circle for Power

Returning into a circle of story, ceremony, and power.
How are you witnessed and mirrored in your power?

Week 12. 
Your Symbol

Circle for 

Entering onto the land to transform and create a power circle.
What is your calling, purpose, and identity? 

Week 13.
Intuitive Vocab

Discover your way

Intuition comes in many forms. It can be an embodied experience, a flash of insight received through one sense or a synesthesia of all senses. Find your way and record it.

Week 14.

Intuition & Calling

Rippling out in your new life, purpose, and vision.
What do you want to do looking forward?

Week 15.
Follow Soul 

Intuition Map

Re-entering family, tribe, and community as your new identity.
Who are you now in relationship with the world?

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down for you below.

Make Your Impact

This is a journey from your past to your present to envision your future, moving from separation and preparation to transformation and integration. This journey heals you in body and soul by making you whole. While it may not cure you, this is a healing journey that brings you peace and love, deepening your connection to life and your life. 

Nature is alive 

When we are in nature we come to life, realizing that not only nature but our nature is alive. We realize that we love life and are ready to live. Whether revealed through symbolic or synchronous experiences on the land or within your inner landscape as an inner vision or calling, your nature and nature work and play together to guide and transform you.

Envision your future

At its heart this is a vision quest on which each step allows you to see further into your future, gaining insight on where you are going. Vocation means soul's call and rites of passage are designed as archetypal steps to lead you to a new identity, name, calling, and role in community. They help you step into your power and purpose in a new way. 

Return to your archetypal roots 

As a practice held throughout time but lost in our time, rites of passage return us to our human roots and to our authentic self. This is a call back into our body and the body of the land, but it is also a call back to ourselves, our families, and lives. Rites of passage bring us home.

A power instrument

Reflecting traditions throughout the ages, you get to create a rattle or a drum to help hold your vision. Constructed throughout your journey, you draw or decorate your instrument with symbolic images from your initiatory journey, embodied in an instrument that empowers your life.

Create a necklace

Make a symbolic image

Decorate a carved wooden pendant with a power image and cover it with glass. Then string your necklace with leather. Supply packets are available for groups.

Create a drum

Make a power instrument

Create a drum as a power circle to hold you on your quest and remind you of your passage. Recommendations for drum supplies are available on request.

Create a rattle

Tell your story your way

Decorate a rattle to take with you to mark your passage, tell your story, and symbolize your new name and identity. Rattle packets are available for groups.

You create a power circle

Your power circle is a circle that supports you on the land and in your life. To reinforce this circle, we offer drum or rattle making. Following ancient traditions, we embody our visions and calling in instruments as people have for thousands of years. Like all of the aspects of your rite of passage, the creation of an instrument is done your way, if you want.

You are telling your story

Retelling your story in your own way has the power to transform you and your life, taking control of the narrative of your past and future. So, we begin by keeping a nature journal--a journal of our nature and nature. This journal helps us move through the stages as we self-reflect and grow.

Open to the wisdom of lineage and land.

What calls to you to heal? It could be the call of your ancestors and family lineage as much as your d. It could be your soul, a song of the bird, or the beauty of the sunrise. On this path you will leave patterns in your past to move more fully into your future. Separation, transformation, and integration lead you to transform yourself but also those around you. 

Being in nature helps you self-reflect

When you are in nature you get in touch with your nature, becoming natural. In the mirror of nature you discover your power and receive the gift of your name and calling. Whether in the song of a bird, a vision in the sunrise, or a synchronous discovery, nature teaches you.

You are gifted in circle.

On your rite of passage you are given the gift of understanding who you are and what you are called to do and be. Though each passage is unique, the purpose of the passage throughout time has been to transition and transform people from one state of development and consciousness to another, so they can offer their gift to the world and their community.

The gift of time

On the land you have time to really be with yourself and discover who you are. In a time of unprecedented technology, this is a chance to be alone with yourself and get to know who you are. In the midst of constant contact, this is a chance to rest a recover, reflecting on where you have been and where you are going. Drop deep and remember yourself.