"All the most powerful  ideas in history go back to archetypes."

Co-create with the power of the universe!

This is a 40-"day" archetypal pilgrimage (really 40 weeks based on rebirth), guiding you through a cycle of characters, structures, energies & abilities to identify & apply in your life. While grounded in theory, this is a deeply practical & experiential embodiment of living archetypal energies designed to help you heal wounds & claim capacities to view the world through an archetypal lens & co-create with the archetypal energies alive within & around you. Outcomes include an archetypal journal, story, map & compass to help you create a soulful life.

What is an archetype? 

An archetype means "original form" and it refers to the universal symbols, characters, themes, roles, patterns and images repeated throughout nature & culture. Archetypes are in us & around us as the building blocks of creation. In this course you will explore an archetypal perspective & experience in you & your life, society, world & universe but ultimately it is about you embodying archetypes as a way to co-create with universal power. After an overview of 30 archetypes, you will be guided to identify & map your own archetypes, so you can see how they manifest in your life . . . & co-create with their power.
The contents of the collective unconscious are archetypes, primordial images that reflect basic patterns that are common to us all and which have existed universally since the dawn of time. 
C G Jung

Who is this path for? (You +)

This course is for you if you want to explore and apply archetypes in your life to understand and embody their influence and power. You will engage and interact with archetypes to be able to recognize and embody them personally, professionally, socially & ecologically. While your archetypal identities evolve, it can also be worked with strategically & continually (like the zodiac) to harness & co-create with archetypal energy & influence. Like any pilgrimage, you will continue life after but with a new understanding & tools to help you.
Come on a 40 day pilgrimage

Archetypal Creation 

Archetypes are essential to our creative work & play, & this pilgrimage is designed to explore their creative power & expression. Discover your archetypes & create an archetypal story, portrait, blueprint, map, wheel & compass for your life. More than that, learn to draw upon archetypal energy to choose the color & energies for the life you are consciously creating. The archetypal spectrum is the color palette of our lives!
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Applied Archetypal Power

This is not abstract knowledge but a toolkit to facilitate deeper understanding & application.
  • Creative archetypal applications for your life & SS journey, beginning with the creator, creatrix & artist as well as colors, shapes, numbers & brain structure.
  • Time & Space Archetypes to create transformational compositions including the Zodiac, Tree of Life & Tarot. Archetypal patterns help guide our life.
  • Universal, Environmental, Relational & Personal applications to help you work with the world soul

Creative Outcomes 

We begin with an exploration of the creator, creatrix & artist archetype, then move to the archetypal spectrum, colors, shapes . . . then create tools for you to apply.
  • Create an Archetypal Story to help with self-reflection
  • Create an Archetypal Wheel to help you navigate your ID
  • Create an Archetypal Blue Print for your creativity 
  • Create an Archetypal Story & Map for your life  
  • Create an Archetypal Compass to help you navigate
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Archetypal Roles

Track your identities to inform your story

Archetypal Story

Put your roles in a life play as story or myth

Archetypal Map

Map your archetypes in life: space & time

Arch Blue Print

Create an arch plan from templates or not

Arch Portrait

Make an art talisman of your arch energy

Archetypal Journal: contains it all

An archetypal journal will help you create continuity in your experience from beginning to end, organizing the material to include dreams, synchronicities & all of the meaning elements of your lived experience that inform your archetypal journey. As you go travel, you will draw, sketch, free journal, collage . . . whatever you feel called to do in your own way. This archetypal diary of your experience will serve as a memory anchor & compass to help you navigate. Each day will have a journal prompt & activity to guide you.
Archetypes are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us. If you know your archetypes--and not just yours, if you know how to perceive the world in archetypes, through archetypes everything changes. Everything. Because you have two things: you can see through one eye which is impersonal, and through the other, which is personal. 
Caroline Myss

See through an Archetypal Lens together

Come explore, apply & embody an archetypal perspective in your creative life with the same support structure:
  • Partner and group work to deepen your exploration
  • Private social media hub to mirror and reflect an archetypal perspective 
  • Engaging, Simple, flexible archived content for ongoing  growth
  • Safe transformative container with live meetings with questions & dialogue
  • Archetypal and evidence-based power practices to apply to 
  • Personal and transpersonal perspective

Archetypal power & you

As always, you embark on a path that includes centering, gentle yoga, mindfulness, visioning, dreaming, movement, eco-psychology, breathwork and (of course) creativity but all centered around archetypes. More than most classes, you will be observing & integrating your life experience as you look for & through archetypes. It also weaves in imaginal exercises and identity play . . . even dress up (if you want). Dressing and acting the part are powerful ways to increase your abilities along archetypal lines to increase deficits and become well rounded. Each archetype expresses uniquely through you. Have fun!
Archetypal Level 1: Cosmos
Universal & Mythic, a cosmic perspective in which archetypes emerge from the unknown
Archetypal Level 2: Earth
Environmental & Ecological, the earth as a whole in which archetypal parts merge
Archetypal Level 3: Group
Relational & Organizational, human & nonhuman including movements & nations
Archetypal Level 4: Individual
Personal & Practical, you & your day to day life applied & embodied to live YOUR life
We begin & end with structural archetypes in grouping of 4 to help hold the energy of our creation in 4 archetypal ways:

1. 4 Brain Archetypes

These 4 archetypes are the lens through which we perceive & learn to create.
*Based on Dr. Jill Taylor's Brain Team model

2. 4 Levels of Creation

Cosmos, Earth, Group & Individual are the 4 levels of scale of Creation & the soul that incorporate or embody a larger creative sphere.

3. 4 Major Archetypes

The 4 major archetypes connect with the 4 brain archetypes to create an interface with "reality" & allow us to consciously LIVE.

4. 4 World Structures

Combining the 4 major structures of the Kabbalah, Tree of Life, Tarot & Zodiac as structral compositions to create in your life.

Left 1. Rational Order
Localized in Space

Characterized by law-abiding perfectionism, morality & judgement: black & white thinking (good/bad, right/wrong) & left-brain 

Left 2. Insecure Fear
Localized in Time

Characterized by feelings of abandonment, deep fear & emotional vulnerability: triggered, wounded, victimized & pained

Right 3. Emotional Self. Be Everywhere

Characterized by seeking similarities over difference with people to experience, explore & connect joyful, curious, empathic & playful.

Right 4. Peace & Love
Be Here Now

Characterized by a sense of expansive peace without boundaries or separation in which All life & creation is singular & simultaneous.

Develop your professional skills

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional

We are many & one

4 Characters that are 4 primary archetypes of how we function in the world

Learn to Understand, Anytime & Anywhere

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rock star from day one


Stop breath & become present which brings characters 3 & 4 or our unconscious soul & Self into conversation with our conscious 1 & 2 persona & shadow.

2. Recognize

Once you are present, recognize which of the archetypal characters is present & which is best suited to handle the current situation & conscious co-creation.

3. Appreciate

Appreciate that you have 4 primary archetypes & many others to draw from in your creativity. Gratitude overcomes fear of the Shadow.

4. Inquire

Invite all 4 characters to "huddle" or come together & share their archetypal abilities, perspectives, energies & experiences to strategize together.

1. Navigate

When "we" have strategized, the chosen archetype will emerge to consciously create in the situation, while remaining in contact with our archetypes. 

Coursework and play . . .

As you move through the coursework, each day's lesson will "drop down" & you will be contacted by email. The order of the archetypes, images & experiences is designed to deepen your insight & understanding. This content includes a BRAIN practice, Visual Talk or video, Live Creativity Lab, Journal Prompt & Creative Practice. Walking in this way, brings you to greater consciousness, as it weaves your inner & outer, unconscious & conscious lives & worlds together. This union is the healing nature of the soul that unites opposites to connect the dots and see the big picture of the Self and soul. 


Week 1

Masculine Creator as God or Sky/Heavenly Father or . . . ?


Week 2

Ancestral Mother & Mother Nature, matter & FemCreator


Week 3

Your image of an artist & expression of creative power 


Week 4

Archetypal/electromagnetic spectrum symbolism


Week 5

Archetypal color & color wheel symbolism & meaning

Numbers. Shapes

Week 6

Archetypal meaning & symbolism of numbers 

Persona B1

Week 7

Mask you wear in the world, identity, role & world image

Shadow B2

Week 8

Unconscious repressed +/-material you cannot confront

Animus B3

Week 9

Masculine mind, powerful, rational, objective & logical

Aninma B3

Week 10

Feminine soul, life, creative, playful, loving & emotional  


Week 11

Latin for "I," ego is your consistent self-orientation

Self B4

Week 12

Whole, integrated, accepted, loved & interconnected Self


Week 13

Wayfarer, spiritual seeker, initiate, passager & itenerant


Week 14

Innocence & parents lost, archetypal heroic journey


Week 15

The Victim or Orphan is a powerful archetype to face.

Wounded Healer

Week 16

Taught the gift of healing through their own wound


Week 17

Powerful, organized, arrogant & responsible (hopefully)


Week 18

Visionary or shaman who can prophecize spiritual vision 


Week 19

Sacrifices your true self, call, values & soul for worldly $/?


Week 20

Part of you that undermines yourself, life, soul & calling


Week 21

Self-sacrificing, helpful, martyr & victim oriented, 


Week 22

Protect, care, nurture, give, generous & compassionate


Week 23

Antagonist, shadow of the hero.ine & the culture


Week 24

Wise, worldly, experienced, benevolent, guide & mentor 


Week 25

Happiness, goodness, safety, idealism, optimism & youth

Week 26

Seeks connection, belonging, recognition & befiting others


Week 27

Risk-taking, adventure, thrill-seeking, discovery & the new 


Week 28

Make change, question ideals, authority & rules 


Week 29

Dreamer, visionary, miracle-worker, spiritual & magic


Week 30

Courageous, called, inspiring, bold, called & single-focused


Week 31

Creates intimacy, inspires passion, love, romance & care


Week 32

Playful, irreverent, fun, mischievous &humorous

Your Archetype (s)

Week 33

What is your archetype & how does it express in you?

Your Story Cast

Week 34

Imagine & write your story with an archetypal cast.

Archetypal Map

Week 35

Make an archetypal map of your life with symbols.

Blue Print

Week 36

Create a blueprint for your life story going forward

37 Business Archetype

Make an image of your ideal & not business archetype

38 Personal Archetype

Create a bricolage image of your Personal Archetype

39 Soul Archetype

Make a found item image or sculpture of Soul Archetype

40. SELF Portrait

Paint a Soul Portrait on a canvas or flat surface

Bonus: create an archetypal altar

This can take many forms, drawing upon your archetypal course journal for insights & experiences to give you the material to create a painting, collage or doll. It could be on your creative altar, hung in your room or used as a business card. Obviously, the form it takes & how you use it is part of the art & archetype. They are up to you, but this is a powerful way to create a memory anchor to embody archetypal energy & spirit in matter as a magical talisman.
*You can also shift & change the characters to embody what you are working on & playing with in their negative or positive expression. Think Barbie or Ken dolls, Yoda or a troll. Make it fun, funny & silly to help offset your shadow. 

in Nature

Biomimicry & emergent patterns  

in Dreams

Images from the unconscious

in Art

Make stepping stones to guide you

in Life

Life is & is made of archetypes
God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.
Hermes Trismegistus, fabled originator of Alchemy
Think of these basic archetypes as colors on a paint palette that can be used to create your life. Mix & shade them. Experiment & play with them! Create an image of each of the archetypes below in your journal. Make them as a cartoon, abstract, spoof or serious. Then amplify or free associate from myth & culture or draw a positive & negative caricature. Share in "class."

Archetypal Palette

Not only will you learn to look through an archetypal lens but create with their colors & powers. Why?
  • To free you from unconscious patterns . . . learning their lessons
  • To understand archetypal shadow as buried treasure 
  • To consciously invoke archetypal identity for different abilities
  • To recreate your life like creating a conscious self-portrait
  • To offer your unique portrait & power to the world
Write your awesome label here.


Masculine Creator Sky Father Spirit


Feminine Creatrix
Mother Nature


Creates in their (your) image


Archetypal Lens to see & create


Psychological & symbolic power


Geometric & # symbolism

Self (cap S)

Atoned or whole un & conscious


Your "self" or I & inner identity


Mask you wear & how you are seen

Shadow +

Repressed info in the unconscious


Embodied soul
Inner feminine


Mind & intellect
Inner masculine


Disempowered ID as always injured


Wounded & acts the age of wound


Opposes & sabotages you


Sells out yourself & ideals for $ etc.


Makes innovative
& inspiring art


Sacrifices yourself to save others

Patterns of Creativity

Are you an archetypal artist as healer, oracle, scientist, magician . . . or do you combine all 4 (more?). The archetypes work together, combining & overlapping to offer different ways of creating. A healer creates art as a way to heal themselves or others like an art therapist. They may also identify as a magician, mystic, psychologist, empiricist & more . . . like Jung. 

Archetypal Creator/Creatrix

The creator/creatrix archetype is the most essential to our course . . . because we are creating. This archetype is divided into the creator (masculine) & creatrix (feminine) creative form. Even though we all have an inner feminine & masculine (anima & animus), the 2 forms are separated to help us distinguish between & fully claim or embody them. Just as all archetypes are neutral, the creator/rix has a "positive" & "negative" expression. An exploration of this archetype initiates our process to know ourselves & creative process better. Each person is unique & we begin with a creative archetypal profile.
Fate is how your life unfolds when you let fear determine your choices. A path of destiny reveals itself to you when you confront your fear and make conscious choices. 
Tanitha lee

Structure held in a circle of the Self

As we explore many archetypes, we are held within the circle of the Self (as we always are). The normal structure of circle support is offered & is outlined after the course content. We also open & close in circle at the beginning & end of class along with a monthly drop in. Yet, this class has a unique relationship to the circle & center. As you imagine into, encounter, experience & explore the archetypes, remember that you are the center & periphery of the circle to stabilize your identity. You are both. All the other archetypes are energies, powers & influences, but you are not subject to them. You work with them.

Archetypal Structure

They also hold socio-political power. Hence the older man is wise and older woman is a witch or a crone. Archetypal consciousness is a powerful change agent and a necessary component of our conscious revolution. 

Archetypes offer different gifts

On a fundamental level archetypes are energy given form. As you tap the energy you will connect with reservoirs of power. Archetypes express in images and universal patterns or motifs from the collective unconscious. They are the basis of religions, myths, and stories that stand the test of time. 

Archetypes in the life cycle

They also hold socio-political power. Hence the older man is wise and older woman is a witch or a crone. Archetypal consciousness is a powerful change agent and a necessary component of our conscious revolution. 

This class comes with a monthly drop-in 

In archetypes, there is the Nurturer, and the Warrior. Different kinds of strengths that, ideally, complement each other and are equally respected. 
Anne Bishop

Create an archetypal map

Based on an emergent model of archetypes & an approach more like art than conscious design, 

Each has a + & - side, shadow & light


What people are saying . . .

This kit is deeply psycho-active or soul activating. It is often described as life changing, offering the gift of getting to know your soul and yourself. It is not easy, but it is profoundly rewarding and life affirming, touching upon the core of who you are and why you are here, your heart's purpose and soul's call.