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Soul Space is an intuitive platform. This page will answer your questions and instruct you on how to create an account, make a profile page, enroll, and navigate the platform. Look here and explore. 

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Soul Space is here for you

Soul Space leverages modern technology to connect us in ways that are supportive on a deep level. From secure and private chat rooms to access to instructors and material, we are here for you!

All about LOVE

We are into you Heart + Soul

Come as you are. You do not have to be anything. Soul Space is your tribe! We have your back. We offer courses, which elevate you heart + soul. We have hubs to connect you and tools to access.  

Soul Space offers eco-art & play as a healing, teaching & serving path of return, embodying the nature of soul, our nature & Nature as ensouled (our home).

GURU Free Zone (even love gurus)

Soul Space is about honoring your soul as your inner knowing or guru.

You are your own GUIDE 

Connecting to nature connects you with your inner nature or soul.

All paths lead to the CENTER 

All beliefs (whether in a faith or a fern) are honored here.

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Whether clicking on the links above to find your way or navigating intuitively, explore the site and its features. 

Engage in nature

Listen and watch outdoors

Sometime try listening to a lecture or watching a video in nature, walking a path or sitting under a tree.

Transform together

Learn in community

Take advantage of the partner and group opportunities in your classes to deepen your transformation.

Our mission: reclaim creation as a soulful collaboration with . . .

100k students
In depth analysis
Market structure
Technical insight

Flexible Online, Hybrid & In Person

Our online learning platform gives you the flexibility to complete classes at your own pace, on your own schedule. Plus, Heather has a Nature Sanctuary in Olympia, WA & a beautiful spot near Joshua Tree, CA to drop deep together.

Path of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science 

Our training materials combine what is primordial & newly emergent in a design that activates neuropathways to remember forgotten soul gnosis in easy-to-follow steps. You will not get lost . . . for long. This is an overgrown path & sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself.

Archetypal & Applied Power Practices 

Our powerful transformative content has stood the test of time, proven to reemerge through the ages to create an inclusive applied curriculum that is evidence-based & psycho-active or life-activating. . . because it is soul-led.

Holistic & Synthetic Approach as a Whole

The soul's embodied knowledge is whole brain & body, transcending opposites in a synthetic union & rebirth. In this, soul is unique & mysterious, requiring a compensatory rebalancing of ourselves & lives.

No belief necessary!

The only ask is that you keep an open heart & mind. This is not religious but based in gnosis or direct experience. Soul Space calls us to see through soul's eyes, beyond fear, doubt, falsehood & paranoia to their opposite: love, faith, truth & pronoia. While Heather has been called brave for using soul & other "antiquated" terms, she feels that these concepts are essential now. There are no tests!
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(+ co-creation)

+ a belief that the universe is conspiring for & with you

(+ resolution)

+ a sudden turning point from catastrophe to triumph

(+true knowledge)

+ embodied heart knowledge grounded in lived experience

(+ breakthrough)

+ transformation from broken to healed or whole
The secret of artistic creation & the effectiveness of art is to be found in a return to the state of 'participation mystique' [mystical participation with nature]-to that level of experience at which it is [soul, collective or archetypal] man who lives, and not the individual. 
c g jung
Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being & makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its [soul] purpose through him.
c g jung

Conscious Creation

We are in the Anthropocene, the first geologic epoch in which human's create the world in their image, through their state of consciousness. So far, our creation has led to destruction. Now is the time to co-create consciously from a deep respect for all life as ensouled (soul means life) and interconnected, rooted in the earth & branching for the stars (we are 93% stardust) to connect through: 
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Archetypal & Eso
Psych & Astrology

+ alchemy uniting Above & Below in dynamic relations

Eco & Terra

+ grounding & rooting in the land for land-based healing


+ remembering ancestors & forgotten wisdom lineages

Modern Science

+ cutting-edge science integrated to transform
Art is our secret weapon (love squirt gun) & superpower. Spoiler: you are an artist. All you have to do is BE YOU. (Everyone else is taken!)


journal & share


awaken insight


internal guidance


you are nature


soul superpower


retell your story

Soul learning is holistic: body + brain

The soul's symbolic language is innate, not "out there" but inside. We just have to open inner eyes to remember the embodied creativity of our right-brain as the archetypally feminine soul & Self, described by psychologist C G Jung & neuroanatomist Jill Taylor. So, Soul Space returns to ancient wisdom & combines it with cutting-edge science & technology to integrate mind, body & spirit in soul as a healed whole.

Soul is all around us & in us: natural.

We are our soul, connected to all nature which is ensouled, making this is a natural process of unlearning or deconditioning from separation into the true nature of the Self as a part of & one with nature. Not separate but one with all Creation, we are co-creators of the alchemical Great Work of Art in which creative evolution is atoned in the natural growth & transformation of individuation. We become who we truly are.

All life is interconnected & biocentric

Meaning "life center," biocentrism is a word for soul-centered, providing our Soul Space ethic & guiding principle as an underlying grand unified theory of life as ensouled. A new & ancient worldview of interconnected life, biocentrism calls us to actively & consciously participate in our co-creation, remembering our creative power to co-create life in kindred equality as one with & within the natural world.
When we move out on faith into the act of creation, the universe is able to advance. . . [we] discover our own identity, our right place in the scheme of the universe.
Julia cameron