Getting Started

You feel called, now what?

Soul Space is an intuitive platform. This page will answer your questions and instruct you on how to create an account, make a profile page, enroll, and navigate the platform. Look here and explore. 

24.7 Access

Soul Space is here for you

Soul Space leverages modern technology to connect us in ways that are supportive on a deep level. From secure and private chat rooms to access to instructors and material, we are here for you!

All about LOVE

We are into you Heart + Soul

Come as you are. You do not have to be anything. Soul Space is your tribe! We have your back. We offer courses, which elevate you heart + soul. We have hubs to connect you and tools to access.  

Get started

Have fun and explore

Whether clicking on the links above to find your way or navigating intuitively, explore the site and its features. 

Engage in nature

Listen and watch outdoors

Sometime try listening to a lecture or watching a video in nature, walking a path or sitting under a tree.

Transform together

Learn in community

Take advantage of the partner and group opportunities in your classes to deepen your transformation.