Earth Prayer 
& a Mandala of Life

Co-create a healing practice with the Land 

Come on a healing journey to design, build, dedicate, activate & initiate a medicine wheel as a tool & practice of earth prayer to deepen into your relationship with nature. Based on an archetypal structure, indigenous wisdom & the teachings of the earth, this kit explores medicine wheels as a path of wholeness connecting our nature to nature in service to the earth & our time.
This is not Tylenol but "medicine" as the spirit & energy of kinship that is the root of all healing as Life, a web of holistic interconnection in which we are one. A way to align, attune & atone with all life as Life (soul=life), the "wheel" is a mandala of wholeness that holds us in its womb, nurturing us as we grow into our true Self. 
heal theyself: each of us creates our own medicine

You are the wheel

Medicine wheels are maps uniting inner and outer realities on fractal levels of scale. They connect above and below, heaven and earth in ways that are personal and universal. Built upon an archetypal blueprint, this kit helps you design a medicine wheel to reflect YOU as a co-creator of your own harmonious universe. 
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To circle is to be atONEd

To atone is not a religious concept in the way we know it now. Religion comes from the root to bind & unite, calling us to make amends & come together to create a temenos or sacred space for prayer. Creating a medicine wheel heals us inside & out, reflecting an inner path & process. Beyond stones, we create with:
  • Prompts for deepening into your earth prayer practice
  • Directions & guidance to create variations of the wheel
  • Visualizations, Affirmations & Active Imagination to journey
  • Mindfulness practices to atone & expand in kinship with all.
God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.
Hermes Trismegistus, the fabled originator of Alchemy
circle Medicine connects everything from the big bang to the singularity

Align to & move with the circle of Creation

This is a living path where map and compass are one.

Come create your story, mythology, and cosmology

Are you walking in balance with the greater cycle?
Grandmother Medicine song
I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred tree of life and the whole earth will become one again.
crazy horse 

Medicine for the Land

We all need this now for ourselves & for future generations to come, human & nonhuman.
  • Spirit of Place. Attune to the soul of the Land 
  • Spirit of People. Listen to the Ancestors to learn 
  • Spirit of Animals. Relate to the Animals as kin  
  • Spirit of Co-creation. Collaborate from love 
  • Spirit of Communion. Atone (healed & whole) 

Who is this path for? Earth +

This path is for anyone who is ready to drop deep into an earth prayer practice. Really it is a cosmic atonement with all creation rooted in the earth & the land of your being as a way to commune & communicate with nature through your nature. As always, you create yourself, life & medicine wheel in your way. It can be REALLY BIG or very small--inside or out, many or one. What is important is that you feel called to create a medicine wheel as a healing practice and tool of selfless empowerment. How you do it is up to you. 

Create many wheels

You will probably find yourself called to create different wheels for different purposes at different times. To help you imagine into & do this, resources are included for a:
  • Outside Medicine Wheel with mineral, plant & animal medicine
  • Altar Medicine Wheel (inside, out or aligned to creative project)
  • V
  • Assignments
  • 24/7 Support with Live Chat
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Indigenous Wisdom

From Sun Bear to the Sami & the ancestors within 

Depth Psychology


Eco & Terra Psychology




Plant Medicine


Nature-Based Ritual


Womb of Self-creation & realization

Medicine wheels teach us who we are, helping us to find our place and role in the world and cosmos. At their center, we are atONEd with all of creation and aligned to the energy of co-creation moving in and around us.

Ethic of Appreciation vs Appropriation

At a recent native ceremony, a leader declared & embraced the gathering by acknowledging that we all have a drum beating in our past. So, we all have a medicine wheel practice too.
The beauty of this kit & process is that it is one of self-creation & realization in which you create your own medicine . . . every step of creation & every time you step back in. For, each medicine wheel has its own magic & medicine that only you can know & experience. As you tune in & create, listen into what is called forth, for what reason & from what source. In this way, you become the medicine wheel attuning yourself to inside & out. Each time you enter & exit, you create a reciprocal relationship that bridges opposites, weaving back & forth .

There are no rules to this. As the saying goes, it is between you & You, but it is wise to check in with your motives & how you "feel" in a synthetic sense as a whole (all 22+ senses). This is all about alignment & attunement. Be self-reflective & self-honest. Be natural & connect to your nature. Listen to & honor the earth.

A portal between worlds

Yes, I said portal. While you may not pop out on the other side of  the moon when you reach the center, the Medicine Wheel transports you to a place and liminal space that (like the soul) connects all things. As the saying goes: "As above so below, as within so without, as the universe so the soul."

1 Center

First you center yourself inwardly to find your Self and your inner circle. 

2 Square

Then you align to the outer world with its season, directions, and elements.

3 Activate

When you have created your wheel you will dedicate and activate it.

4 Create

Once activated return again and again for ongoing healing and empowerment.

Medicine Wheel Introduction

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Visions of the Land

Drop deep to listen & learn


Sun Bear & Others

Integrating archetypal truth



Nature mystic connected earth

Heather has a deep calling to help people live authentic lives of deep meaning: to be themselves. She is particularly called to help youth find themselves and way on their life journey.

Certified by her nature & nature

Heather offers unique gifts that reflect her training and certification with 4H, WSU & Lost Borders to lead rites of passage but her true qualifications stem from her relationship with the beings & Being of the earth. This relationship is the heart of the Medicine Wheel, the center stone in each wheel that connects them to all others & to the circle of life. While each stone is different, unique to each person & their story, the circle & the center hold all of us together. At a time of disintegration & fragmentation, we need this container & anchor. 

A Circle Holds You

The Circle Provides safe Passage

While you are in the open expanse of nature, you are held in circle. Whether you are in circle on the land at BEloved nature sanctuary or in the deep wilderness of the rites of passage, you are held within a circle of support within and without. This is the power of the circle to hold, protect and support you as you grow and transform. The circle provides safe passage, keeping you safe as you go out on your own into the world. Like a cocoon, a circle provides the space for you to take wing and fly. 

A Circle Opens You

Your are Your Guide

The rites of passage are designed by the individual and they are initiated to reflect the unique VISION and experience of YOUR process. While a fundamental archetypal (universal) structure is provided, individuals are encouraged to create their own circle of support and self-generated ritual, including options in terms of where and how the rite of passage takes place. While in the past the rite of passage was determined by culture and gender, we believe that people’s processes are best reflected in initiating ceremonies of their own design.

Medicine wheel myth & cosmology

In a very real way you are creating your story and cosmology in the form of a Medicine Wheel. At the center you are the creator but this is also the place of the Creator--however you imagine this. While the first week begins with an introduction and orientation, ultimately you will design your own story in stone and in the collaboration with the earth. While you begin in your imagination, you will move through journaling into working with the medicine of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom to recreate the world. 

Coming together here and now.

We live in a time of synthesis in which the archetypal patterns of the past call to us to return to a direct connection with creation and co-create. This is a time to come together and to value life as a whole. So, the medicine wheel is also a way of being in circle and community. It can be seen at play in the world in which we live, move, and have our being as a unifying force.

This is your medicine wheel

Your wheel reflects you--your values and identity. So, you get to design a ritual and ceremony to guide and honor your transformation. Building upon an archetypal structure that underlies all healing circles, you get to pick how to create and experience your own. Is it in a forest or on the plains? Inside or out? Large or small? Guided through reflection exercises, journaling, medicine walks, creative design, and self-generated ritual, you will navigate the passage from conception to creation and implementation.

Create a necklace

Make a symbolic image

Decorate a carved wooden pendant with a power image and cover it with glass. Then string your necklace with leather. Supply packets are available for groups.

Create a drum

Make a power instrument

Create a drum as a power circle to hold you on your quest and remind you of your passage. Recommendations for drum supplies are available on request.

Create a rattle

Tell your story your way

Decorate a rattle to take with you to mark your passage, tell your story, and symbolize your new name and identity. Rattle packets are available for groups.

Circling Up

Rites of passage have been held for thousands of years but have been lost in the modern world. So, we gather in circle to help hold you and celebrate your transition from one state to another and from disease to greater health. We are offering ongoing courses remotely during the pandemic to help you find yourself and your way. Come gather. 

Creating structure: You are held in CIRCLE

This is called Circle Passages because it is held in a circle. As you undergo your rite of passage there are 3 circles that provide safe passage.

A circle of ONE

You are alone on the land

On the land and throughout this process you are fundamentally alone, reflecting on yourself and your life. 


You check in with a partner

In this process you are held by a power partner who you check in with throughout the weeks and on the land. 

A group CIRCLE

You are held within a circle

From beginning to end, you are held within the circle of the group to mirror and provide a container.

Take this and apply it in your way.

If you lead circles of youth or adults, in cities or in the country, the medicine wheel can provide a basic structure for learning and sharing. To do this, the course offers a number of activities like making a talking stick, creating a necklace, or painting a drum. 

 Week 1 Introduction

Introduction of the Circle

In our circle we introduce each other and new skills. We open fundamental questions: Who are you and why have you come? 

Week 2 Orientation

Circle for Preparation

Holding circle and beginning to separate from your old life.
What do you want to leave behind? 

Week 3 Inspiration

Circle for Design

Designing your rite of passage for YOU.
What do you want to bring with you and experience?

Week 4 Alignment

Circle for Intention

Circling up for intention: gather in ceremony.
Who are you and what calls you?

Week 5 Gathering

Circle for Transformation

Entering onto the land to transform and create a power circle.
What is your calling, purpose, and identity? 

Week 6 Empowering

Circle for Power

Returning into a circle of story, ceremony, and power.
How are you witnessed and mirrored in your power?

Week 7 Placing

Circle in Community

Re-entering family, tribe, and community as your new identity.
Who are you now in relationship with the world?

Week 8 Ritual

Rippling Out

Rippling out in your new life, purpose, and vision.
What do you want to do looking forward?

Week 9 Activation

Circle in Community

Re-entering family, tribe, and community as your new identity.
Who are you now in relationship with the world?

Week 10 Continuation

Rippling Out

Rippling out in your new life, purpose, and vision.
What do you want to do looking forward? How can you do it?

Looking back to see forward

This is a journey from your past to your present to envision your future, moving from separation and preparation to transformation and integration. This journey heals you in body and soul by making you whole. While it may not cure you, this is a healing journey that brings you peace and love, deepening your connection to life and your life. 

Nature is alive 

When we are in nature we come to life, realizing that not only nature but our nature is alive. We realize that we love life and are ready to live. Whether revealed through symbolic or synchronous experiences on the land or within your inner landscape as an inner vision or calling, your nature and nature work and play together to guide and transform you.

Envision your future

At its heart this is a vision quest on which each step allows you to see further into your future, gaining insight on where you are going. Vocation means soul's call and rites of passage are designed as archetypal steps to lead you to a new identity, name, calling, and role in community. They help you step into your power and purpose in a new way. 

Return to your archetypal roots 

As a practice held throughout time but lost in our time, rites of passage return us to our human roots and to our authentic self. This is a call back into our body and the body of the land, but it is also a call back to ourselves, our families, and lives. Rites of passage bring us home.

A power instrument

Reflecting traditions throughout the ages, you get to create a rattle or a drum to help hold your vision. Constructed throughout your journey, you draw or decorate your instrument with symbolic images from your initiatory journey, embodied in an instrument that empowers your life.

You create a power circle

Your power circle is a circle that supports you on the land and in your life. To reinforce this circle, we offer drum or rattle making. Following ancient traditions, we embody our visions and calling in instruments as people have for thousands of years. Like all of the aspects of your rite of passage, the creation of an instrument is done your way, if you want.

You are telling your story

Retelling your story in your own way has the power to transform you and your life, taking control of the narrative of your past and future. So, we begin by keeping a nature journal--a journal of our nature and nature. This journal helps us move through the stages as we self-reflect and grow.

Lineage healing

What calls to you to heal? It could be the call of your ancestors and family lineage as much as your d. It could be your soul, a song of the bird, or the beauty of the sunrise. On this path you will leave patterns in your past to move more fully into your future. Separation, transformation, and integration lead you to transform yourself but also those around you. 

Being in nature helps you self-reflect

When you are in nature you get in touch with your nature, becoming natural. In the mirror of nature you discover your power and receive the gift of your name and calling. Whether in the song of a bird, a vision in the sunrise, or a synchronous discovery, nature teaches you.

You are gifted in circle.

On your rite of passage you are given the gift of understanding who you are and what you are called to do and be. Though each passage is unique, the purpose of the passage throughout time has been to transition and transform people from one state of development and consciousness to another, so they can offer their gift to the world and their community.