to soul

orwhen you are ready

Navigating by sight & insight 

This is a 24 day challenge to activate your soul's vision and on a path guided by symbols, signs, and synchronicities. Follow a daily prompt, video, and activity to tap into inner guidance and understanding. 
"Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs
The eye is a creator, or it is the expression of the creator . . . [through perception] you come into the heart of God, you enter God, the creator of worlds. 
C G Jung

24 days to change your vision

24 days has been found to be the time it takes to create a new pattern and change your life (20-26) . . . and have it last. This change ripples into our lives, friends, families, and communities. In my experience visions have been shared and collective, testifying to an objective and consensus reality beyond the seen. They have saved my life life and brought me to life, offering a worldview of greater love, light and peace.  This is a kit designed to help you explore visioning as a way to tap into your soul and create a more soulful life.

Modern Vision Quest

Vision is a way to perceive and receive your soul guidance. Beyond vision, "visions" synthesize multiple senses, perspectives and dimensions into a whole.

 Learn through examples

Visionaries from caves to Patanjali, Hildegarde, Black Elk and Jung 

Explore through activities

Daily activities and prompts embody visionary capacities in yourself and life.

See psychologically 

A psychological or soul lens allows you to see the soul mirrored in the world.

Create a new worldview

24 days helps pattern trust in yourself and life to view the world as a greater whole.

Navigate a vision quest

While the ROP kit is more traditional, this path offers a different kind of vision quest.

Share your vision

Ways to share your visions with others gives you a vision of the objective soul. 
Eyes are the window to the soul and "We are only as blind as we want to be." Maya angelou

To awaken we must open our inner eye

to a new worldview of possibility

the teleological call of soul vision,  purpose & creation

The eye is the mirror of the soul.

The power of visions can save your life.

A personal insight into soul vision
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Why vision?

Throughout time, the soul is associated with sight and the eye. It is an inner eye and insight that sees through the veil of the world, looking within and without. So we awaken our inner vision and the third eye as a way to see & create.


Kit: Visioning as a Soul Connection

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Course overview
This is a kit designed to help connect you to your soul through archetypal visions. Including the examples of C G Jung, Christiana Morgan, William Blake, Hildegarde of Bingen and visionary traditions from the past, this is a path paved by the footsteps of the prophetic visionaries who have gone before, honoring the truth: without vision people perish.
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Certification included
Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skill you need to become a real professional. Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals. Boost your confidence, master the field.

Visioning is symbol thought

From ecological to economic and social crisis, we are in uncharted territory in the moderns era, confronted with a crisis of our unconscious creation that requires a new vision and conscious creation to navigate,

Who is this path for?

No art skills or psychological knowledge are required. This class is about deep transformation. It is ideal for anyone who seeks: deep healing; their life purpose or soul's calling; a deeper relationship to themselves, others, and their soul; a connection to the unity that underlies reality (by whatever name you call it); and an abiding love that comes from realizing that you indwell an animate or ensouled cosmos filled with mystery and beauty. This is not a superficial path, and it is best if you are ready be real.

Soul Vision


Collective Vision


As always, your way . . . 

Each day will have a creative activity . . . but you get to do it in your own way.  

What people are saying . . .

People say that visioning helps them know and trust themselves


Following in the soul's footsteps

Heather has been called to walk the transformative path of the Soul of Creativity. Having spent decades in self and soul-directed exploration as a professional artist and seeker, she has taught this process in college classes and workshops. With a doctoral degree in archetypal psychology on art as a transformative process (based on Jung's Red Book), she is passionate about the transformative power of creativity. is a playful seeker, explorer, and inspirer who combines eco, art, and play therapy in a healing and teaching path that is embodied and natural.

Your Soul

Archetypal eye

While Heather has researched the soul's creativity to walk and lead others on this path, your soul is your real guide. Combining cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, this path's deep magic is the soul. It is the soul you follow and only you can connect to your soul (You). The heart of this path is your relationship with your soul that connects you with your greater Self.
Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. C G Jung

A gnostic path to direct knowledge

This challenge is about connecting to YOUR OWN visionary capacity 


Day 1

Introduction to visioning


Day 2

Creating a safe space

Complex Lens

Day 3

Looking at your  past

Night Vision

Day 4

Seeing in the dark. 

Cosmic Vision

Day 5

An astrological perspective

Soul Lens

Day 6

Viewing symbolically


Day 7

Befriending your shadow 


Day 8

Embodied vision


Day 9

Playing with fire


Day 10

Anatomy of Sight

Eye's Symbolism 

Day 11

Exploring symbolic vision

3rd Eye

Day 12

Eye of the soul

Synthetic Sight

Day 13

 Seeing through the rays


Day 14

Claim visionary power


Day 15

Awakening intuition


Day 16

Activating imagination


Day 17

Embrace feminine insight 

World View

Day 18

Viewing the world anew

Quantum Vision

Day 19

 Open quantum creativity 


Day 20

Embodying soul call


Day 21

Envisioning potential


Day 22

Revealing truth


Day 23

Creating your vision

Vision Quest

Day 24

End and begin again

This is a journey home to yourSelf.

Each week you walk on stepping stones that introduce fundamental concepts and skillsets that awaken your soul's vision within you, as you journey toward the Self. These steps take you into the unconscious & superconscious through coursework that is patterned to help you trust the process and surrender to soul. As you walk you activate your imagination and open to the symbolic guidance of the soul in synchronicity, dreams, and visions. You are dreaming yourself awake and learning to see the waking world as if in a dream through the symbolic sight and insight of your soul.

This is a trailhead to your soul

As you move through the coursework, each week's lesson will "show up" and reveal itself in living images and experiences that deepen your insight. Walking in this way, brings you to greater consciousness, as it weaves your inner and outer, unconscious and conscious lives and worlds together. This union is the healing nature of the soul that unites opposites to connect the dots and see the big picture of the Self and soul. 

Soul Worldview

Additiona close your personal transformation. 

Safe Container

Additional containment comes from creating sacred space to cocoon as you vision, nurturing your creative practice in your body and a body of art through the knowledge that you are free to journey inward and out. An additional container will be created with a circle ritual that opens and closes each class along with a circle within the community hive to share your experiences. 

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down for you below.

A structure to CONTAIN the process

This process is contained by your soul but also by 3 circles of support made by you and your classmates. Each circle expands with you as you create your opus, designed to offer different levels of containment as you individuate. These circles reflect Jung's process as archetypal or universal.


You + Soul

It is between you & You



Partners mirror & reflect us



Circles hold and heal us

Follow in archetypal footsteps.


Follow in archetypal footsteps.

Christiana Morgan, Carl Jung, and Hildegarde of Bingen

Mapping the unseen 

Just like the saying that the map is not the land, this path and the landscape you cover are unique to your experience. Still, a map can help you orient and find your way. So, we begin with creating a container or space for our creativity, gathering our supplies and centering ourselves in our soul. From there, each week brings a new lesson that characterizes the stage of the path, from ethics to shadow work to your soul's symbolic language. 

Your soul brings you a vision 

Jung said that you cannot go directly into the unconscious but if you create unconsciously with your hands your soul would bring you a vision. Imagination has the roots magi for magic and image and it is the heart of this visionary path. As you walk you are activating your imagination and remembering how to play with your soul's images that guide you. Open your eyes, heart, and mind to a new way of seeing and being. Learn to navigate by starlight through the dark night of the soul.
Soul Vision
The secret to serving the soul begins in meditation and the ability to visualize as a way to direct energy through perceiving instead of thinking. So energy follows perceptual visualization 
Creative Imagination
The power of the creative imagination is the key to creating according to the soul's vision and our inner purpose or karma. It is a fundamental habit, skill & capacity required to serve soul.
Self Care
Self Love

Vision is a path that goes on . . . 

While you are finding yourself and your way, you are on an visionary path that offers a consistent way to navigate. 

Soul advice: "drop into your heart"

In our modern world we have become head-centered, dismissing emotion and intuition as inferior feminine ways of knowing. In a very real way, this path leads from head to heart, reconnecting inner masculine and feminine ways of knowing in a union or coniunctio that alchemically unites above and below, spirit and matter. This is a path to wholeness that integrates all parts of our being in newly discovered yet ancient embodied ways of knowing rooted in the earth.

A path into the wilderness of the soul

While we enter into the process on a path of painted steppingstones we find ourselves in the natural world. Jung said that the soul would become less and less a personification, an "other" and more a function. So we internalize our soul's capacity to activate the image of the world and navigate our life. We come alive and bring our life to life in its images. Where you find yourself upon this path is unique, but most people experience a deepening into the magic of nature and their own nature.

The soul speaks in images

The soul's communication is symbolic and imagistic, embodied and imaginal. Jung said that his soul did not have speech centers and let her use his to speak, and studies have found that during spiritual experiences speech is not generated in normal speech centers. Nor is core wounding reached by speech. Both are accessed through the imagistic and embodied language of the soul. So, this soul path combines visual and verbal imagery in the way of the soul (the picture superiority effect) in which words are symbolic and metaphoric images, combined with visual art. When Jung's soul referred to the Red Book as art, she meant all of it.

The soul is viewed as a painting

This deep self-care heals you by helping you remember the forgotten and dismembered parts of yourself, life, and soul. Buried in the unconscious, these fragments of your Self are gathered by following your soul and harvesting your soul's images in art and creativity. This process touches and redresses core wounds that lie at the heart of your complexes, mining the rich soil of your unconscious to embrace lost parts, buried and cast in shadow. You need all of these pieces to reclaim your power and soul. On a fundamental level this is a soul retrieval and a soul mate relationship. 

Imagine a new/old way and You

On this path you activate you imagination, moving ever deeper into yourself and the Self. The activating agent of the soul, the imagination is the soul's super power. An application of the intuition, imagination lets you reach places and knowledge otherwise unknown. As Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." We need imagination to grow.