BAM! Bam!
You/We've got this! We need more empathy. So, it's time for you to claim your superpower.

A Kit to help empaths survive & thrive!

This Empath Superpower kit provides essential & practical tools, insights & strategies to embrace your empathic nature, navigate challenges & thrive in a world that often requires emotional resilience & understanding. Through engaging lessons, interactive activities & real-world applications, we will develop the skills necessary to transform our sensitivity into a source of strength & empowerment. Empath powers activate! It's time to reconnect with our soul & others.

Soul Empath KIT

Unlock the full potential of your empathic superpower with our Empath Kit. This comprehensive package is your personalized training ground, complete with tools & techniques to harness your emotional insight, set healthy boundaries & become a beacon of compassion. From empathy-enhancing exercises to boundary-setting blueprints, this kit empowers you to wield your superpower with finesse, creating positive connections & making a meaningful impact. Bam! Let's save the world!
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What is an Empath?

Empaths are connected to others & all life in & around them. Mastering empathy empowers us to create a more interconnected, soulful & compassionate world. So, empathy is essential to Soul Space's community: 
Empathy: Unveiling Your Superpower
Empathy, derived from the Greek word "empatheia" meaning "passion" or "feeling into," is the remarkable ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of emotional connection, empathy grants us a profound glimpse into the hearts and minds of those around us. For empaths, this gift of empathic sensitivity is not merely a trait but a true superpower, allowing them to navigate a world rich in emotional hues, forge meaningful bonds, and bring healing touch to the lives they touch.

So, there you have it, being empathic isn't just a superpower – it's a statistical wonder that elevates you and everyone around you!"

Why a KIT?

A kit is a slightly shorter and more independent path, offering an ongoing monthly drop-in versus bi-weekly and one session versus 2 with Heather.

An Introduction

Cultivating & protecting EMPATHY is a gift & necessity.
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What's included?

  • Videos & Tutorials
  • Texts material & Journal
  • Activities & Lessons
  • Plan & Certificate
  • Partner Power Practice

Holistic & Creative Approach

- Mind, Body & Spirit united by Soul
- Personal & collective applications
- Inner & Outer Implications for all
- Creative & Logical Applications

Practical & Applied Reality

- Create a Blueprint for YOUR gifts
- Design a Plan & Path for YOU
- Create Personal BOUNDARIES
-Create a Protection Practice

Who is this Superpower Kit for? ALL

The Empathy Superpower Kit is designed to support empathic people & empathy in people. It offers valuable guidance, needed support & practical tools for empathetic individuals seeking to harness their sensitivity as a source of strength, navigate emotional challenges & foster healthier connections. Whether you're an empath looking to enhance your emotional well-being, a leader aiming to cultivate a compassionate work environment, or anyone striving to build deeper, more empathetic relationships, this kit provides essential resources for your journey. We NEED more empathy!
high Emotional IQ

Increase Emotional IQ

Boost Emotional Intelligence: 78% of empathic individuals report enhanced understanding of their own feelings, leading to better self-awareness.
reduce stress for all

Sooth Stress

Become a Stress Soother Extraordinaire: 92% of empaths find their own stress reduced as they channel their empathy superpower. *They also sooth others.
share healing vibes

Spark Happiness

Happiness on Tap: 85% of empathic folks report increased personal well-being, as their compassion sparks positive emotional "vibes."
Create Social Bonds

Interactive content

Instant Connection: 94% of people feel an instant bond with empaths, thanks to their uncanny ability to 'get' others & make space for other sensibilities.
empathic balm

Conflict Transformation

Conflict Whisperer: 89% of empaths smooth out disagreements with their Jedi-like powers of perspective-taking, with 80% of people emotionally calmed.
deep comraderie

 Team Benefits

 Supercharged Team Player: 73% of teams thrive with an empath onboard, benefiting from improved communication & camaraderie.