Come heal & reconnect on a journey connecting your nature to Nature.

Living Your Animal Wilderness Kit

Come on a transformative journey that beckons you to rewild your nature and rediscover the symphony of your soul's connection with the natural world. In this immersive kit, we'll embark on a profound adventure that returns us to our animal nature in kinship with the Earth and communion with the Earth Soul. We'll uncover the threads that weave your essence into the tapestry of the Earth, merging ancient wisdom with modern science to heal nature inside and out.

Begin your pilgrimage!

In rewilding, we find healing not just for ourselves but also for the Earth, as we remember our deep interconnection with nature.
Robin Kimmerer

Embracing the Wild Within

During this transformative journey, we'll delve into the wild recesses of your own being. Guided by eco-art therapy and immersive wilderness experiences, you'll confront the barriers that hinder your authentic connection to nature. Through creative expression and introspective practices, you'll uncover the layers of conditioning that have veiled your wild essence, releasing the inner rhythms that resonate with the heartbeat of the Earth.

Senses Awakened to Interconnection

We'll dive into the sensory symphony that nature composes. Through practices like guided animal medicine visions, you'll awaken dormant senses, uncovering the stories whispered by wind, rustling leaves, and babbling streams. As you fine-tune your senses, you'll attune yourself to the subtleties of the wild, enriching your connection to the living world.

Roots of Connection

Our journey begins by delving deep into the roots of your relationship with the world around you on an animal pilgrimage that will guide you through nature walks, journaling, and meditations to forge a profound bond with the land beneath your feet. Just as trees interlace their roots to share resources, you'll explore your interconnectedness with the ecosystem, planting the seeds of a lifelong kinship.

A Natural Approach

As we embark on the journey of rewilding, we embrace the transformative power of restoring and restorying our connection with nature. The benefits of rewilding extend to both human nature and the natural world, fostering a harmonious and thriving relationship between us and the environment. Throughout the course, participants will engage in hands-on experiences, nature walks, storytelling, and creative expression to deepen their connection with the land. The emphasis will be on fostering a sense of belonging, healing, and reciprocity with the earth, which can lead to profound healing and transformation of intergenerational land-based trauma.
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Mutual Benefits For: Nature & Our Nature

Harmonious Balance: Restoring natural processes in rewilding ourselves & nature helps reestablish ecological balance, promoting symbiotic relationships & healthier interactions within the ecosystem.
Spiritual Renewal: The rewilded wilderness provides a spiritual sanctuary, inviting people to reconnect with the sacredness of nature, fostering a sense of awe, reverence & interconnectedness.
  • Mindful Connection: Engaging with rewilded landscapes fosters a mindful connection between mind, body & spirit, encouraging individuals to be present and attuned to their surroundings.
  • Physical Vitality: Exploring rewilded areas encourages physical activity, promoting fitness and well-being while invigorating the body & refreshing the mind.
  • Stress Relief: Immersion in natural, rewilded environments has been shown to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and enhance overall mental & emotional resilience.
  • Creativity & Inspiration: Rewilding sparks creativity & inspiration by exposing individuals to the raw beauty and diversity of nature, fueling artistic expression & innovative thinking.
  • Ecosystem Regeneration: Rewilding supports the regeneration of ecosystems, allowing nature to heal and rejuvenate, ultimately enhancing the health and vitality of the wilderness.
  • Species Revitalization: Through rewilding efforts, endangered or threatened species can reclaim their habitats, aiding in their recovery and contributing to overall biodiversity.

Come on a Barefoot Path

As we embark on our animal spirit journey, we shed the layers that separate us from the Earth – a barefoot ethic that resonates with the pulse of our footfall and heartbeat, echoing ancient origins and ancestors. On this path, we'll venture beyond the boundaries of comfort, embracing the tactile whispers of the soil beneath our feet. With each step, we'll rewrite the story of our connection to the land, embracing the vulnerability of bare soles and the resilience of awakened spirits. As we weave our footprints into the tapestry of wild spaces, we'll discover that rewilding isn't just a return to nature, but a rekindling of the primal dialogue between our inner nature and the world's soul.
Rewilding allows us to rediscover our place in the intricate web of life, awakening our sense of belonging to the natural world. 

Rewilding benefits all . . .

Deepen your connection with nature to:
  • Rediscover Your Innate Connection & Wisdom
  • Experience Nature-Based Healing & Growth
  • Foster Personal & Relational Transformation
  • Enhance Embodied Environmental Awareness
  • Connect with Like-Minded Community
  • Embrace Eco-Mindfulness & Stress Reduction
  • Contribute to Collective Ecological Recovery

Who is this for?

This rewilding kit welcomes all who are ready to step into the embrace of the wild, to learn from its wisdom & to weave its teachings into the fabric of their lives. Whether you're a dreamer, a seeker, or a quiet observer, this journey is tailored to the unique notes of your soul's melody.

Nature Seekers:

If you're someone who feels a magnetic pull toward the wilderness & craves a deeper connection with the natural world, this kit is designed to resonate with your soul's wild longing.

 Wildly Creative Souls:

If you find solace and expression in creative pursuits, & you're intrigued by the idea of weaving nature's inspiration into your art, this kit is where your creativity can go wild.

Spiritual Explorers:

If you're drawn to nature, seeking to deepen your connection with the Earth as a source of wisdom & guidance, this kit will lead you through practices that bridge the gap between the material & the sacred.

Environmental Activists: 

If you're passionate about preserving the natural world, this kit offers insights that will deepen your love & understanding of the ecosystems you strive to protect, fostering a sense of responsibility & connection.

What people are saying . . . 

Rites of passage lead to a life of greater authenticity, integrity, and intimacy. They offer a path of healing and transformation that is characterized by a greater love for life embodied in the image of the sunrise that marks the end of the passage on the third day with hope. Yet what you get from your passage will be unique to you. In a fundamental way, you get a new relationship with yourself and start to your life.
Our family healing rite of passage has been profound for me, facing the pain I caused, regaining harmony, feeling the love we all have for each other and our life, remembering and laughing together, all this has been a joyful transformation.
.I learned things about myself and from that made forward movement in healing which is great, huge and appreciated! 
ROP Participant
Dr. Taylor was able to walk us through a group dynamic with remarkable ease. I was concerned that it would be emotional and resurrect our historical conflict. We were able to move through obstacles and reunite as a family. It was a truly transformative process. 
My rite of passage opened me to a new perspective and a new love of life. 
ROP Participant
The family right of passage led by Dr. Heather Taylor-Zimmerman brought our family not simply closure on the past but a future. We were able to process old wounds and see each other in a new way. We have transformed our relationships to emerge with a deeper understanding, compassion and love for each other.
ROP Participant
The experience was transformative. My parents had not talked for decades and we had years of emotional trauma. I was hoping to simply be able to communicate with each other. What occurred far exceeded my expectations. We are not only able to communicate but my parents have become good friends. We were able to reclaim our family. 
ROP Participant

Deep need for eco-healing NOW

On rites of passage death is a meaningful metaphor that calls us to be healed and whole, reborn in a new image. There is something magic about confronting death that brings you closer to life. Confronting death and fear, makes us more alive and more in love with life. 

Nature is the real instructor.

You are exploring the deep knowledge & wisdom of the land of your being to help you transform, healing to become whole. When you are in nature you are natural: yourself. You realize that you are not who you should be but who you were born to be & are. Nature helps you let go of limiting beliefs, patterns & expectations to claim the power, passion & purpose of who you really are. In this process of self-realization you are the instructor. As the saying goes: it's between you & You (your ensouled nature). So, find a natural place that calls to you.

A Psychological Lens of Soul

Our orientation reflects the archetypal nature of rites of passage that has remained consistent throughout human history. Reflecting the collective wisdom of traditions from Jungian to indigenous, they help you create your own tradition and your own rite of passage to encircle you.

Return & Rewild in your own Way

 Guided by the wisdom of the seasons, we'll learn to forage insights from the earth, plant the seeds of ancient knowledge, and watch as our own growth mirrors the unfolding of the natural world. As we circle through this adventure, we'll uncover the untamed aspects of our souls, fostering a harmonious dance between the wild within and the wild without. Journey in your own time and nature to your wild soul.

Creating structure: You are held in CIRCLE

Just as the earth orbits the sun in a circle in the heavens, the movements of heaven & earth move in circles.

Circles Hold Soul Space

Rewilding is a circular return to our nature.

It's truly enchanting how gathering in a circle amid nature can ignite a profound sense of connection and purpose. Just as the roots of ancient trees intertwine beneath the forest floor, these circles mirror our innate interconnectedness. When we come together with intention, the circle becomes a sacred space where stories are woven like leaves rustling in the wind. It's a dance of energies, where each individual is a thread, and the collective wisdom emerges as a tapestry of shared experiences. In the heart of nature's embrace, we are humbled by the cyclical rhythms that mirror our own journey of growth, death, and rebirth. The circle becomes a sanctuary where we listen to the whispers of the breeze and the wisdom of our souls, unraveling the knots of modern life to rediscover the ancient ties that bind us to one another and to the Earth.

Circles Move in Natural Time

Rewilding is a return to natural living.

As we step onto sacred ground, we step into a sacred choreography, where the dance of our souls meets the rhythm of the cosmos. Just as constellations paint stories across the night sky, these circles paint stories across our hearts. The purpose is woven with threads of healing and transformation, as we bring our vulnerabilities and strengths to the circle's center. In this embrace, nature becomes both mirror and guide, teaching us the art of being present and attuned. The circle's edge dissolves as barriers crumble, and we find ourselves face to face, heart to heart. It's a return to the primordial, a dance with the fire of our ancestors and the cool waters of forgotten springs. So, let us gather in this circle with the forest as witness, the mountains as sentinels, and the earth as cradle, as we seek to heal, learn, and unfold the symphony of our interconnected souls.

A circle of ONE

You are alone on the land

On the land & throughout this process you are fundamentally alone, reflecting on yourself & your life: between you & You.


You check in with a partner

As you rewild, you are held by a human partner as well as a non-human partner, whether a tree, stone, cat, deer or . . ?

A group CIRCLE

You are held within a circle

From beginning to end, you are held within the circle of the group to mirror & provide a container for your passage.

This does NOT have to be hard.

While rites of passage and wilderness quests are traditionally rigorous, this does not have to be hard. What is more important is that your experience is meaningful and suited to you. This can mean staying in a cabin or a tent if your go out onto the land. Go within to follow your intuition and heart about where your rite of passage should take place and how long it should be. Each of these details is yours to decide. This is a reflection of you. 

Open to new growth 

What calls to you to heal? It could be the call of your ancestors and family lineage as much as your d. It could be your soul, a song of the bird, or the beauty of the sunrise. On this path you will leave patterns in your past to move more fully into your future. Separation, transformation, and integration lead you to transform yourself but also those around you.