Return to the wellbeing of your nature.

This course includes a workbook and live facilitation that guide you to heal naturally and mindfully. Introduced over 12 weeks, a holistic body of evidence-based and time-tested skills, lessons, and activities return you to your nature and an older archetypal way of being. Come explore and experience the eco-psychological terrain and benefits of a more mindful and natural life.
"A walk in the woods walks the soul back home." M Davis

Weekend Workshop: Followed by 12 weeks of skills, instruction, activities, and lessons

This course is designed to help you navigate the depression, anxiety, addiction, and nature deficit disorder of our time.
  • Learn to center, still, and connect through sensory meditation and contemplation
  • Develop skills of mindfulness, radical acceptance, visualization, and self-compassion
  • Use natural metaphors and embodied practices to learn and grow
  • Embrace the power of the wounded healer and true Self
  • Become a life learner with nature as your teacher
  • Discover how to lead others upon this healing path

Who is this path for? 

This path is for people who seek to reconnect to their nature in nature through mindful eco-psychology. Do you enjoy nature and want to reduce your dependency on technology? 
"I immersed myself in nature, crawled, as it were, into the very essence of nature and away from the whole human world. . . The only important thing is to follow nature.” C G Jung

How to navigate

Choosing your PATH
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Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

A Playful Nature Guide

Heather loves nature and walks daily in the forest by her home as a form of  wilderness therapy. She believes deeply in the healing power of nature and the skills and lessons of this path.

Charlton Hall's Workbook

The Inspiration & Model

This course includes a 250 page workbook for each participant and is rooted in the facilitation of the facilitator's manual. Deep gratitude  is given to Charlton Hall for his ground=breaking work.

Nature is the oldest counselor. 

Nature cultivates a mindful awareness of the synchronicities and symbolism that surrounds us. Beginning with Mindful Awareness and ending by Living your True Self, this path leads you step by step home to yourself. 

"Nature itself is the best physician." Hippocrates

What's included?

Integrated information that is natural & instinctual.

Depth Psychology

Active Imagination, Archetypes, Collective Unconscious, Individuation, Shadow, Self, and more


We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance

Eco Psychology

Grounding, Tree Breathing, Mirroring, Sacred Space, Ritual Offering and more


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Terra Psychology

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  • Study time
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    12 hours
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Embodied Imagination & Sensation

Foster deep listening, looking, and learning in a path that integrates mind, body, and spirit to reconnect your nature to nature. Remember the power and presence of nature to heal the schisms of your life. Experience the wild majesty and mystery of fallen leaves under a forest canopy that speaks of alchemy and forgotten ways to transform yourself and world.

Healing done naturally your way. 

While the skills, strategies, and concepts from different cultures are introduced, it is us up to you to embody them in your own life and way. You create self-generated rituals, meditations, and reflections. This is your path.

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed." John Burroughs

A sustainable future is rooted in the world.

As our ancestors lived in balance and appreciation of nature, we return to a life of homeostatic gratitude to offer our children a path forward into a sustainable and livable world. 
"The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all." Chief Seattle

Walk alone

Enter the forest

Walk in nature.

Pick a place

Enter partnership

Find a place to return to.

Pick a tree

Make a friend

Create a friendship.

Inner Learning & Reflection

Skills, concepts, and lessons lead you inward.

Outward Application & Exploration

Natural mirroring, symbolism, and synchronicities lead you outward

Inner & Outer Movement & Balance

Make the world a better place for all

This is a trailhead to a journey home

Below you will find the schedule and structure for your healing  journey. It is a self-paced path, so each session can be a week or a month. What is important is that you walk the trail from beginning to end in a way that is meaningful and powerful to you. Don't rush but don't tarry, taking time to notice deeply. Connect the seasons of your life to the natural seasons around you to grow.

Mindful Awareness

Session 1

Introduction & Exploration

Radical Acceptance

Session 2

Learning Self-Acceptance

Embodied mindfulness

Session 3

Exploring Mind & Body


Session 4

Releasing the Past

Living in
the Now

Session 5



Session 6

Tree Learning & Growing


Session 7

Medicine Walk

Nature as Metaphor

Session 8

Natural Metaphors Guide Us

Nature as

Session 9

Listen to Her Teachings

Nature as

Session 10

Nurture Self-Love

Nature as 

Session 11

Heal Your Nature

Living in
True Self

Session 12

Become ONESelf

Tools for your journey . . .

Each week is designed to lead you further into yourself and the forest. Because you are surrendering to the emergent nature of nature, the weeks are not outlined as they are in other classes. Forest Bathing does begin with the same introduction, asking you what you are willing or wanting (called) to leave behind, and it ends with the same conclusion to provide containment and integration. It is its own rite of passage. 

Tools for your journey . . .


Coursework and play . . .

Each week content drops down below. 

Depth + Ecopsychology = + Terra Psychology

Deep Healing
Forest bathing heals us from the depths of our being. 
Walking in the forest heals us, increasing our immunity, cognitive capacity and happiness while decreasing our stress, depression and confusion. So we walk, sit and rest.
Deep Breathing
Breathing with the trees we breathe deep.
Bathing in the energy of the forest we exchange carbon and oxygen, drinking deep in exchange with our forest friends. Breathing is as important as walking in forest bathing.
Deep Listening
Amidst the trees we listen deeply to the forest song.
Forests are still but trilling with life. You just have to slow down and be in relationship with the life around you-- Whether it is an ancient cedar tree or a small salamander..
Deep Seeing
We look into the depths and see the invisible in the forest.
Practice techniques and guidance that support financial self-care to earn what you’re worth, give generously, spend consciously, reflect your values and build a legacy.

Return home to yourself and nature.

Each week you will walk on stepping stones that connect your nature to nature through the seasons and the changes in the natural world. These steps vary without a set schedule. You will get an email when new content comes and you can engage with it or not as you feel called. 

Barefoot Ethic

Bridging head and heart, this course leads you into the forest to remember your nature and past ways of being. Embrace more.