Circle to support each other as we grow from the mud to the sun to grow & bloom.

Community = Share Fellowship & Union 

Welcome to a transformative journey of wellness & resilience in community. In an interconnected world, where challenges & opportunities abound, the strength of a community lies not only in its collective resources but also in the well-being & resilience of its individuals. This course is an invitation to explore the dynamic interplay between personal well-being & community vitality, equipping you with tools & techniques for both.

Processing the last 3 years (& whole life):
A Time to Remember & Come Together

Soul Space is a place for you to drop deep, heal wounds, create positive change, and make new friends. More than anything, this is a place of soulful community. Resilience in Crisis is designed to cultivate healing community as we:
  • 1. Acknowledge & process the emotional impact of crises on our mental & physical health. 
  • 2. Utilize depth psychological tools and practices to heal core wounds & complexes.
  • 3. Cultivate resilience & self-care practices to enhance overall wellbeing.
  • 4. Develop a deeper connection to nature & the healing potential of the natural world.
  • 5. Integrate archetypal insights & personal mythology into their lives for transformation.  
  • 6. Create a supportive community & network of fellow front-line supporters.
When the most intense conflicts are overcome, they leave a feeling of security and tranquility. 
C G Jung

Come on a journey of rediscovery.

Through the crucible of adversity, we undergo profound transformation, emerging from hardship with newfound strength and resilience. As C.G. Jung eloquently put it, "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." Research supports this sentiment, revealing that 75% of individuals report personal growth following significant life challenges, showcasing our innate capacity to harness difficulties as catalysts for personal evolution, with a transformative framework making a 40% difference. We've got mud (a. k. a. sh*** to compost). Now it's time to cultivate our garden with the tools of depth psychology to root deep, grow up & blossom together.

This offering comes with 6 free monthly circles and ongoing discussion.

8 essential skills over 16 weeks of essential themes & concepts give you the nutrients you need to grow & blossom from mud to lotus.

Helping people heal.

This offering is designed to help people heal themselves & those around you as we learn to navigate our time together. Designed to help you meet & get to know others as much as to know & understand yourself, this is a place & course to return to for deeper insight & transformation with help for children & teachers.
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Who is this path for? (Everyone!)

This class is designed for individuals facing crisis or undergoing significant life transformations. It is designed to provide essential guidance & support to anyone navigating challenging circumstances, such as personal crises, major life changes, or transitions. Whether you're grappling with unexpected setbacks, loss, or profound shifts, or if you're actively seeking to transform your life & embark on a new journey, this course equips you with the psychological insights, coping strategies & tools necessary to cultivate resilience, adaptability & inner strength, empowering you to navigate adversity and transformation with greater courage and confidence.

Flexible Online Support = Access

Simply put: an online forum is an inexpensive way to gather together wherever you are and when you can. Information is archived and available any time. It is on your phone, so it is almost always accessible. You can do your mindfulness meditations, contemplation, or journal reflection on the beach or in the woods . . . or in crisis on your phone. This platform is designed to reach the vulnerable and the marginalized, creating a community of equality in which we can share and help each other. We are in this crisis together and will only heal if we do so collectively. It is time to come together to transform ourselves and world. Soul Space is designed to help you do this.

Why depth psychology & what is it?

Depth psychology, rooted in the interconnected psyche that unites all life, delves into the personal & collective unconscious mind to uncover hidden motivations, conflicts & symbolic meanings that shape our behavior. In today's rapidly evolving world, marked by technological advancements & societal conflict, depth psychology offers profound insights into the complexities of the human psyche. By exploring the depths of our unconscious thoughts, desires & fears, depth psychology provides a framework for understanding & navigating the challenges of modern life, fostering self-awareness & insight, promoting psychological well-being in kinship with nature & our nature.
To experience peace does not mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos.
jill bolte taylor

We are in this together!

It has been hard (& is hard) living through a pandemic amidst ecological, psychological, social, international & economic stressors. In times of hardship, we need each other, but instead we have undergone isolation causing greater anxiety, depression, divorce & social collapse. Studies show that we are in a mental health crisis where youth (esp. ages 11-17) are hit the hardest. While we suffer the fallout of increased domestic & societal violence, it is time to come together to help each other to survive & thrive . . . especially our children!
In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.