Deep healing takes place over interconnected levels & lifetimes, leading to the root cause of your current struggles for healing growth.

Begins 7.11.23

when ready

Healing start HERE & NOW

Healing your past in this life and beyond.

This course is designed to provide participants with a deep experience & understanding of the principles & techniques of past life regression for holistic healing & personal transformation. Participants will explore the intersection of quantum physics & metaphysical concepts to facilitate profound healing & self-discovery.
Quantum healing and past life regression provide a unique opportunity for individuals to gain insights into their true nature & purpose.
Dr. Deepak Chopra

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A discovery 
  • 12 weeks of lessons (written, audio & video)
    with a live weekly session & partner option
  • 3-Day retreat (in-person & recorded)
  • 12 weeks of lessons (written, audio & video)
    with a live weekly session & partner option
  • Ongoing practice & assessment for Certification
  • Continuing support & additional education 

Deep Dive

This is a short but intensive process that requires time spent in the depths to reach root cause . . . to do this we need without interruption.

Core Concepts

with experientials

Quantum Healing

Weaving lives & groups

Life Inventory Process

with live guidance

How about composition?

Put it all together

Past-Life Regression

a personal induction

What does this tell you?

Start a dialogue with soul

Come to an in-person Weekend

While online teaching works, an in-person retreat is essential. So, we gather together for in-person retreats on Land in Olympia, Washington & in La Quinta, California for deep healing.

As always, you are a Wounded Healer

 We provide online courses that prepare you to undertake this work, laying the groundwork for the intensive in which the embodied psychoactive work takes place together in person.

Past Life Healing

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Course features
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  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: X hours
  • Video time: X hours
  • Exams: X
Wounded Healer: Heal
Assessment and Certification:
Participants will be assessed through assignments, a final project involving a guided past life regression session with integrated Jungian insights, and active participation in discussions and group activities. Successful completion of the course will result in a certification in "Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression: Journeying Within the Soul."
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Certification included
You can create anything. Nothing is impossible. You can change your life . . . If you don't like what's happening in your life, you can change it. [Soul or Psyche Power!]
Delores cannon 

Objectives & Benefits 

Past life regression can help you uncover the hidden causes of present phobias, diseases, complexes, limiting beliefs & fears, allowing for a release of old patterns. By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the principles of quantum healing & its connection to past life regression. Plus, what the * are past lives & how do they relate to our current life?
2. Utilize past life regression techniques to access & explore past life experiences.
3. Apply quantum healing concepts to address physical, emotional & spiritual issues in your current life in relationship to past life trauma & experience
4. Facilitate past life regression sessions for oneself & others.
5. Integrate past life insights into present life for personal growth & healing.
6. Develop ethical guidelines & practices for conducting past life regression sessions for yourself & others, including professional & ethical applications. 
7. Explain the potential benefits & limitations of past life regression for quantum healing & create an approach that works for you.

Light in the Dark

Access Unconscious

Reach the depths of soul for direction, insight & hope 

Past Life & Lives 

Share your journal story with others in group/social media

Healing Lessons

Who are you really & what is your power & purpose? 
Exploring the depths of the subconscious mind through quantum healing and regression can unlock creative potential and enhance intuition.
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Journaling embodies soul so you can dialogue, Heal & transform through inner images

Depth Psychology + Creativity

This is a dialogue between you & YOU that unites mind & body, heart & soul

to heal inside & out

Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.
christina baldwin

Who is this path for? A: Everyone

We all have some wounds in our past, whether in this life or in lives past. This is an in-depth course that takes you back to heal with the intent to heal yourself & others as a Wounded Healer. It is for people who feel called to help both themselves & others. What is required is time & energy for the commitment, & this will determine whether you take the class live at the pace of the group or as a kit that you can undergo at your own pace.
Process the trauma of deep wounds & the shadow cast in the body through a body of art to fully embody your life.
Process Healing
Allow the creative spirit to flow into you for greater vision, power & purpose to retell your story & BE.
Deep BEcoming
Leverage the link between the personal & collective unconscious to heal yourself, family & community.
Collective Healing
Make art to create  soul, embodying its intuitive power & wisdom in yourSelf and life to serve the world.
Soul Integration

Discover your voice & vision: BE YOU 

Each weekly session will:
  •  Blend theory, experiential exercises, group discussions, guided meditations & practical applications. 
  • Engage participants in personal reflection, group sharing & interactive exercises to deepen their understanding.
  • Discover ways to work a play with images from dreams, visions & synchronicities in your life
  • Explore your deep unconscious & learn how to navigate through instinct, intellect & intuition.
  • Create a map of your Journey to chart your WAY to see where you have been, are and want to go
  • Receive a Certification in Quantum Past Life Healing & Hypnotherapy for professional practice
There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination. 
Delores cannon 

 Life Hypno Toolkit

Learn to use all the related tools, skills & techniques you will need to create your own past life practice.
  • Weekly tutorials & examples from Heather & archetypal artists
  • Weekly prompts & exercises to help you experiment (play)
  • Weekly Live video Conferencing 
  • Weekly Art Cafes for sharing, inspiration & experimentation
  • Ongoing Safe Social Media, Partner & Group Support
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 1. Quantum Healing

 Introduction to Quantum Healing & Past Life Regression
- Understanding the foundational principles of quantum healing & past life regression.

2. Past Life Regression

- Overview of Reincarnation &  Hypnosis as unique approach to accessing past life memories.
- Exploring the concept of soul memories & their role in healing.

3. Quantum Reality

Quantum Realms & Inner Exploration
- Unraveling the mysteries of the quantum universe & its connection to consciousness.

4. Altered States

 Techniques for entering altered states of consciousness for inner exploration.
- Guided meditation: Journey to the Quantum Realm.

5. Access the Unconscious

The Personal Unconscious: Insights from Jungian Psychology
- Introduction to theories on the personal & collective unconscious.

6. Archetypal Images

- Archetypes, symbols & dreams as gateways to the unconscious mind.
- Analyzing personal symbols & dreams for self-discovery. 

7. Practice Regression

Living Hypnosis Practice: Guided Past Life Regression
- Deep dive into Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

8. Induction & Method

- Learning the induction process for guided past life regression.
- Case studies: Analyzing QHHT sessions and their impact on healing.

9. Methods & Navigation

Exploring Past Lives and Healing
- Methods to navigate pat & current life memories.
- Identifying & resolving past-life traumas.

10. Light Healing

- Healing unresolved issues through regression.
- Light body & angelic healing through the unconscious.

11. Integrating Insights

Integrating Quantum Healing & Past Life Insights
- Applying quantum healing concepts to current life challenges.

12. Ethics & Responsibility

- Utilizing past life wisdom for personal growth & transformation.
- Ethics & responsibilities of a past life regression practitioner.









13 Collective Unconscious:

The Collective Unconscious: Tapping into the Wisdom of Humanity
- Exploring the collective unconscious and its connection to universal human experiences.

14 Align to Synchrony:

- Mythology, cultural symbolism & the collective psyche.
- Guided meditation: Meeting an Archetypal Figure.

15 Fractal Soul:

The Fractal Nature of the Soul: Healing and Transformation**
- Understanding the concept of the fractal soul and its implications for personal growth.

16 Alchemy Imagery: 

- Integrating insights from personal and collective unconscious into healing processes.
- Activity: Guided past life session with integration of Jungian insights.

17 Center Mandala

- Past life regression can help individuals identify & release unresolved emotional traumas from the past, leading to a greater sense of emotional well-being & peace.

18 Self-Discovery 

- By exploring past life experiences & tapping into the unconscious mind, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths & areas for growth.

19 Healing Ailments:

- Quantum healing by addressing energetic imbalances, one can support the body's natural healing processes, leading to improvements in physical health.

20 Phobias & Fears:

- Past life regression can help individuals uncover the root causes of phobias and fears, allowing for a release of these patterns in the present.

21 Creative Intuition: 

- Accessing the subconscious mind can lead to heightened creativity and intuitive insights, as individuals tap into deeper layers of their consciousness.

22 Awaken Connection

 - Experiencing a sense of spiritual expansion and connection to a larger cosmic consciousness through past life regression and quantum healing practices.

23 Identify with Soul:

Ex. Create your o

24 Heal Others:

Ex. Nature    Let nature unfurl within & through you to express













Active I 



Blend, emotions & color theory


Positive, Negative & Distribution


Contour drawing & linear shapes


In color, contrast & tactile layering


Light & dark in color & hue


Shapes as formal building blocks


Select images you love & layer them


Play with lines, loops & letters


Historiated letter & metallic layers


Combine formal art elements 


Mix, blend & brush colors 

Pen & Ink

combine lines & colors as one
 Quantum healing and past life regression provide a unique opportunity for individuals to gain insights into their true nature and purpose. 
Dr. Deepak Chopra
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Write your awesome label here.
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leverage the creative unconscious to heal

30% + psychological 

Studies show anti-depressant & anxiety medication is only 10% effective while the placebo effect of belief is 30% effective. Art journaling leverages your power to retell your story based on a belief in your ability to heal through self-discovery, compassion, power & acceptance (love). Combining psychotherapy & art therapy with the effectiveness of prayer, mindfulness, visualization & meditation, this is a powerful way to reimagine health to help us navigate our current crisis.
Being traumatized is not just an issue of being stuck in the past; it is just as much a problem of not being fully alive in the present...Self-regulation depends on having a friendly relationship with your body.
bessel van der kolk

Soul makes you whole.

This deep self-care heals you by helping your see, understand, accept and integrate the parts of yourself and life that you cannot identify with. Buried in the unconscious, these fragments and memories are gathered by harvesting your soul's images in art and creativity. This process touches and redresses core wounds that lie at the heart of your complexes, mining the rich soil of your unconscious to embrace lost parts, buried and cast in shadow. You need all of these pieces to reclaim your power and soul. 

Follow a healing path

On this journal path, we follow in the footsteps of artists and seekers from the past and present who have walked through the ages to create a renaissance or rebirth in themselves and the world. Following different examples from different traditions helps us explore and experience the breadth and depth of the soul's archetypal pathway as a creative form of transformation, weaving synchronicity, symbol & story to our own myth. 

Soul Vessel

Learn more about how to become a vessel for your soul to contain & accommodate your new growth.

Psychology Toolkit

Beyond art techniques and skills, you will learn fundamental depth psychological ideas and practices to navigate the terrain of your inner essence, fantasies & memories, reconciling opposites of conscious and unconscious, personal & collective through:
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Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down for you below.

1. Contain

Play with images to live the dream on

2. Connect

Explore mythic & cultural symbolism

3. Astrology

Birth date, astrology & personal information.

4. Story

Past, present & future with symptoms

5. Unconscious

Enter deep collective Soul

6. Hypnosis

Body Scan from the crown to root light

7. Past Lives

Return to ancestral roots to heal legacy

8. Karma

Animate figures for energy & action

9. Dharma

Create patterns as visual literacy

10. Deep Healing

White light energy, top down healing

11. Space-Time

Create embodied words as images

12. Core Wounds

Psychic figures who take on a personality

13. Deep Healing

Core wounds at the heart of complexes

14. Characters

Write a list of current cast of characters.

15. Contract

Explore contracts & commitments. 

16. Soul Family

Not always what or who you imagine . . .

17. Soul Mission

What are your lessons & instructions?

18. Entanglement

Complexes & karmic knots in relationships

19. Disentangle

How to disentangle karma in Divine Will

20. Purpose

Get to the Deep Why of your soul calling

21. Resistance

Reconciling with free will & inner resistance.

22. Negotiation

Honoring multiple perspectives 

23. Questions

What do you (really) feel called to know?

24. Monkey

Ego or monkey mind dismissal (let go)

25. Relaxation

Drop deep (after going to the bathroom)

26. Resistance

Reconciling with free will & inner resistance.

27. Negotiation

Honoring multiple perspectives 

28. Questions

What do you (really) feel called to know?

29. Monkey

Ego or monkey mind interference . . .

30. Suggestion

Drop deep (after going to the bathroom)

31. Resistance

Reconciling with free will & inner resistance.

32. Negotiation

Honoring multiple perspectives 

33. Questions

What do you (really) feel called to know?

34. Monkey

Ego or monkey mind interference . . .

35. Suggestion

Drop deep (after going to the bathroom)

36. Resistance

Reconciling with free will & inner resistance.

37. Negotiation

Honoring multiple perspectives 

38. Questions

What do you (really) feel called to know?

39. Monkey

Ego or monkey mind interference . . .

40. Suggestion

Drop deep (after going to the bathroom)
Only in our creative acts do we step forth into the light and see ourselves as whole and complete. 
C G Jung

What are people saying . . .

This coursework is deep psycho-active or soul activating creativity. It is often described as life changing, offering the gift of getting to know your soul and yourself. It is not easy, but it is profoundly rewarding and life affirming, touching upon the core of who you are and why you are here. At its foundation this art is about your heart's purpose and soul's call.