ego < ECO

Ego, I or self< Eco, family + land) or whole Self


Return to your nature in nature

This is a 12 month course that leads you on an initiatory journey to new insight, identity, and calling. A passage marks a transition from one stage of life or healing to another, so a rite of passage helps you take the big steps in your life journey. Moving through the stages of preparation, separation, transformation, and integration, you discover a new sense of intimacy with yourself and the world around you. Come journey into the wilderness.
To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.
Terry Tempest Williams

Raven Council

This course combines circle work, land-based teaching, rites of passage, self-generated ritual, mirroring, power tools, indigenous & archetypal teaching to guide you on a journey into inner & outer wilderness to find your call, direction, purpose, power & a new name & identity.
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What is included

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skills you need to become a real professional. Thrive in your career.
  • 10 circle gatherings over 5 months onsite or online option
  • partner, group and individual support circles
  • Video Conferencing &online resources with video, audio & links
  • Art Projects: hand made & painted drum, medicine pouch, necklace, rattle, nature journal, talking stick & power circle
  • 3 day rite of passage in nature with a ceremony
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Why we need this now . . .

There are many reasons for our current crisis.
  • Children spend 4-7 minutes daily outside & 7 hours on screen, increasing nature deficit disorder, obesity, technology addiction, depression, anxiety & disease 
  • Modern rites of passage have been lost & diminished
  • Personal, family & community support has decreased

Benefits for your mind, body & life.

MENTAL. anger management, anxiety, bipolar, depression, OCD, personality disorder, disassociation, trauma healing & recovery
BEHAVIOR. ADD, ADHD, ODD, Pathological Lying, DMDD
TRAUMA. physical/emotional/sexual abuse, adoption, attachment disorder, bullying, divorce, COVID disassociation & PTSD
ADDICTION. eating disorder, co-dependence, substance and technology
GRIEF & LOSS. death, divorce, disease, and life transitions (moving . . . )
EDUCATION & TRANSFORMATION. life skills, goal setting, mirroring, problem solving, mindfulness, deep listening & empowerment

Why walk this path?

What people have experienced
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Who is this path for? Everyone

While often for those at major transitions, like graduation, this path is for anyone who is ready to take the next step on the path of their transformative journey. Are you called to move deeper into a more intimate connection with yourself, others, and the world? Do you want to have a meaningful and transformational experience that can help you know and love yourself more fully? Following in the footsteps of rites of passage throughout time, this course is designed to lead you to a new name, identity, life, and purpose.
The future will belong to the nature-smart-those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world.
Richard louv

Frequently asked questions

1. Does this have to be hard

While rites of passage are traditionally rigorous, this does not have to be hard. What is more important is that your experience is meaningful and perfect for you. Yet, the wilderness is an initiation, calling & challenging you. The traditional commitment is fasting with water for 3 days but it can be one and mental & physical health are 1.

How does this work?

There is a magic to this that can't be explained, rooted in the archetypal nature of 3 days in the wilderness. We gather in circle, learning techniques & tools inside & out, but what we are really doing is returning to the ways of our ancestors to build on their legacy & return to our roots, gaining visionary insight & power for our lives.

What are the onsite options?

Two primary locations are in Tumwater, Washington & La Quinta, California, where you come to "class" inside & out on the land at 2 creative (nature + art) learning centers. From these "home bases" (both with many acres of Land), we go deeper into the wilderness for our ROP in the Olympic National Park & Joshua Tree National Park, which are close to their respective centers & WOW.

What is the purpose & outcome?

This will vary in the details, but overall the purpose is to find & make your way through a phase of deep but challenging growth to come through with the needed qualities & skills to take the next step in your life. This may be upon graduation from high school or college, after a disease or divorce or upon retirement, but it is really a time of transition & transformation.

What are people saying . . .

Rites of passage lead to a life of greater authenticity, integrity, and intimacy. They offer a path of healing and transformation that is characterized by a greater love for life embodied in the image of the sunrise that marks the end of the passage on the third day with hope. Yet what you get from your passage will be unique to you. In a fundamental way, you get a new relationship with yourself and start to your life.
Our family healing rite of passage has been profound for me, facing the pain I caused, regaining harmony, feeling the love we all have for each other and our life, remembering and laughing together, all this has been a joyful transformation.
.I learned things about myself and from that made forward movement in healing which is great, huge and appreciated! 
ROP Participant
Dr. Taylor was able to walk us through a group dynamic with remarkable ease. I was concerned that it would be emotional and resurrect our historical conflict. We were able to move through obstacles and reunite as a family. It was a truly transformative process. 
My rite of passage opened me to a new perspective and a new love of life. 
ROP Participant
The family rite of passage led by Dr. Heather Taylor-Zimmerman brought our family not simply closure on the past but a future. We were able to process old wounds and see each other in a new way. We have transformed our relationships to emerge with a deeper understanding, compassion and love for each other.
ROP Participant
The experience was transformative. My parents had not talked for decades and we had years of emotional trauma. I was hoping to simply be able to communicate with each other. What occurred far exceeded my expectations. We are not only able to communicate but my parents have become good friends. We were able to reclaim our family. 
ROP Participant