The Creatrix lives in all of us, & this course is for the feminine creative feminine repressed within all who want to embody the feminine.



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"The world needs a revolution led by women." Desmond Tutu

Creatrix: Embody your Creative Nature

Come on a 24-week challenge to embody the feminine creator (Creatrix) & give birth to a renaissance or rebirth of feminine power in yourself, life & time. All of us have a Mother Wound, & this is a chance to explore the Creatrix archetype & energy to heal wounds, from abuse to a miscarriage & the repression of our feminine values & nature. At this time of crisis, we are called to come together & reconnect with the source of life within us & the world to birth a sustainable, equitable & hopeful revolution, healing Mother Earth & the Creatrix herself. 
To be a creatrix is to dedicate oneself to the cycle of creativity--to embodying soul, through impregnation, gestation, birth, nurturing and death in a way that is not really understood in our culture [but needed]. 
Lucy H. Purce

Creatrix: Reclaim Feminine Creative Power

This is a class for both women who want to reclaim the archetypal creativity of the Creatrix or feminine creator. The Creatrix follows a circular path over 24 weeks as you are guided to embrace and embody your power in creating, birthing & nurturing your gifts & a project. This is a call to dig deep and drop down into the womb of life to give birth to something unique & uniquely you. Explore and experience the Creatrix power as we help bring the feminine back to balance our world.
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Why should I take this course?

The reasons to join are innumerable, offering benefits for yourself, family, others & the world that are liberating, powerful & FUN.
While you will create a project, learning skills & acquiring tools & techniques as you do, the real value of this course is embodied in you & the changes created in yourself & life, healing your relationship with yourself & the feminine Creatrix in all its forms--Mother, Daughter, Sister, Earth . . . 

Overcome: inherited shame, self-doubt & sabotage, limiting beliefs, grief & loss
+ See life through the archetypal lens of the Creatrix as interconnected & whole
+ Create new life habits, patterns & behaviors for ongoing positive change
+ Increase appreciation of marginalized ways of knowing & creating
+ Co-create a network of support for greater "success" for all (Redefine success)

We need to restore balance between the masculine and feminine within us to bring it to the world for ourselves, our children & all creation.
Within Every Woman there is a Wild and Natural creature, a powerful force, passionate creativity and ageless knowing. Her name is: Wild Woman. But she is  . . . an endangered species. 
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
ritual done your way: natural & emergent

Self-Generated Ritual

Creatrix rituals embody energy in matter, creating meaningful change through symbolic imagery. They can include words, art, nature . . . whatever you are called to. 

Creatrix = Alchemist (spirit + Matter)

The womb is all about the transformation of life, the alchemy of birth, life & death that is all around us. It grows in the nurse log & the sappling. It embodies all the stages of alchemy without the words. Part of what we are doing in rewilding & reclaiming our wild creatrix is going into our nature in nature. Observing. Being present & witnessing the creation of life all around us. Lying on the ground. Looking at the stars. Dancing in the rain. Being with the movement of the seasons. From this rewilding something magic happens. You begin to commune & communicate with the land in connection to your land with earth prayer mandalas, windchimes made from windfall . . . It just happens. Then you realize that you are creating with nature in more ways. 

Barefoot Wild Creatrix Ethic

Creatrix energy comes from the earth and rises up from the feet to connect with the hands and sky, bridging above and below like a tree. It is natural and connects our nature to nature. Referred to as the "maternally creative" by Jung and others, creatrix energy is of Mother nature and related to matter whose root (mater) is the same as mother. It is a part of all of us and needed in our time. Creatrix energy seeks homeostatic balance through sustainable practice.

Ethic & Commitment: Walk barefoot upon the earth with embodied presence

Morning. Spring

Initiate creation with inspiration & breath

Noon. Summer

Receive the sun's rays & courage to blossom

Evening. Fall

Let the old fall away & nourish new growth

Night. Winter

Embrace inner dark as a return to the womb

All Life in you

Combine the seasons of creation in you

What is in your womb?

The Creatrix creates & you create a PROJECT
  • What have you always wanted to make or be?
  • What do you love? What creates flow & joy?
  • Like an egg in the womb, this class will hold you in nurturing safety, offering you what you need to grow.