Come home to yourself as we return to the deep roots of our wild creative nature to honor of the archetypal mother of us all: earth.


 live & recorded

"Sometimes a tree tells you more than can be read in books." 
Honoring the Mother Tree

Root deep to remember Mother Nature

Beginning with a live retreat, followed 6 weeks of growth, this class is designed to root deep & reconnect your personal mother who birthed & th archetypal Mother who nurtures our creative nature. Rewild & return to childhood creativity to heal & grow, we remember & heal the womb of the Mother, the archetypal Creatrix who creates & nurtures all LIFE. Together we dig in & explore the rhizomic connections of our forest rooted in the unconscious & the perennial rhizome of our own maternal nature to honor the mother in our own way.
To be creatrix is to dedicate oneself to the cycle of creativity--to embody soul through impregnation, gestation, birth, nurturing & death in a way that is not really understood today. It is to consciously engage directly with the forces of the Universe on a daily basis.
Lucy Pearce on the Creatrix (aka female creator)

Return to EARTH

Returning to your Roots offers a chance to dig deep to remember & honor the Earth as the mother of all life, as we explore the archetype of the Mother & Mother Tree as the Creatrix in us, our lives & world. Together we return to remember lost feminine creativity & explore our connection to the Mother of all life, rooted in our bodies, the body of the earth & a body of art as earth prayer. Come heal & rewild in rooted community. For additional discounts: LOVE25% (-25%)/LOVE (-50%)
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This is for you if you want

to connect to your maternal nature & lineage to heal personally, ancestrally & ecologically.
  • Want to integrate lost maternal abilities & memories?
  • Are you ready to heal psycho-somatic & ecological wounds to alchemize grief into growth?
  • Can you remember & reimagine the nature of the feminine Creatrix in your life, family & world?
  • Do you desire a more intimate relationship with your mother, mother of your child, your inner maternal nature, maternal lineage & the natural world?
  • Do you want to embody childhood creativity? 
  • How about connect, learn & heal with a tree friend?
  • Want to remember the psychic communication of the embodied soul in the world as a nature mystic?

Come with your mom or "mom."

We all have a mother or mothers as well as a Mother Complex. This is for all of us, honoring the Creatrix as the feminine creator, regardless of gender. Come gather to womb together & remember the power of the creative feminine in ourselves, bodies, lives & world. Together we will heal our wounds & wombs, releasing embodied shame to transform & claim our collective power. This is a great gift to give to your mom or mother figure to share the deep growth with her & within yourself. Designed to connect & heal in the way of trees, which root deep & reach out in a web of connectivity, we are taught by Mother Trees to create a matrix or maternal womb as an alchemical container for new growth & rebirth. Come honor the mother in whatever way (s) calls to you: a tree, your mother or your maternal nature, as we reclaim our Creatrix nature.
I see a creatrix as someone who uses his or her creativity to take the feminine wound & transform it. To take us from pain to power. To release the shame that keeps so many of us trapped & fearful. To give voice to authentic feminine experience--every bit as bold & loud & vibrant as it wants or needs to be.
Lucy Pearce

Root deep to reach common ground.

We share the same ancestral roots & need for deep healing for ourselves, families & the earth. It's time to reconnect & remember how to share & care, communing & communicating in the ways of the forest as a rooted community.

Connect on fractal levels of scale.

Soul is like tree roots & branches, connecting to all life, micro & macro, above & below, inside & out. Explore & experience the radical interconnection of soul.

Trees are the perfect teachers for our time.

Trees are ancient & systemic. Growing in sustainable & symbiotic relationship with us, they breath in our exhaled carbon dioxide to exhale needed oxygen.

Honoring Mother Earth on all days.

Drop into retreat to get to know the archetypal Mother in ourselves, each other & the earth. This is a gathering to honor & remember our deep connection to the earth, our mother, & the interconnected web of life of the world soul.
No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. 
c g jung
Your mother, you as a mother, your maternal nature & the maternal ancestral lineage of all.

our mother
Explore the blueprint of the Creatrix as the creative feminine, repressed but resurgent in us & the world.
Mother Earth as the mother of all life & our Great Mother who gives us everything we need.

Mother earth

Roots of the Mother Tree

The Creatrix is in & around us connecting us to all life.

Roots of our species & Great Mother

We come from one primordial (& genetic) mother.

Roots of our Life & Creativity

The energy of the Creatrix mother emerges from us.
A tree with strong roots laughs at storms. 
Malay Proverb

Earth Teaching & Healing with TREES

What is this like & what can you expect?
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Healing our soul/soil heals all soil

We are a part of a living rhizomic network, & our healing heals the roots as a web.
  • Connect with your body & the maternal nature of the earth to heal Mother Earth.
  • Love your body & through your embodied nature to connect & heal energetically.
  • Heal your human lineage (maternal & paternal) & species relations with the earth.
  • Forgive yourself & others to release blocks & extend & receive healing ancestrally.
  • Root deep to connect to soul & the soul in the world to receive & send energy & information within the transcendent web of matter & energy as a forest.
Life has always seemed to me like a plant that lives on its rhizome [soul]. It's true life is invisible, hidden in the rhizome. The part that appears, above ground lasts only a single summer. Then it withers away. . . 
c g jung
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9.15 Friday Gathering 6:30-8:00 PM PST

Gather to drop deep in guided meditation to connect & share as we explore & experience the Creatrix in ourselves, lives & world through the Mother Tree & Hildegard of Bingen, followed by dream seeding.

9.16 Remembering 9:30-12:00 & Earth Art PM PST

Gather in circle to remember in dream sharing, active imagination, partnering, group visioning & journaling, as we come together to remember the Creatrix & then go out into the world to honor HER.

9.17 Creatrix Project: Plant & Water 9:30-12PM PST

Transfer & root in your life. Visioning & seeding with guided visualization, movement & active imagination to initiate a personal & transpersonal exploration of the Creatrix in yourself & world.

A tree with strong roots can withstand the most violent storm, but the tree can't grow roots just as the storm appears on the horizon. [Let's go & grow NOW!]
Dalai lama

Drop In

Week 1. Connect

Drop into your psychic soil & landscape.
A: Root Journal & Rhizome Network Art
T: Maternal Connection & Reflection on what your seed & tree are to find & live it.

Rest & Root

Week 2.  Remember

Gather nutrients & befriend a tree teacher.
A: Centering, Rooting & Core Practice
T: Connecting with archetypal Mother. Root, feel, bath & listen for connection.

Embodied Seeds

Week 3. Breathe

Introduction & inventory chakra seeds
A: Chakra Meditation & Removing Blocks
Rooting deep & branching high to grow down & up. What are your growth points?

Ancestral Mother

Week 4. Heal

Embrace your Creatrix womb & lineage.
A: Family Tree Art & Ancestor Practice
Matern womb healing & remembering with Ritual Child/Project Seeding.

Embodied Matter

Week 5. Transform

Root deep and branch high to transform.
A: Tree Embodiment, Breathing & Bathing/Forest bathing, revitalizing & healing. Get your hands dirty to get clean.

Mother's Day Gift

Week 6. Create

Growth in circles of connection & relation.
A: Earth Integration & Black Elk Teaching for Deep memory & herstory. Visionary ritual from stick to flowering Tree of Life.

This path is unique because. . .

It is designed to go down not up, to rest & BE not act & Do. In a counter-culture movement, it takes us into the depths of ourselves to explore & experience our true source & power in the earth. While it does return to our
childhood & its wounds, it does so in a way that is intergenerational, ecological & ancestral. More than that, it does it under the guidance of nature, inside & out with a grace transcending human capacity as a separate self. It taps into the energy that moves through us when we are rooted in our creativity & then, at the end of the 6 weeks, it has an emergent creative project for healing growth. 

Returning to our ROOTS
Soul Care is Rich Soil

Soil Self-Care
Take Care of yourself, down to & including your embodied soil. Like a tree, drink plenty of water, get outside & be in nature. Greet the sun . . . & the moon. Eat nutrient-dense food. All the things you know, but especially need to do for deep growth.
Soil self-Love
The soul leads to love, which is their superpower, reflecting their ability to unite opposites. This is not a Hallmark love & can sometimes feel like resetting bones to heal in alignment, but it is a deep & abiding love that sees & accepts you. 
Soil self-Compassion
Shift from surviving to thriving by tapping into the intuitive wisdom & self-compassion of the embodied soul of yourself as a part of & one with Mother Earth. Like roots that share life resources, share & receive loving kindness with all LIFE.
Soil self-Empowerment
Root deep in the courage, confidence & capacity to be seen to make a meaningful difference.
Trees grow up beyond the soil to support communities of life. Recognize & realize your value & power to create growth inside & out.

Grow from an acorn to an oak . . . or?

We are all like an acorn, growing into an oak . . . or a birch, cedar? We grow into ourselves from the seed of our soul embodied in the matter of our mother (same etymological root) & Mother Earth.  Yet, we have forgotten that we are like trees, rooted in the earth with a potential seeded within us. We are all a part of the same matter that circulates & creates life on Earth, but we see & hold ourselves separate. In order to become full-grown (as individuals & a species), we need to root into the soil of the Earth Soul & remember our union. Part of this requires that we reimagine & revision dirt, both literal & metaphoric as soil that helps us grow & connect psychically with all life. 
Matter in the wrong place is dirt. People get dirty through too much civilization. Whenever we touch nature, we get clean. . . the earth has a soul.
c g jung

Mother Nature Project
Create a gift your way. . .

Create for a specific tree or . . ?
Make an impermanent art ritual.
Reach out for creative guidance.
Co-create in a new & old way.

Art Project . . . meaning creative expression

Your art could be a song, poem, painting, ritual, altar, earth mandala or combination of these, transient or permanent.

Material can be anything, found or not

Look for objects to incorporate, downed branches unused shelves, an old painting . . . or new one. Repurpose, reimagine & recycle something old in a new & you way.

Remember your nature in nature . . ,

Nature can be a forest, lake, ocean, mountain, rooftop garden, potted plant, whatever it means to you. 

Create symbolically & ritually . . .

For deep creative healing, it is important to drop into a state of reverie in which you create & act symbolically & ritually to imbue your project with archetypal power.

Archetypal & Depth Psych

Collaborate with the unconscious

Eco-Mindful & Natural

Center & align to nature & the earth

Creative & Alchemical

Transform with creative alchemy

Ancestral & Generational

Healing forward & backward in time

Imaginal & Visionary

Intuit visionary symbol guidance

Collective & Transpersonal

Deep roots connect all life

Active Imagination

Embody Image in creative art forms

Forest Bathing & Breathing

Cleanse & renew in treed beauty

Guided Visualization

Vision Quest to guide your way

Chakras, Yoga & Movement

Gentle, Loving & Exploratory

Medicine Walk & Vision

Move in nature to heal your nature

Nature & Art Journal

Explore dreams, draw plants . . .

Root down into the earth's body

Like the roots of a forest, we are connected through our soul to the rich soil of our life and all life. In this class we remember forgotten parts of ourselves, rooted in our past and past wounding and complexes, both personal and collective or cultural, intergenerational and ecological. We heal all, forward & backward in time through the mitochondrial roots of the tree of life & the power of quantum creativity . . . as well as the embodied tree within us.

1. Root 

Grow Down

2. Sacral

Sacred Creation

3. Solar

Power Center


Energy Healing

4. Heart

Love & Compassion

5. Throat

Truth & Wisdom

6. 3rd Eye

Inner Vision

7. Crown

Open Reception

What to expect . . .

This course calls us to root deep and remember our depths, archetypal & embodied mother, as well as the need to "grow down" into the "darkness that the soul requires to deepen into" (James Hillman). More than any outward activity, this is a chance to be & become who we naturally are, growing from an acorn into an oak or, in this case, ourselves & a creative ritual project as a gift or honoring rite for the Mother Creatrix in whatever form comes to you.

A natural metaphor & teacher

In this class we work and play with the living metaphor of a tree as a teacher to remember how to reconnect with our past & the world around us, embodying the advice to: "Be like a tree stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your own natural beauty. Keep growing." Trees are a part of a natural life cycle, connected in their roots and growing in circles of wholeness and support. They teach us to be ourselves in sustainable, reciprocal relationship with others & the natural world. 

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

An archetypal mother Creatrix herself

A mother of 3 sons, Heather loves nature, forest bathing naturally as a toddler & throughout her life. She grew up considering redwoods as sacred elders & looking for newts on forest paths. For the last 2 decades she has walked daily in a forested cove park next to her house, & this practice has refined her connection to the trees, both branches and roots, deepening her relationship to trees as a meaningful living metaphor that can take us to the roots of our life both individually and collectively. From C G Jung's Red Book to wilderness rites of passage, Heather combines eco, art, and play therapy to connect our nature to nature through the image of a tree. 

Archetypal & Natural Family Roots

Following those who have gone before

Jung said that sometimes we could learn more from trees than books & this course returns to trees to listen and learn from their natural wisdom. In this real way, trees are our instructors, both as individual, archetypal, mythic & imaginal trees. More than that, it is the earth itself that teaches us as we imagine into the interconnected web of life of a forest. While we may feel alone, we walk side by side in the darkness on the path with our soul. This is true in nature as well as with people, as we find our place.

Create new roots & relationships

This process is contained by your wild soul but also by 3 circles of support made by you and your forest. Each circle expands with you as you root deeper, designed to offer different levels of containment as you connect inside & out. These circles reflect this process as archetypal or universal & personal. The relationships help to ground us & connect to our rhizome. Rooting allows us to branch out to others & grow up because we have grown down. When we are grounded, we are present to the stars & the earth. Being rooted is thus the foundation of all relationships & the core of our kindred kinship. 

Your Land

Your psychic seed & soil

Root & rest into your own land, life, psychological landscape & the earth itself.

Partner (Tree)

Befriend a tree

Rooting deep connects you to your tree & all trees to commune & communicate.


Return to nature

Shifting from an ego to an ecosystem to become whole within a larger Self.

Animal Guides

Wild brothers & sisters

Tree Friend

Ancient, wise & connected

Mushrooms, Flowers?

Connectors, healers & creators


All within a living system


Nature mirrors & teaches you


Nature is everywhere & in you

Creative Beginnings

Each week you will walk on stepping stones that connect your creative nature to the creative nature of the ensouled earth, moving closer to yourself & the Self which unites & atones human & nonhuman nature. These steps include a weekly video and written material along with creative prompts and quotes. Additionally, a live zoom session, private social media platform & alchemical partner support you. Activities (A) are woven through the coursework to help you bring it to life in YOUR LIFE. This is between you & You . . . & all Creation.


Wild brothers & sisters


Ancient, wise & connected


Connectors, healers & creators


All within a living system

Psychic Soil

Nature mirrors & teaches you


Nature is everywhere & in you

Archetypal & Mythic Tree (s)

Trees are central to almost all Creation stories or myths & often represent the image of the Great Mother. From the Tree of Knowledge & Life of the Abrahamic religions to the Norse Yggdrasil, Black Elk's world tree to Eywa in Avatar or the giant cedar in the park down the street, trees teach us a living curriculum that is both psychological & ecological: to live in balance with the world, both that of our family & community as well as the greater community & kinship of Mother Earth beyond. What is your relationship to trees? Are they part of your mythic creation story or personal story? Root in & discover.

Ancestral healing and wholeness.

As you walk you open to the symbolic guidance of synchronicity, dreams and visions--archetypal images that have guided humanity. You are dreaming yourself awake and learning to see the waking world as if in a dream, and you are connecting with ancestors that walked before. Through symbolic sight and insight or the archetypal lens of the soul, you walk in the footsteps of your lineage. As you move, each lesson will "show up" and reveal itself in living images, synchronicities, and experiences that lead to greater consciousness and wholeness, weaving inner and outer, past and present worlds. 

Your seed call is to become your tree

Creativity is about the perfect imperfection of our authentic (messy) transformation into ourselves. Creation is dirty but as the tree shows, dirt is what we grow from, providing the rich nutrients that we need. Your art is another way of imagining into your calling to be a tree. What does your art look like & how does it emerge out of the psychic soil of your body & eco-psychological landscape. The truth is that we don't know who we are in our totality. We don't know the finished painting or the height of the tree until we get there. We don't know who we are rooted in the earth, until we root deep.

Rewilding journey into your soil

This journey leads into the wilds of your inner psychology as much as a forest, just as a tree grows within you as outside. Drop into your heart, down through your feet & into the earth. Connect within yourself to all life around you.  As you connect to the earth, you connect to all your relationships in kinship, down the ancestral line, transcending our species to connect with all species. The end result means that when we are closer to our roots, we are closer to our grandparents & cultural heritage but also the trees in our yard, our cat or dog (both & a bird?), the squirrel outside & the memories inside. 

This is a natural process

Connecting to your roots is based on a connection between our nature and nature. Deeper still, it is rooted in the alchemical or transformational connection between spirit and matter that connects us to our soul through our creative nature. Deepening our relationship between the unconscious and conscious, we embody our nature like a tree trunk, rooting deep & branching high to commune & communicate in a way that is natural . . . & natural is healthy. We also come home to ourselves when we return to the earth. 

Remember your past to be whole

Your soul is a natural healer & remembering is the way that the soul helps you heal. By returning to your roots, you reclaim your whole soul, fragmented parts & all. Living in a culture where we honor the mind & "civilization," we have a lot to remember. After spending 99% of our species evolution in nature, we have forgotten how to be natural, repressing our nature & feminine nature because we don't value & accept it. Other parts of our lives have been repressed into the shadowed earth of our embodied unconscious. because they are too hard to remember . . . or even that they are too good.