Return creative roots to heal & grow.

Your roots are grounded in your past, and this 6 week course helps you reconnect with these buried roots, returning to repressed and forgotten childhood creativity and wounding to heal and grow. Come tend the garden of your life to discover what is planted in the rich soil of your being. Dig into your depths to nurture the perennial rhizome growing below and discover its nature through guided imagery, activities, and lessons.

Return Whole: 

Returning to your roots offers a chance to dig deep, returning to your childhood creativity. Remember getting lost in creative flow? Moving through stages of remembering, playing, creating, transforming, healing, and growing you will root down to grow up from the depths of your being to greater creative heights. This is a class that embodies Jung's statement that: "Sometimes a tree tells you more than can be read in books."
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Is this path for you?

This coursework is deep psycho-active or soul activating creativity that connects your nature to nature. It is often described as life changing, offering the gift of getting to know your soul and yourself. It is not easy, but it is profoundly rewarding and life affirming, touching upon the core of who you are and why you are here. All of the classes offer healing and teachings, but this class returns more explicitly to your childhood and nature as a whole. It returns to the roots that connect the tree to the forest

This path is unique because. . .

It is about creativity in all forms--cooking, gardening, painting, or . . .
It focuses on healing childhood wounds and remembering past creativity. It is a shorter course that connects us to nature and our natural creativity. It taps into the energy that moves through us when we are rooted in our creativity. This is a class that helps us remember how to play like a child.

What people are saying?

This course calls us to root deep and remember our depths and the need to "grow down" into archetypal roots and the "darkness that the soul requires to deepen into." (James Hillman). More than any outward activity, this is a chance to be and become who we naturally are, growing from an acorn into an oak.
Its beautiful the language that you use. . . I really feel that you have made such a huge contribution to our souls, to our artistic creative selves. . . You have come in and created a furthering of neuropathways and pathways for us to look at the artist, the archetypal artist, and give us a place where we can have soul. I have great appreciation for what you have done with your dissertation. I would like to have a lot more Jungian work like this.
Fanny Brewster, MFA, PhD, analyst, artist, educator,, and author
Heather is a masterful educator on how to heal and grow through art. Her presence is open, kind, wise and playful. She is skilled at creating an amazing and safe container for individuals to explore, go deep and have meaningful transformative experiences while guided by her. Her engagement with nature as a vessel for her work is powerful. Embarking on a journey of personal growth with her guidance will be blessing in your life.
Mary Gibbons, MD, physician, policy maker, educator, and facilitator
Heather is an exceptional teacher and group facilitator, as well as a beautifully soulful artist and person. She is gifted in leading persons in learning how art evokes the soul while also guiding them into creative exploration of their own inner images. Heather's depth and breadth of knowledge on Jung's Red Book is rare and is complimented by a graceful adeptness at teaching others how to journey into the spiral of their own depths through art and creativity.
Fanny Brewster, MFA, PhD, analyst, artist, educator,, and author
Heather clearly brought scholarship and art together to achieve a transcendent function in a really beautiful way.
Jennifer Leigh Selig, PhD, educator, speaker, and award-winning co-author of Deep Creativity
You and the work you are doing are an inspiration.
Susan Rowland, PhD, educator, speaker, and co-author of Jungian Arts-Based Research
Heather is a creative genius, making artists feel safe to explore and create.
Victoria Christiansen, MFA, MSW, therapist and author of Feminine Mysticism in Art


Getting to know Heather and the PATH
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A natural metaphor

In this class we work and play with the living metaphor of a tree to remember how to reconnect with our past and the world around us, embodying the advice to: "Be like a tree stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your own natural beauty. Keep growing." Trees are a part of a natural life cycle, connected in their roots and growing in circles of wholeness and support. 

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

Following in the soul's footsteps

Heather loves nature, forest bathing naturally as a toddler and throughout her life. She grew up considering redwoods as sacred elders and looking for newts on forest paths. For the last 2 decades she has walked daily in a forested cove park next to her house, and this practice has refined her connection to the trees, both branches and roots. Her doctoral degree in psychological (soul-based) transformation deepened her relationship to trees as a meaningful living metaphor that can take us to the roots of our life both individually and collectively. From C G Jung's Red Book to wilderness rites of passage, Heather combines eco, art, and play therapy to connect our nature to nature through the image of a tree. Her teaching and healing is embodied, playful, creative and natural, as she guides you to return to your roots and Self.

Your Family Roots

Following those who have gone before

Jung said that sometime we could learn more from trees than books and this course returns to trees to listen and learn from their natural wisdom. It is a lesson in returning to the earth and reclaiming childhood treasure from the depths. This path has the power to transform your life and the world because the soul IS LIFE. While we may feel alone, we walk side by side in the darkness on the path with our soul. This is true in nature as well as with people, as we find our place.
No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. C G Jung

Roots grow down in the dark.

Like the roots of a forest, we are connected through our soul to the rich soil our life and all life. In this class we remember forgotten parts of ourselves, rooted in our past and past wounding and complexes, both personal and collective or cultural, intergenerational and ecological. We heal all. 

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down below.

Creative Beginnings

Each week you will walk on stepping stones that connect your creative nature to the creative nature of the soul, moving closer to the Self. These steps include a weekly video and written material along with creative prompts and quotes. Additionally, a live zoom session, private social media platform, and alchemical partner support you. Activities are woven through the coursework to help you bring it to life in YOUR LIFE.

Ancestral healing and wholeness.

As you walk you open to the symbolic guidance of synchronicity, dreams and visions--archetypal images that have guided humanity. You are dreaming yourself awake and learning to see the waking world as if in a dream, and you are connecting with ancestors that walked before. Through symbolic sight and insight or the archetypal lens of the soul, you walk in the footsteps of your lineage. As you move, each lesson will "show up" and reveal itself in living images, synchronicities, and experiences that lead to greater consciousness and wholeness, weaving inner and outer, past and present worlds. 

This is about your seed call.

Creativity is about the perfect imperfection of our authentic (messy) transformation into ourselves. This is a different kind of art than a perfect picture behind glass. So, we start with key concepts like creative journaling and active imagination or conscious visioning and dreaming, returning to past times when you lost yourself in creativity as a child 

This is a natural process

Just as you work and play with your nature, Soul of Creativity is designed to work and play with you. Blending cutting edge science and ancient wisdom in a way that engages and activates your whole brain and body, uniting head and heart in a way that is both ancient and new

Wild journey inside and out

This journey leads into the wilds of your inner psychology as much as a forest, just as a tree grows within you as outside. We 

Your soul activates your imagination.

This process is contained by your soul but also by 3 circles of support made by you and your classmates. Each circle expands with you as you create your opus, designed to offer different levels of containment as you individuate. These circles reflect this process as archetypal or universal

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Week 1

Find a tree to connect with family tree.


Week 2

Gather your pieces for a new dawn.


Week 3

Planting ritual for new growth.


Week 4

Embrace your inner child to heal them.


Week 5

Root deep and branch high to transform.


Week 6

Growth in circles of integration.

Soul of Creativity, Drop In Circle

This is an individuation path that leads into isolation and community. It begins with individual course work and moves into group work.

Returning to our ROOTS
Soul Care is Rich Soil

Soul Care
The soul leads us to deep transformation and self-realization in ways that are creative and imaginative. 
Called by your soul through images from dreams, visions and the imagination, you are transformed in a process of deep soul care--care that transforms both you and the world, your creative nature and nature as creation.
Soul Love
The soul leads us to love which is the soul's power, reflecting their ability to unite opposites.
Receive strategic support to help you transcend limiting patterns of thinking, feeling and acting to create relationships of greater intimacy, authenticity and depth
Self Care
Shift from surviving to thriving by tapping into the intuitive wisdom and balance of the embodied soul.
Receive tools that will support you to release unconscious patterns of self-doubt and neglect that lead to imbalance and disease. Down time is essential for growth.
Self Love
Gain the courage, confidence and capacity to be seen and make a meaningful difference.
Practice techniques and guidance that support financial self-care to earn what you’re worth, give generously, spend consciously, reflect your values and build a legacy.

This is natural

The Soul of Creativity is based on a connection between our nature and nature. Deeper still, it is rooted in the alchemical or transformational connection between spirit and matter that connects us to our soul through our creative nature. Deepening our relationship between the unconscious and conscious—body, mind, and spirit-- the courses allow you to step in whenever and wherever you are, beginning the dream cycles of seeding, weeding, watering, tending and harvesting.

Your soul heals you

Though you may seem to wander aimlessly on the land, you are really walking purposefully onto your own land. You are exploring your psychology to heal, remembering the way home to your Self.

Return to your roots to reconnect

Roots connect the tree to the forest as a single interconnected organism like the soul. When we return to our roots we reconnect to our nature.

Remember your past to be whole

Your soul is a natural healer and remembering is the way that the soul helps your heal. By returning to our roots you reclaim your whole soul.

Returning to your soul's power

Your soul power is at the heart of this path. It is the core of your strength, resiliency and stability. Connected to nature you are powerful.