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January 1
"The soul speaks in images."
C G Jung

Share images to gain a collective insight

This is an ongoing support group for psyche in which we share images in a private social media group and in ongoing monthly drop-in sessions. Come share your images from dreams, visions, synchronicities, revelries & more. This is a way to vision collectively and dream socially in service of psyche as a teacher and guide. Let's reimagine the world in service to the world soul!
Examining recalled dreams [& visions] with many others in a Social Dreaming Matrix leads to the transformation of the thinking embedded in the dreams. There are infinite meanings to a dream by regarding the dream as an unconscious product of cultural knowledge, not as an expression of the psyche exclusively, opening new possibilities of thinking.
Gordon Lawrence

Social Dreaming Matrix Group

A kit to increase your intuition as the power and nature of the soul. With examples, demonstrations, visual talks, and more, this is a place to come remember not only ancient and archetypal knowledge but also the ways of knowing that leads to and embodies it. Interweaving different ways of knowing including visual, audio, kinesthetic, participatory, natural, and written language, this is a place to explore different ways to commune and communicate with the world.
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Why should I take this course?

Images are the language of the 95% of us that is unconscious, guiding us collectively to perceive through the soul's collective lens & transcend the individual limitation of separation.
This is powerful work, but it is also fun, offering a time for us to come together in a creative treasure hunt, following soul. This class helps you:

* Understand the images of your dreams, visions, synchronicities & experiences
* Create connections between different people & images to guide us as a whole
* Make friends & network to enact & embody the images in service to the soul
* Explore different techniques for understanding, revelation &  revolution 
* Come together to pioneer group revelation & individuation
* Bridge unconscious & conscious instinct & ideas in images & action
* Document & archive psychic images for future insight
* Synthesize disparate perspectives & traditions
* Catalyze new forms of transdisciplinary learning & teaching
Apocalypse. Greek "to uncover," "reveal" or "unveil"
Revelation. Late Latin "lay bare" or "reveal"
Idea. Greek "to see," "form or pattern" 
The soul never thinks without a picture. Aristotle
Come see through & reveal the ideas of the soul

Deep Listening to the soul's whisper

The soul is multiple, in each of us & the world as a whole. So, we gather to come together to dream & vision, creating a matrix ("mother") as the world soul. Whether you bring a vision in art (sketch, collage, clay, paint . . .) or write it down, this is a place to share to perceive patterns & piece together a larger holographic vision. You can post in the course group or in the weekly classes (including a prompt, poem, art & other emergent content) or you can create your own subgroup to share with a partner (diad or triad), but please come.
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Share Images

Journal & Embody Images
from dreams & visions
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Study Symbols

Symbolic Image Meditation to arrive at deeper insight
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Create Art

Embody Images in the Arts 
write, dance, draw, collage...
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Discuss & Gain Insight

See Through Image Sharing 
for a collective perspective
It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves. The least of things with meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it. [Find collective meaning.]
C G Jung

Who is this path for?

This class is for all of us. In fact, it needs as many people to participate as possible to gain perspective on our shared visioning & calling. What is psyche communicating in our time? How does the spirit of the depths that reemerges to guide & teach us wish for us to create in the world. Come explore the answers in a class taught by all of us as we tune in & connect to the visionary capacity of the eye of the soul. Whether you bring an image from a dream (day or night, lucid or recurring) or from a vision (big or small), please offer it as a piece of our puzzle to connect the dots of a larger emergent big soul picture.

Understanding archetypal ancestral  images

Social Dreaming is a place for you to drop deep, share images, create positive change, and make new friends. This is a place of soulful (inclusive, loving, respectful . . . ) community in which we dream the dream on in a Social Matrix of:
  • Soul Conversation including many visions & voices 
  • Deep Meaning derived from many hearts & heads
  • Intuitive Practice brings us together to teach one another
  • Emergent Complex Adaptive Structure based on biomimicry
  • Visionary Equality in which all voices are required  
  • Matrix Structure of the "Realm of the Mothers" & Matter (mater, mother)
Everything to come was already in images: to find their soul, the ancients went into the desert. This is an image. The ancients lived their symbols . . . [how can we?].
c g jung

Our mission is to see through & co-create with the World Soul 

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Our souls do not speak human language; they communicate to us through symbols, metaphors, visions, poetry, deep feelings, and everyday magic.
It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves. The least of things with meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it. 
C G Jung

Without vision people perish

Vision is essential. Without it we are apt to walk off a cliff of ecological & social suicide, an act of collective genocide in which we endanger the human & nonhuman world. Our short-sighted myopia is based on the illusion of separation in which we see only our own limited perspective. Yet, soul offers us much more, a chance to reimagine our connection to & atonement with all of nature as Nature.

Whose eyes do you see through?

When you see through the psychological lens of soul, you transcend your separative vision to see through a collective lens . . . human & more than human as a whole. Soul vision connects us to the transcendent collective unconscious for a systemic perspective in which we can see further in space & time. In this process you are seeing through another's eyes (that is also you). This gives you the additional gift of empathy & objectivity. Step outside of your ego into soul in a movement of natural ensoulment. Who do you serve?
The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it. (social = together) 
Kalpana Chawla


Friends & Guests

From multi-media collage to felt, ceramic, mosaic, sacred geometry, and more, artists of different disciplines have gathered to give talks, interviews, demonstrations and more. Come explore the power of art.


Visionaries through Time

Going back through time, artist examples serve as archetypal stepping stones to guide and teach us. From Jung to Picasso, O'keefe to Kahlo, these visionaries show us a way forward in our time.

Dreams & Visions

Learning & Healing

Combining over 4 decades of study on the power of art with graphic recording & facilitation training, Heather offers ways to learn and transform through art from mind mapping to nature-based ritual. 
The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it. (social = together) 
Kalpana Chawla

Visionary art embodies images

When we perceive, we receive images from the soul, and when we create art from these images we can remember, review & share these images.

Dream Journal

Begin to record your dreams

Combining words, drawings, and doodling, record your dreams. You can map the dreamscape and color it in or write stream of consciousness, whatever works to anchor the memory and experience for you to return, observe patterns, and learn lessons. 

Vision & Synchronicity Journal

Record key images & insights

Record visual & verbal imagery & experiences that speak to you of the soul's imagery & guidance to give you a way to see patterns & a larger perspective. 
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Structure: You are held in CIRCLE

Even if you are seeing people in rectangular form, this is a circle. That means that this is a place of shared equality, knowledge, insight, wisdom, intuition, including all the ways of knowing within all of us. Each of us is unique. Each vision comes through in a unique way . . . our own piece of the whole in which each of us can see things that the others cannot, gain insight others cannot. 

A circle of ONE

this is between you & YOU

This is a process that develops personal insight, healing, and understanding.

A Partner . . . if you want

you can make this on your own

In this process you are held by your family as you heal and grow together 

A community CIRCLE

You are held in a larger circle

From beginning to end, you are held within the circle of your community.

Emergent matrix structure guides us 


Ongoing weekly drop in sessions

Come when you are called. Whether you attend the session, you can submit your image (in visual or written form). This is a chance to sleuth & socialize together as we imagine into & see through the lens of the soul as both single & multiple. 

Set Structure

Weekly drop-in content

Gather & create images to dream together.

Emergent Structure

Emerging in & through images

See what patterns surface in excavation. 

Holographic Structure

Synthesize multiple perspectives

3D holographic images come to life.

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down & you will be directed to the new class automatically. It's that easy. You can also continue the conversation on our hub

All symbolic images welcome . . . 

All images that are symbolic (archetypal, alchemical & visionary), are welcome, no matter what age or origin. Psyche speaks in many ways. Our job is to look, listen & act in coordination to her call. Ideas for sourcing images:
recurring, powerful, lucid, visionary, experiential, gnostic, synchronous cultural, natural, mythic, musical, written, visual, sculptural, found, created,

Through whose eyes do you see?

What calls to you to heal? It could be the call of your ancestors and family lineage as much as your d. It could be your soul, a song of the bird, or the beauty of the sunrise. On this path you will leave patterns in your past to move more fully into your future. Separation, transformation, and integration lead you to transform yourself but also those around you.