We stand barefoot at a threshold of an inner sanctum, our feet receptive to the earth & the  soul within.

An ethic of kinship & rewilding

Come on a 24-day exploration of soul ethos, designed to develop the character, moral compass & guiding beliefs at the heart of our transformation as individuals & a group.  Journey into the compensatory & revolutionary nature of soul to remember forgotten (repressed & oppressed) parts of ourselves & society: the archetypally feminine soul as creative, embodied, natural & ancestral at the core of our community identity, values & beliefs. As life, soul offers a kinship with all life, human & not.
When you walk with naked feet, how can you ever forget the Earth?
c g jung

24 Day Earth Initiation
& a 3-day wilderness rite

Reconnect with your wild nature & Nature as we center in our common soul values.
  • Begin with retreat & Medicine Walk to rewild.
  • Drop into your heart & body to embody nature.
  • Learn eco-mindful skills to connect to the earth.
  • Gather in a circle of earth soul-centered community.
  • Remember ancient ancestral ritual & knowledge.
  • Honor nature in earth prayer & eco-art therapy.
  • Befriend a tree for living healing & understanding.
  • Root deep into the unconscious of your land.
  • Create a soul ethos intention, ritualize it & do it.
C G Jung said 4 categories were edited out of the Bible, privileging mind (masculine animus) & repressing soul (feminine anima).

Soul in Creativity

Embody imagination from dreams, visions & intuition.

Soul in Nature

Embody soul naturally in nature & our nature as one.

Soul in Body

Embody soul in our body as a temple of heaven & earth.

Soul in Ancestry

Embody soul to commune & communicate with family.
Soul, to me, means 'embodied essence,' when we experience ourselves & others in our full humanity--part animal, part divine. Healing comes through embodiment of the soul. The soul in matter is what I think the feminine side of God is all about. . . The feminine soul is what grounds us; it loves & accepts us in our totality. [This is our barefoot soul ethos.]
Marion Woodman
These 4 categories connect us through the deep roots of nature & our unconscious nature to ground us in our power as a whole.
*visionary art by Autumn Skye Morrison
Ethos is the spirit of a community & what creates the most transformative groups by unifying diversity in a shared core value: life.

Kinship is a sense of being related

While usually used to refer to human relations, kinship is a connection to all life within a web of relationship. It is about deep belonging in which we know we are a part of not apart from the web of relations which are alive & life. Kin comes from Old English "descended from a common ancestor," reflecting our descent from one ancestor: a genetic Eve (however you conceive of this), but we are also one with nature & the garden that Eden represents . . . or whatever origin story. Our Soul Space ethos is a recognition of our kinship or ancestors 7 generations forward & back as our legacy. This retreat, kit & rite of passage is designed to help your explore your soul values, beliefs, stories & relationships.
Content drips daily but go at your pace & in your own way. Take & give as much time as you need. Honor yourself & intuition.

Control how you learn and progress

At Soul Space we make online learning easy & dynamic. Our primary concern is facilitating your (& our) creative transformation in a way that suits YOU. By combining recorded online material, prompts & activities with live sessions & community support, we create offerings that are flexible & adaptable for you.


The course content is engaging with written, visual & audio format for easy, quick & full spectrum understanding.


The daily & weekly prompts are based on minimum self-guidance with additional optional content to deepen.


Participate in our online forum, share thoughts & ideas, increase connection, get & give support in community.
Come gather together before & after your pilgrimage with a live retreat before & ritual, rite of passage after to initiate our journey.

Who is this path for? (everyone)

This is a path for all of us. We are all of the earth, born into a web of life that needs to be recognized & honored to sustain life for generations to come, protecting children & Mother Nature. The beauty is that when we are connected in kinship to nature, we are happier & healthier. To honor life brings us to life, which is the meaning of soul (life). This life value also provides our common core, a factor which has been found to hold the most diverse groups together around shared purpose to co-create the greatest transformation. It is not $ but real values that inspire us & bring us to life.

Kinship with all LIFE:

Soul recalls 4 repressed life values, body, creativity, ecology & legacy, to remember our kindred nature & that we are kindred spirits at heart.

Why walk the path? (A: honor life)

We are called to live in balance to sustain life, to overcome division in unity through love. While crisis is not fun, it is an opportunity to transform & restore ecological, psychological & socio-political (. . .) balance to the world. This is our revolutionary call: return to the heart gnosis of soul to remember the past & heal old wounds. We live in a time of separation between head & heart, masculine and feminine, spirit & matter, opposites which are atoned when we embody soul by dropping into our heart with barefeet on the Earth.
To walk the earth barefoot reminds us of the Iroquois ethos that decisions today should result in a sustainable world 7 generations in the future. We come from & share one earth in our bodies & as our home, honoring & loving it in ourselves & all life as one.
This we know: the earth does not belong to man [humanity], man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand of it.
Chief Joseph

Soul ethos is our center & circle of community 

Natural Meditation & Reflection
Circle Teaching & Facilitation
Deep Unconscious Roots
Eco-Mindfulness & Centering


Body is essential because it connects us to ourselves, each other & the earth. Also, because it is where we hold our wounds & shadow side. We need the body to heal. 


Creativity is a power that is akin to creation itself. It is the creative imagination used as a way to co-create with nature . . . not just arts & crafts but a way to explore 7 discover.


Ecology is from the Greek root for "house." It is the study of natural relations . . . our kinship & connection. It is nature in the way of nature or nature in form & function. 


Legacy is our inheritance going forward & backward in time to connect us to everything. It includes our ancestors (human & non), genetics & stories as a present & presence.