More than creating a portrait, we explore the essential elements of painting from ritual art & symbols to composition & technique.

Deep Dive in Retreat
+ 12 weeks

Learn critical information to access & express your soul's essence.

Creating a Soul Portrait = Soul Power

Create an image of yourself & soul in a process of deep reflection, dreamwork & guided visualization at a weekend retreat. Then deepen into 12 weeks of art medicine to create a personal symbol, animal spirit totem, mandala & dream vision to anchor your soul & experience in art that embodies & reminds you of soul. More than art, this is a journey into deep creativity, a window into soul in which you are mirrored & seen, guided home to your Self. No art experience is necessary (or beneficial). You will receive everything you need.

Portraits invite & invoke soul

The first time I realized that art is invocative of soul I was painting a portrait of someone who had died. As I painted, they came closer. So will your soul.
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Dive in deep at a live weekend retreat to get to know each other in circle, explore visionary art & connect to your creative spirit. Continue on a 12-week journey to transform yourself & understanding of art, creating a Soul Portrait of lasting power & purpose.

Soul Portraits: Recreating Yourself

Come jump start your creativity, remove blocks & explore new & ancient ways to create, while we play together to embody soul & embrace soul power. Creating a Soul Portrait is a form of art medicine & soul retrieval that leaves you with a painting to anchor your transformation & deepen your connection to your own soul's calling in a more intimate, lasting & profound way. The end result is a portrait that not only helps captures the energy & essence of YOU but transforms you in the process. Come play with creativity as an archetypal practice & power lost in modern times.
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What's included?

3 Day Weekend Retreat &
12 weeks of Classes with:
-Live 1 hour Group Sessions 
-Q & A with Demos & Info
-Recorded Class Content 
-1 on 1 Personal Guidance
-Partner Practice & Prompts
-Group Practice & Circle
-Art Ritual & Blessing  

Inclusive, Deep & Diverse

SP is about painting but more, it is about tapping into intuition, ancestry, history, community & soul guidance 

Holistic: Mind, Body & Spirit

SP plays with multiple intelligences & marginalized ways of knowing to return & remember past ritual art

Experiential & embodied

SP is gnostic, focusing on lived experience & deep growth, rooted in your life

Archived & Flexible Material 

All material is archived, including live material you missed or want to review.

Art: Technique & History

Applied art is accompanied by art history to help teach the power & purpose of art.

"Magical Value of Art"

More than any one element, this is about remembering the magical power of art.

Do you want to . . ?

Connect to deeper purpose, passion, power, creativity, energy, peace, intimacy, community . . . really it goes on & on. The truth is that to connect with soul in art in this way opens a door (window?) between you & your intuition that is beautiful & powerful, allowing you to receive guidance, inspiration, empowerment, courage, compassion, love, insight & more. Beyond technique, this is about art in its glory.
Feel loving Self-Empowerment
Connect with
inner guidance
Journal to heal & remember 
Gain skills, tools & techniques 
View examples for inspiration
Make deep change & art

Is this path for you?

No art "skills" or psychological knowledge are required. In fact, there are no prerequisites other than a willingness to explore the depths of yourself, life & soul. This class is about deep transformation, requiring a sincere commitment, authenticity & courage. It is ideal for anyone who seeks their life purpose or soul's calling in a way that is playful & fun. In creating your soul portrait, you are deepening your relationship to soul, Self, others & world. Are you ready to step up & step in to really see & be seen? If so, you will come away with a tangible reminder of who you are & what you are called to do, a vision that can reflect your inner nature & calling to step into your life & visible presence in the world. Under the paint, you are preparing & commiting to soul.

Self-Portrait your way . . .

While we will explore different techniques & approaches as you are guided on this journey, you will also tour different archetypal forms of expression from the Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American & other cultural perspectives on ritual spiritual art. This will include a specific look at icons & mandalas which are often combined in all religious (meaning "binding" sprit in matter) iconography. This path will give us a tour of the major archetypal forms of sacred art & then set you free (with access to Heather) for advice & guidance. It is time to be you, but sometimes it helps to view some art first.