Connecting to the Earth on the Equinox 

The Earth Altar is a sacred nexus where the heart meets the soil and the soul finds its rhythm in the cycles of nature. By tending to this consecrated space, you tune into the Earth's wisdom, attuning your internal clock to the seasons, moon phases, and other natural markers of time that govern the world around us. It's like becoming a living sundial, harmoniously set to Earth's tempo, an embodiment of the ancient adage "As above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul." 🌿🌕🌍
Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides, and inundations, modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche.
(ok. now we may be battered by both.)                                   c g jung

What is this?

Watch an introductory video to explore & experience a Soul Space Introduction with Heather to orient to and connect your nature to nature with ritual art in honor of the Equinox as a time of balance.
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This art is about transformation not perfection. You can collage images & then add paint . . . or do anything you want. NO RULES!

Is this SS Intro for you? (It's for everyone)

This retreat is for you if you identify with any of the following statements and answering retreat commitments:
  • You are feeling lonely, isolated or disconnected           & want partner, group & circle to support you  
  • You want to set a deep intention . . . & fulfill it              with guided visualization, meditation & reflection
  • You don't commit to & honor your dreams                   & want to reinforce your commitment to yourself
  • You want to pattern deep self-care & support                to help your realize your passion, purpose & plan 
  • You want to deepen relationships to self & other          with content to make new relationships & deepen old ones
  • You want to commit to embody your authentic self     & could use some support to help you make it a reality 
  • You want a community to support you in making change . . . plus new friends & playmates!             
There are many reasons to come. Drop into your heart & see what it says.

Reboot & Refresh your Life

An introduction that offers the essentials of soul to prepare you for more.

You are your soul

Connect with & embody your soul as a conscious creative.

With a unique ID

Imagine into & co-create your identity from your soul nature.

Calling & Power (s)

Embrace soul calling & power to offer your gifts to the world.

Soul Space Intro

Come create space for soul within yourself, life & our shared community to embody soul in the world. It is time to come alive & LIVE!
  • 68 learners

  • 4 hours

    Video duration
  • 27 hours

    Course duration
  • 4 Ebooks

    Free of charge

This is a chance to transform

7 Archetypal Days of Creation, following in the footsteps of YOUR SOUL.
Come & cocoon over a week to transform like the metamorphosis of the butterfly from the caterpillar. Experience the alchemical disintegration that precedes integration in the velvet dark of the cocoon, as we liquify into the unconscious waters of imaginal cells to be reborn in a new & transcendent form. In the pitch black of the dark night of the soul, we can feel lost & alone. This course is designed to cocoon us as we transition & transform together in a deep dive through the depths of the soul & a week of creating Soul Space.