Self Care isn't selfish.
It is self-sustaining.

Deep Care support deep transformation

We need to care for ourselves as we transform & this kit has essential practices to support your rapid growth. While each person has their own challenges from over-caring for others to hydration & boundary setting. This 24-day challenge supports you with essential care for body, mind & spirit. Beyond a Mani Pedi, this kit offers deep Self-care because transformation is hard work.
Self-Care. the practice of caring for yourself when you are sick or to stop yourself from becoming sick.

Addition: the practice of proactive support needed for sustained healing & growth in your transformation.
What is Self-care, anyway?

Deep Self-Care

Deep Self-Care helps provide the foundational support practices essential to soul growth. Transformation takes energy. To change into a butterfly, the caterpillar eats 3x its weight, melts into good & holes up in a safe space to grow. In our transformation we can feel like we are liquifying into imaginal cells as we are asked to do the impossible: fly. This kit is designed to help you create the patterns, habits & skills that will nourish & nurture you as you grow, so you can put your energy into the transformation of yourself, soul & Self.
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Self care is so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.
Eleanor Brown

Deep = Real 

While a mani-pedi can be a bonding ritual, the point is that this is about you not having to be something you are not. We are not perfect & this is about anti-perfection, letting go & deconditioning. It is about dropping deep to meet real needs. Enough with perfect yoga pictures! Deep Self-Care is self-love &compassion. It is rooted in:
  • Self-awareness, assessment & understanding. Checking in 
  • Relationships with yourself, body, family, community & world
  • Embodied practices that acknowledge & honor all of you
  • Soul's intuitive way of knowing or gnosis. Self-knowledge
  • You REALLY DOING IT! We need to honor ourselves as others!!
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You being YOU

Your Self-care is the foundation upon which all of your transformation is built & the biggest thing is honoring your as yourself . . . how you feel, what you want to do. No self-denial.


Is this path for you?

I get a mani pedi sometimes, but this is different. It addresses all of the aspects of our life from the inside out, creating balance, inner peace & self-compassion. It is about the rooting & resting that allows us to grow & reach. Because this is a rapid growth process, it is essential to prioritize the care needed to transform safely & sustainably. Are you in need of a support structure to help you care for yourself as a foundation of your transformation? Almost everyone needs this.

What are people saying . . .

This coursework is deep psycho-active or soul activating creativity. It is often described as life changing, offering the gift of getting to know your soul and yourself. It is not easy, but it is profoundly rewarding and life affirming, touching upon the core of who you are and why you are here. At its foundation this art is about your heart's purpose and soul's call.

Care of the SELF

1. Physical 

yoga, breathe, diet, ground, move, sense

2. Emotional

feel, remember, flow, express, create, drink

3. Mental

mindfully observe, meditate, clarify

4. Social

imagine, connect, forgive (when ready)

Beyond personal

5. Intuitional

active imagination, vision, create in art

6. Spiritual

ritual practice & art, explore belef, live it.

7. Professional

align to soul calling, authentic vocation

8. Ecological

forest bath, tree friend, eco-action

Step by step

Like any path that we travel upon, this journey takes us step by step from one place or state of consciousness to another. Yet, on this pathway we do not lead but follow the soul, allowing the soul's vision to guide us. In this way we seek and find the soul, embodying the soul's sight & insight.
"I am ultimately doing this to find my soul." C G Jung

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down for you below. Here is some content to go through as we deepen into & wait for the journey to begin. Each day presents a new self-care practice to deepen your healing & wellbeing. Each 4 days a new theme is introduced covering physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, spiritual and holistic health. 

Create Space

Day 1 Physical

Presencing practice

Body Scanning

Day 2 Physical

Deep Somatic Listening

Embodied Image

Day 3 Physical

Breathing in life

Earth Grounding

Day 4 Emotional

Connect with the earth

Emotion Map

Day 5 Emotional

Make emotional body map

Moving Point

Day 6 Emotional

Emotional meditation


Day 7 Mental

Putting together the pieces

Gratitude Tree

Day 8 Mental

Gratitude art tree

Active Imagination

Day 9 Mental

Explore the mind

Intuit Meditation

Day 10 Intuitional

Reach out & in

Morning Pages

Day 11 Intuitional

Automatic writing practice

Sunrise Practice

Day 12 Intuitional

Greet the sunrise


Day 13 Intuitional

Create a receptive center

Art Receptivity

Day 14 Spiritual

Embody spirit in art

Intuitive Guidance

Day 15 Spiritual

Creative soul dialogue

Intuition Practice

Day 16 Spiritual

Self-genereated ritual

Soul Gift

Day 17 Professional

What is your gift?


Day 18 Professional

What is your soul call?


Day 19 Professional

Soul collage your ideal job


Day 20 Recreational

Play your way


Day 21 Recreational

Remember childhood play

Medicine Walk

Day 22 Ecological

Heal in nature

Giving. Replant

Day 23 Ecological

Heal nature 

Eco Healing

Day 24 Ecological

Nature as home 

Cosmic Meditation

Drop into your center to enter the cosmic heart

Cosmic Imagination

Activate your imagination as a whirling universal center

Cosmic Creativity

Write an origin story on the cosmos & your place in it

Cosmic atONEment

Learn your own way of connecting to the cosmos

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The biggest difference is that this in collective

Soulful is ALL

We are dependent upon our environment, part of an ever-expanding picture & larger whole or Self.

Deep Care = Deep Transformation

Care for yourself
Self-care is practical & real. It includes your body & life. How deep is your self love & soul care practice now? Deep self-care begins with you and the self & soul-reflection that helps you to know and see yourself.
Care for your soul
Soul care is insightful and magical. It reimagines you and what you are capable of. Your soul accepts and loves you. Soul care is the transformative agent of this process. You are embodying your soul's resiliency and capability.
Care for your Self
Self-care is the care that we extend to the world around us & receive in reciprocity from the world.
Receive tools that will support you to release unconscious patterns of self-doubt & neglect that lead to imbalance and disease. Down time is essential for growth. You need to rest & root.
Care for Nature
Gain the courage, confidence and capacity to be seen and make a meaningful difference.
Practice techniques and guidance that support financial self-care to earn what you’re worth, give generously, spend consciously, reflect your values and build a legacy.
Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.
Brene Brown

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

Following in the Soul's Footsteps

Heather has had a while to create & practice her own self-care.

You: all of you

Following in the Soul's Footsteps

Let your soul guide you as you create your own self-care routnine.

Deep Self-Care is Soul Care

Caring for ourselves means caring for the earth that we are made from. Deep Self Care offers a soul toolkit that is rooted in the earth.  

Vocation: Follow your soul's calling

"Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted." This is a call to the rhizome buried in our life that holds our purpose. What is our potential--our soul's true call?

Soul path leads inward & downward

Jung begins his Black Books with the recognition of a "huge task" that lay before him, as he "got into the dark" & "groped along" his path. So, begins a journey to find and reunite with soul: "'My soul, my soul where are you?'" How many of us feel that we have lost our soul and our way? This is a course in which we seek the inner guidance off our soul to find our soul, Self & way on a journey into the depths and the desert of our being. This is a path that leads us to our soul's call and life's purpose, uncovering images buried within the dark earth of the unconscious.

A format to support your growth

Each week you walk on steppingstones that introduce fundamental concepts, quotes & skills. These steps are patterned to help you follow your soul. Each week you will get a new video to watch, along with creative prompts, tutorials & a written material. You journey held within a circle of support & aided by an alchemical partner, interacting in live zoom sessions & a private social media platform. The learning structure includes many unique features that help support you. 


Caring for yourself

Deep care is self care. 

Your Soul

Caring for your soul

Deep care is soul care.

 Your Self

Caring for your Self

Deep care is Self care.

Our World

Caring for the world

Deep care serves the world.

Deep Care = Deep Change

When we go deep we become strong and heal. We change and become real. Deep care transforms the world because we are the a part of it.

Designed to integrate your nature

This is about nature—biological, psychological & ecological. Deeper still, it is rooted in the alchemical or transformational connection between spirit & matter that connects us to our soul through our creative nature, deepening our relationship between the unconscious & conscious—body, mind & spirit. To dance in turn and in time with the seasons, the courses allow you to step in whenever & wherever you are, beginning the dream cycles of seeding, weeding, watering, tending & harvesting.

Creating a container for your growth.

A container helps hold and support you in your deep Self-care.

Container of 1

You walk by yourself

You are never alone but sometime you need to feel that you are to self-reflect.

Container of 2

You journey with a partner

Partner with a transformational or alchemical partner to mirror each other.

Group Container

You are held in circle

You are held within the circle of the group, just as you hold others in support.

Deep Self Care = Deep LOVE

Love is at the heart of who we are and this process. Love cares and connects us to others and the world. Love bridges, connects and unites. Love transforms our relationship with ourselves, others and the world.

Souls help us heal

Begin your healing journey ...

Beginning with YOU


Creating: Embracing Your Soul Power
The soul's nature is creative.
Activity: Art Journalling
Combining words & images

Finding your


 Imagining: Activating Your Imagination
The soul speaks in images.
Activity: Active Imagination
Activating your imagination

Nurturing your


Embodying: Reclaiming Body Knowledge
The soul embodies.
Activity: Body Mapping
Embodying knowledge

Feeding your 


Loving: Opening to Heart Knowledge
The soul is heart-centered.
Activity: Heart Activation
Dropping into the heart

Journey into nature & your nature

Caring for your land on the land, you heal your nature in nature. So Deep Self Care takes you out into the natural world to heal your inner psycho-somatic landscape. With forest bathing, nature breathing & tree healing, you return home to your own interconnected roots of family & community.

What is your vision of a safe & sacred space in nature? What calls to you in the natural world? If you place your hands just to the sides of a tree, close your eyes & "tune in" what do you feel? If you ask a question, what do you "get" in response & how does this answer come to you? Play & extend gratitude as love.

Your soul connects

Your soul's super power is connection, connecting you to others and the world. When you connect to the soul you are one with all life. So Deep Self Care connects you to yourself and others, within and without.

What do you want to connect with? What bridges are in need of repair . . . perhaps burnt or bombed? What or who does your soul call to connect with?

Soul connects to everything & time

When we connect to soul we connect with others and the world: we connect ourselves with the Self and all life. So Deep Self Care is deeply connected, rooted in the collective unconscious & superconscious. Imagine into this connection as a web or life & light throughout the universe.

What do you see, feel, intuit & know when you sense through this web of connection? How does it make you feel? This is the expansive state of atONEment that is the eternal reality (simultaneous with our limited overlay). 

Connected to soul we are one

In Deep Self Care we create a circle of power that embraces the whole world. The soul is the center that mediates opposites, a center that holds the tension of difference and leverages its power to change. Our soul connects above & below, within & without & levels of scale, from the universe within us & that without "beyond" us. When you center in the soul as the center of yourself, each cell & the earth itself, how do you feel? The role of humanity is to align & balance the worlds from opposition & duality into compensation & unity. 
Imagine the earth before you & the cosmos as a great BEing of which you are a part not apart. From this place of unity & connectivity, BE. Be still. Be aware.

Connected to soul we embody spirit

In Deep Self Care we realize that spirit takes form in matter to enliven us & the world. The animation of the body is the heart & soul of Deep Self Care. So, we focus on the body & return to our senses. We have over 23 senses & they are not separate. How can you feel into & sense through them? Experiment & play. What if you ask a question through your heart & look/feel for an answer with your inner eye? Explore your inner terrain of knowing & sensing to bring spirit into matter as a divine union of soul. Journal your soul experiment.

Deep Care = Deep Intuitive Wisdom

In Deep Self Care we embody the intuitive wisdom of the soul in our lives and world. Connecting embodied instincts, mindful intellect and ensouled intuition, Deep Self Care is a path of soul alignment. When you are in alignment you are in the eternal axis of all-knowing. This doesn't mean you will have absolute power or answers, but you are aligned to receive them. I have been given visions before attacks or answers/heads up when I needed them. What do you experience as a deep intuitive wisdom when you are aligned to soul? How is wisdom different from knowledge? Each persons intuition is uniquely perceived or received. How do you intuit? 

Whole = Natural

Deep Self Care is simple because it is natural. It allows us to be who we are naturally. Letting go of our false layers of who we think we should be, we reclaim the power of who we were born to be, natural & healthy. Soul is nature & is connected to nature. It is simply unnatural to be disconnected, hence the crazy state of affairs now when we imagine ourselves not only separate but superior to everything that we really are. This is a strange form of self-denial & even self-hatred. When you love to yourself & extend that love out into the world, you are remembering the truth & reinforcing circuitry of connection.

Drop In & Drop Deep

In Deep Self Care Your heart drops you into the body & the soul in the world. Practice dropping into your heart by breathing into your heart. What do you feel & sense when you are in your heart & orient from this place of interconnected knowing or gnosis? If you enter your heart like a portal, where do you go? Who do you meet? Draw a picture of your heart as a room. What about your heart knowledge is the most interesting or surprising?