The world needs us to manifest our feminine values in finance to restore balance to the earth.

Transformational Feminine $ Leadership

Come on a 36-week journey from inception to gestation, birth & maturation to create & launch a business as an extension of your feminine creative (Creatrix) power. Moving with the natural cycles of the moon & the feminine life cycle of Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone, you will heal your relationship to $ & rewrite your $ story to manifest your feminine vision & power & generate the resources, community & prosperity needed to create & launch a successful business. . . in sisterhood.
To be a creatrix is to dedicate oneself to the cycle of creativity--to embodying soul, through impregnation, gestation, birth, nurturing and death in a way that is not really understood in our culture [but deeply needed]. 
Lucy H Pearce

Creatrix Business: Feminine Power +

We are all pregnant with possibility. This is a birthing class for both women and men who want to reclaim the archetypal creativity of the creatrix (feminine creator) by creating & launching a business (or . . ?). We need the healing balance of the empowered feminine in finance & business, expressed in values of love, creativity & community. This course creates a circle of support for all of your creative+ needs as we help one another to recreate the world in an image that is sustainable & equitable.
  • 2 weekend retreats

    intensives orient & initiate our circle with live support
  • 36 videos +

    Plus multi-sensory with audio, transcripts & music
  • 36 lessons

    Daily prompts & embodied exercises, activities & rituals
  • community support

    Partner, group & live sessions for Q & A

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

Creatrix Business Power Activate! 

I made this class as I launched my business, recognizing that I needed to walk my talk . . . & needed help to succeed. I also heard (over & over from all over) how there was a real need to empower women in business & finance. So, this course was born, along with a quest for knowledge & resources. I realized that what I already knew could be applied in a different way to help heal the intergenerational feminine wounds. I have degrees & certifications that help, but I added finance & women's business courses. I looked at the nature of women's business & created a WCB Model to help it grow along with the cycles & seasons of nature in rhythm with our bodies & selves.

Your & Our Inner Business Creatrix

Creatrix is our Leader & we learn from each other

The Creatrix and creation itself are really the guides--the conscious creative energy in which we live move and have our being. Like all of the Soul of Creativity offerings, this is deeply rooted in soul as your embodied, feminine inner knowing & intuition. More than this, we learn in partnership & community. This is a deeply relational model that expands the normal work in partner, triads & groups into Circle Leadership, including training in embodying, modeling & leading circles in your WCB. The bottom line is that we are shifting the paradigm of business from individual to relational. We rise up & grow together in a circle of related interconnection.
Get fundamental Questions & an orientation 

Video Introduction

This course was designed in a unique & specific way to model after & accommodate the Wild Creatrix as a creative Business Archetype. From the beginning & ending work/playshop retreats to the 36 weeks of wild business development, we move with the cycles of nature & the circles of the moon, sun, seasons & stars. Watch.
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Never start a business just to 'make money'. Start a business to make a difference. [Then make $!]
Marie Forleo

36 weeks to create a Feminine business: create, name, launch & nurture your "baby"

This class includes ancient practices and modern technology in a simple structure to facilitate lasting change with:
  • Individual, partner & group circle work because we know we are not only in it but better together
  • Live weekly sessions with Heather provide engagement, accountability, inspiration & creative collaboration
  • Engaging, flexible & accessible archived material allows you to go back (again & again) because LIFE happens
  • Safe transformative group container & support's  is the womb we grow in as we share, support & nurture each other
  • Archetypal, depth psychological & evidence-based power practices to reach the buried treasure of your power
  • Personal, practical & transpersonal healing outcomes that root your success in your deep vision, mission & core values
  • AND Practical (technical, strategic, financial & more) support to foster successful strategies, tools, skills & outcomes

This is for you if . . . 

You are ready to change your life & world by extending your feminine power to create a business (or?) from your deep passion & full power in a way that honors you by:
  • Moving with the rhythms of nature & feminine creation cycles
  • Rewrites old stories & patterns for lasting & collective + change
  • Transforms your work life to align to your inner authentic values 
  • Brings feminine power into balance in your life & the world
  • Creates a community of support for yourself & Self (whole self)
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Sing up & invest in yourself

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Course features
  • Archetypal Identity