We all need to heal and when we heal ourselves we heal others and the world.

A 12 week healing journey

The wounded healer transforms their wound into power and their suffering into medicine. Whether the cause is disease, death, divorce, addiction or a combination, the path of the wounded healer guides us to something larger and greater than ourselves--healing others. Using a creative healing approach we move from root causes to core complexes, embracing our shadow to heal and become whole. Discover the gift of suffering and offer it to others in a movement to heal the world.
"A great deal of healing arises from a wounded self." Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Who is this path for?

Anyone can come on this healing journey, because we are all wounded. I call us the walking wounded. Yet, this is not bad because our wounding fulfills the prerequisite to our becoming healers. It doesn't matter what your wound is, this path is for you want to turn it into a source of power. For, the wound is where your soul enters to bring light and life to the world.
Miracles are creative. Healing is the restoration of what has been.John Lake 

Deep Healing
Return to Wholeness & Home

Unlock your wounded healer:
  • Identify and heal core core wounds
  • Develop skills and strategies for deep healing
  • Foster habits for healing and wholeness
  • Process unconscious shadow material
  • Foster personal, cultural, and ecological healing
  • Become a wounded healer for the world

An Introduction

Getting to know Heather and the PATH
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Path of Compassion 

Inspired by Heather's path over the last 2 years being diagnosed and treated for cancer during COVID amid ecological and psychological crisis, this course helps you navigate the path of the wounded healer. This is a deeply personal and archetypal approach to support you on your healing journey as we travel together.

"Only when we know our own darkness well, can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity."
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Compassion unites us

Compassion is a practice and commitment that draws upon skills of empathy and self-love. When we learn to feel loving compassion for ourselves we can love and heal each other. We are all wounded and this path teaches us to turn our wounds into healing, healing instead of wounding those we love. When we heal we heal each other and the world. Only then can we heal the earth. 
"The wound is where the light enters you." Rumi  

Creativity heals us

This coursework is deep psycho-active or soul activating work. It is not an easy but life changing, offering the gift of self and Self-healing. Like any healing, it has it's cost, but it is profoundly rewarding and life affirming, touching upon the core of who we are and why we are here. At its foundation, this is a service call to heal the world in a time of deep crisis and need, treating wounds that are cultural, environmental, and intergenerational. This is a collective healing.

Heather Taylor-Zimmerman

Choose to really live your life.

Heather knows the path of the wounded healer personally, as she nears the end of a year-long dance with cancer in the age of coronavirus.  While decades of study and a doctoral degree in psychology have gone into this program, it has really been her experience over the last 7 months, moving through diagnosis, surgery, and chemotherapy into radiation and beyond that has inspired her to offer a path forward to others. This is an empowering course  that invites you to walk into the sunset of greater beauty, hope, peace, health, wholeness, healing, and happiness. 

Our wounds heal us

This is an invitation to a healthier life.

"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it." 
C. C. Scott
This is about learning to splash in mudpuddles and laugh in the rain as you are strengthened by life experience. The truth is that confronting our fear of death brings us into a life of love. We move through the darkness to the dawn, disease into health. On this journey we explore our stories and memories to rediscover and recover our power to heal ourselves and others.

Art reaches deep wounds

Creativity is about the perfect imperfection of our authentic (messy) transformation. This is a different kind of art than perfect pictures, framed behind glass. This art that reaches beyond words to access deep embodied core wounds to heal them and the complexes around them.

Personal & Universal

This course begins with you then moves in concentric ripples out into the world. The wounded healer is an archetype across cultures, so we draw upon diverse traditions to create a course of deep self care for the wounding of the world. 

This is a healing journey

This course centers around you but it also moves in concentric circles that ripple out into the world. Starting with personal applications, the wounded healer goes on to apply this healing approach to the world. Based on my research and experience as well as others who walked this archetypal path, you are lead through prompts and exercises that weave your healing with the worlds. This is about deep self care for the wounding of the world. 

The offering comes with 2 personal sessions to support and guide you as well as ways to serve and heal the world from trees to homeless.

Circles of Support

This process is contained by 3 circles of support that expand with you as you heal. Each is designed to offer a different level of containment as you are held by yourself and soul, partner, and the group . . . then the earth and land.

By yourself

A circle of 1

You move through this process by yourself to promote deep growth.

With a partner

A circle of 2

You partner so that you can be supported and mirrored in your growth.

In a group

A circle of support

You are held in a circle to allow you to grow in the support of community.

Drop into partnership

To accompany your group work, you will have a power partner to help you work and play through lessons, share ideas and experiences, and be there for you when you need it most. The power partner is patterned after your partnership with soul and is built into the structure to help provide support, because it has proven effective, but it is optional for those who feel more private or internally drawn.  Often people experience a unique bond and meet more regularly, establishing life-long, lasting friendships. 

Deepen connections

Through nature walks, prayer and meditation, we form a circle of compassionate healing, sending compassionate healing in the world. 

The earth supports you too.

The earth provides everything that we need to survive, comforting us in our suffering.  I have experienced that the earth can also hold and ground us in our suffering, helping us carry our burdens as we heal. In turn, as the wounded healer, we reach back to the earth in healing with ritual offerings, prayer, and service. your inner and outer, unconscious and conscious lives and worlds together. The earth has a soul, healing us by connecting spirit and matter, above and below, within and without on all the levels of scale of soul. 

Healing Collective

Recognizing that you are not in this alone, the coursework integrates and includes your loved ones and support community. This approach interweaves modern innovation and ancient wisdom with depth psychology to help you heal in body, mind, and spirit. In particular, this approach embraces the physical, psychological, and spiritual in a way that is inclusive and open to everyone. This is an invitation to conscious healing.

Partner with Nature

Partnering is also about connecting with nature. This is a healing journey that gets you back in touch with your nature in nature. Nature changes your brain state and biochemistry. It helps regulate your body so that you are relieved of the burden of stress, depression, and fear that you carry. Whether hiking a forested path, sitting on a swing watching a sunset, or meandering through a neighborhood park, getting out into nature is designed into the program to help you self-regulate and return to a natural (healthy) life. 

We all have our own path 

This is a chance and a time to explore what you think, feel, and believe. To touch into what is inside and around your, seen and unseen, known and unknown. Whether you believe in the beauty of a sunset of the blessing of deeply felt gratitude or a god by whatever name, this is a time to experience the feelings associated with your belief and really get to know the foundational support that holds you and is available to your. Whether you are deepening a life-long faith or moving in a different direction, the coursework playfully encourages diving into the depths of what support is there for you yet untapped and unrecognized. We all believe in something. Find your belief. 


Week 1

Orienting yourself
Life Review Mandala


Week 2

Creating a safe space
Alchemical Vessel


Week 3

Introducing skills
Journal & Active Imagination


Week 4

Touching in
Body Map of Memory


Week 5

Find Core Wounds
Follow the Thread Activity


Week 6

Look into Darkness
Shadow Yoga & Journal


Week 7

Parts of yourself


Week 8

Following others


Week 9

Exploring color


Week 10

Creating a journal


Week 11

Adding art


Week 12

Come back to life

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down for you below. Here is some content to go through as we deepen into and wait for the journey to begin.

Repatterning yourself and life


The trailhead and toolkit


The seasons of your life.

Moving from diagnosis to decision and treatment, we shift with the seasons of our life. Like the food that grows in each season, each transition offers a gift that teaches us how to nurture and heal ourselves from the new growth of spring to the fullness of summer that falls away to die down and rest in winter.

This is creative healing


Wound is the Womb

This is a course that is deeply rooted in your needs and your life
 Preparation for the journey 
From hearing the news to gathering resources and information to assembling a team, this is a time to establish care practices that support you through a time of life changes. This is a time to establish deep self-care 
Choices as you journey
Each person's situation is unique, yet there are proven pathways that can help you navigate your journey with greater grace and ease. This path helps you clarify and heal your psychological wounds to navigate your life. 
Treatment as you travel
When tended, dream seeds grow into a garden full of rich themes and characters. Like a small ecosystem, the garden is natural and organic, feeding our dream nature.
Looking to the future
Dreams feed us. When we cultivate our dream garden, we reap the benefit n ways known and unknown, as dream images stimulate our imagination and intuition to grow.

Ancient wisdom + science

Beyond treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, practices like meditation, relaxation, and yoga help you get through treatment with greater ease and better outcomes. From affirmations to prayer, visualization to mindfulness, Wounded Healer introduces techniques and practices to release fears and increase resilience. 

Find your technique and way.

Journals are a great way to get our thoughts and feelings out to heal. So, we offer and support a journaling practice to help you through your experience. Come journal with words, doodles, and even art. 

Express yourself with art 

Getting emotions out in art is good for you. Reducing stress and anxiety, art improves symptoms of diseases like cancer and their treatments. It is playful, powerful, and fun. Just start and see what happens.

Ultimately Life and Death are ONE

We are called to confront and embrace the shadow of both life and death to realize that they are the opposite of what we imagine. Death is not a dark end but a rebirth into the light of a new life. From Jung's near death experience to the rebirth of alchemy, we are called to reimagine the relationship between these ultimate opposites, so that we can live and die with greater integrity.

"Life is a dream walking. Death is going home." Chinese Proverb

Serve the World

Your approach to healing can include whatever is meaningful to you. If you love the beach and the waves bring you joy, take a trip to the beach. If the stars inspire you, grab a blanket and head outside to find them.