Nature's Journal: A Seasonal Passage of Reconnection & Reflection

Writing as a Rite (sacred act) of return.

Come on a 12-month course that leads you on an initiatory journey to new insight, identity & calling as you align to the creative capacity of nature within & without. A passage marks a transition from one stage of life or healing to another., an initiation into a new sense of intimacy with yourself & the natural world. 

This offering comes with a partner practice to help hold your circle.

Nature's Journal

This is is a rite of passage designed to help you find yourself and your way as you embark on a healing journey in your life. The rite of passage is an ancient approach that research shows helps you: improve your mood, health, and satisfaction with life. Undergoing a rite of passage helps you think more critically and imaginatively, decreasing your attachment and humbling you. A rite of passage makes you value and love yourself, life, and others more, cultivating a sense of connection and belonging to the natural world. 
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We do not escape into philosophy, psychology, & art--we go there to restore our shattered selves into whole ones....We are never trapped unless we choose to be.
Anais nin

Cycles of Natural Return

There are 4 basic stages that you journey through to return back "home" to yourself.
Spring: Embracing Renewal
Discover the art of new beginnings as you align with the Equinox, sow intentions under the New Moon, and infuse your journaling with the grounding energies of Earth & Water. Dive into the magic of creative expression during Spring's waxing lunar phases while embracing the dance of Air and Fire to fuel new growth.
Summer: Radiating Abundance
Bask in the Sun's abundance during the Summer Solstice, capturing its essence in your journal. As the moon waxes, reflect and set intentions, channeling the fiery energies of passion and creativity. Engage with the elemental symphony of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to illuminate your radiant path.
Fall: Harvesting Wisdom
Pause for balance and reflection at the Equinox, harmonizing within the changing landscape. Embrace lunar phases as mirrors for personal growth, and release under the Full Moon's glow. Merge Earth, Air, and Fire in your journal to cultivate insights and transformation during Fall's season of abundance and transition.
Winter: Embracing Stillness
Delve into the quietude of Winter Solstice, seeking inner serenity. Navigate lunar phases to explore intuition and release, fusing Earth and Water for deep transformation. Embrace the solar alchemy of reflection and align with the elements to illuminate the depths of your soul during Winter's hush.
Seasonal Wisdom

Ceremonies of Nature

Seasonal ceremonial journaling provides an intimate understanding of the Earth's changing seasons & their impact on your inner world.
honoring the earth

Nature Connection

Through journaling, you'll develop a heightened appreciation for the environment, fostering a desire to protect & care for the Earth.
Stress Reduction

Natural = Healthy

Spending time outdoors & engaging in the meditative act of journaling can significantly reduce stress, promoting overall well-being.
natural time 

Natural Movements 

A year-long nature journaling practice fosters a profound bond with nature, heightening your awareness of its rhythms & cycles.


Journaling encourages introspection as you document your experiences, thoughts & emotions, leading to greater self-awareness & personal growth.
Mindful Presence

Living Appreciation

Regular journaling cultivates mindfulness, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in each moment to be present & appreciate of your life.
Structure & overview

Rituals & Rites of the Seasons

3-Day Initiation

Drop into the year with a 3-Day Retreat to create a circle & initiate your natural year.

Solstice & Equinox Rites

Celebrate the turning of the seasons with self-generated Solstice & Equinox Rites.

Move with the Moon

Throughout the year, you create & live in alignment with the cycles of the moon.

Project Practice

Create a project of your own, from inspiration to maturation & completion.

Art through the Seasons

Art Projects designed to deepen your understanding of the Seasons' growth.

3-Day Initiation

Complete the year with a 3-Day Retreat to close our circle & mark your initiation.

Who is this path for?

This path is for anyone who is ready to take the next step on the path of their own healing transformation. Are you called to move deeper into a more intimate connection with yourself, others, and the world? Do you want to have a meaningful and transformational experience that can help you know and love yourself more fully? Following in the footsteps of rites of passage throughout time, this course is designed to lead you to a new name, identity, life, and purpose as well as to better health.

What are people saying . . .

Rites of passage lead to a life of greater authenticity, integrity, and intimacy. They offer a path of healing and transformation that is characterized by a greater love for life embodied in the image of the sunrise that marks the end of the passage on the third day with hope. Yet what you get from your passage will be unique to you. In a fundamental way, you get a new relationship with yourself and start to your life.
Our family healing rite of passage has been profound for me, facing the pain I caused, regaining harmony, feeling the love we all have for each other and our life, remembering and laughing together, all this has been a joyful transformation.
.I learned things about myself and from that made forward movement in healing which is great, huge and appreciated! 
ROP Participant
Dr. Taylor was able to walk us through a group dynamic with remarkable ease. I was concerned that it would be emotional and resurrect our historical conflict. We were able to move through obstacles and reunite as a family. It was a truly transformative process. 
My rite of passage opened me to a new perspective and a new love of life. 
ROP Participant
The family rite of passage led by Dr. Heather Taylor-Zimmerman brought our family not simply closure on the past but a future. We were able to process old wounds and see each other in a new way. We have transformed our relationships to emerge with a deeper understanding, compassion and love for each other.
ROP Participant
The experience was transformative. My parents had not talked for decades and we had years of emotional trauma. I was hoping to simply be able to communicate with each other. What occurred far exceeded my expectations. We are not only able to communicate but my parents have become good friends. We were able to reclaim our family. 
ROP Participant

Dying to be healed and reborn.

On rites of passage death is a meaningful metaphor that calls us to be healed and whole, reborn in a new image. There is something magic about confronting death that brings you closer to life. Confronting death and fear, makes us more alive and more in love with life. 

Why a write of passage?

What people have experienced
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A Circle Holds You

The Circle Provides safe Passage

While you are in the open expanse of nature, you are held in circle. Whether you are in circle on the land at BEloved nature sanctuary or in the deep wilderness of the rites of passage, you are held within a circle of support within and without. This is the power of the circle to hold, protect and support you as you grow and transform. The circle provides safe passage, keeping you safe as you go out on your own into the world. Like a cocoon, a circle provides the space for you to take wing and fly. 

A Circle Opens You

Your are Your Guide

The write of passage is designed by you to reflect your unique vision and experience. While a fundamental archetypal (universal) structure is provided, individuals are encouraged to create their own circle of support and self-generated ritual, including options in terms of where and how the rite of passage takes place. While in the past the rite of passage was determined by culture and gender, we believe that people’s processes are best reflected in initiating ceremonies of their own design.

Circling Up

Rites of passage have been held for thousands of years but have been lost in the modern world. So, we gather in circle to help hold you and celebrate your transition from one state to another and from disease to greater health. We are offering ongoing courses remotely during the pandemic to help you find yourself and your way. Come gather. 

This is your rite and right

Your rite of passage reflects you--your values and identity. So, you get to design a ritual and ceremony to guide and honor your transformation. Building upon an archetypal structure that underlies rites of passage you get to pick how you experience your own. Is it in a forest or on the plains? Are you in a dwelling (cave, tent, cabin . . .) or out in the open? Unlike in the past when the way was determined by your culture and gender, you can design a rite of passage that reflects you through reflection exercises, journaling, guidelines, and self-generated ritual. We are here to help. 

Dying to be healed and reborn.

On rites of passage death is a meaningful metaphor that calls us to be healed and whole, reborn in a new image. There is something magic about confronting death that brings you closer to life. Confronting death and fear, makes us more alive and more in love with life. 

This does NOT have to be hard.

While rites of passage are traditionally rigorous, a write of passage has the transformative aspects without outer hardship. What is important is that your experience is meaningful and suited to you. This can mean staying in a cabin or at home, on a couch or in a cave. Go within to follow your intuition and heart about where your rite of passage should take place and how long it should be. Each of these details is yours to decide. This is a reflection of you. 

Annual cycle of return to your Self.


 1. Winter Solstice 12.21

Embracing Winter Solitude

- Week 1: Introduction to Seasons of Nature: A Yearlong Immersion into Earth's Cycles
- Week 2: Winter Solstice Stillness: Communing with the Serenity of the Season's Dark Night of the Soul
- Week 3: Lunar Reflections: New Moon Intentions and Star Meditation
- Week 4: Elemental Foundation: Exploring Earth's Deep Wisdom and Grounding Your Journey

2. Spring Rebirth 1.21

Awakening Spring

- Week 5: Embracing the Darkness
: Communing with Nature's Rebirth and Balance

- Week 6: Waxing Crescent Magic: Navigating Emerging Growth and Setting Intentions

- Week 7: Elemental Awakening: Infusing Earth and Water Energies into Your Exploration

- Week 8: Solar Radiance: Embracing the Sun's Influence on Your Journey

3. Seeding Spring 2.21

Blossoming Creativity

- Week 9: Lunar Illumination: Reflecting Under the Full Moon's Glow

- Week 10: Fire and Air Dance: Harnessing Creative Energies for Expressive Journaling

- Week 11: Solar Brilliance: Embracing the Sun's Radiant Energies

- Week 12: Elements of Spring: Weaving Earth, Air, Fire, and Water into Your Experience

4. Vernal Equinox 3.19

Abundant Radiance

- Week 13: Spring Equinox Renewal: Embracing the Sun's Abundance and Brilliance

- Week 14: Waxing Crescent Insights: Navigating Personal Growth with Lunar Cycles
- Week 15: Solar Alchemy: Infusing Your Exploration with Solar Energies
- Week 16: Elements of Summer: Capturing the Essence of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

5. Summer 4.21

Reflective Transition

- Week 17: First Quarter Reflections: Balancing & Reflecting on Progress
- Week 18: Fire's Passion: Capturing Summer's Essence in Your Experience
- Week 19: Solar Influence: Aligning with the Sun's Energies for Clarity
- Week 20: Lunar Release Rituals: Letting Go and Embracing Transformation

6. Vernal Equinox 9.23

Harvesting Wisdom

- Week 21: Reflecting on Balance and Nurturing Growth
- Week 22: Waning Gibbous Insights: Navigating Through Life's Lessons
- Week 23: Elemental Merging: Fusing Earth, Water, Air & Fire Energies
- Week 24: Lunar Synthesis: Integrating Lunar Phases into Personal Reflection

7. Summer Solstice

Embracing Change

- Week 25: Summer Solstice Celebration: Reflecting on Challenges and Gratitude
- Week 26: Embracing Air and Fire: Navigating the Winds of Change in Your Experience
- Week 27: Solar Transformation: Harnessing the Sun's Energies for Inner Alchemy
- Week 28: Elemental Dance: Weaving the Elements of Nature into Your Journey

Session 8 

Winter Stillness

- Week 29: Dark Moon Communion: Communing with Silence and Inner Serenity
- Week 30: Lunar Insights: Exploring Inner Intuition and Reflection
- Week 31: Elements of Winter: Capturing Earth, Air, Fire, and Water's Essence
- Week 32: Solar Reflections: Aligning with the Sun's Wisdom for Inner Peace

Session 9  12/21

Reflective Winter

- Week 33: Winter Solstice Contemplations: Embracing the Depths of the Season
- Week 34: Water's Depth: Delving into Emotions and Self-Discovery
- Week 35: Elemental Alchemy: Merging Earth and Water for Personal Transformation
- Week 36: Lunar Integration: Weaving the Moon's Phases into Your Reflections

10. Auntumnal Equinox


- Week 37: Equinox Contemplations
Balsamic Phase Insights: Navigating Inner Intuition and Release

- Week 38: Embracing the Elements: Weaving Earth, Air, Fire, and Water into Your Journey
- Week 39: Solar Transcendence: Harnessing the Sun's Energy for Renewal
- Week 40: New Moon Intentions: Seeding New Ideas and Exploring

Month 11. 

Awaiting Sprint

- Week 41: Lunar Whispers: Navigating Inner Journeys Through Moon Phases
- Week 42: Solar Reflection: Embracing the Sun's Light for Clarity and Illumination
- Week 43: Elemental Balance: Merging Earth, Air, Fire, and Water for Inner Harmony
- Week 44: Full Moon Illumination: Gaining Insights and Celebrating Completion

Month 12. 

Preparing for Renewal

- Week 45: Equinox Harmonization: Balancing and Embracing the In-Between
- Week 46: Lunar Synthesis: Integrating the Lunar Phases into Personal Reflection
- Week 47: Elements of Nature: Weaving Earth, Air, Fire, and Water's Wisdom into Your Experience
- Week 48: Solar Rebirth:

You are gifted in circle.

On your rite of passage you are given the gift of understanding who you are and what you are called to do and be. Though each passage is unique, the purpose of the passage throughout time has been to transition and transform people from one state of development and consciousness to another, so they can offer their gift to the world and their community.

Coursework and play . . .

Each week your content drops down for you below.

Looking back to see forward

This is a journey from your past to your present to envision your future, moving from separation and preparation to transformation and integration. This journey heals you in body and soul by making you whole. While it may not cure you, this is a healing journey that brings you peace and love, deepening your connection to life and your life. 

Envision your future

At its heart this is a vision quest on which each step allows you to see further into your future, gaining insight on where you are going. Vocation means soul's call and rites of passage are designed as archetypal steps to lead you to a new identity, name, calling, and role in community. They help you step into your power and purpose in a new way. 

Come back to life 

When we are in nature we come to life, realizing that not only nature but our nature is alive. We realize that we love life and are ready to live. Whether revealed through symbolic or synchronous experiences on the land or within your inner landscape as an inner vision or calling, your nature and nature work and play together to guide and transform you.

Create a necklace

Make a symbolic image

Decorate a carved wooden pendant with a power image and cover it with glass. Then string your necklace with leather. Supply packets are available for groups.

Create a drum

Make a power instrument

Create a drum as a power circle to hold you on your quest and remind you of your passage. Recommendations for drum supplies are available on request.

Create a rattle

Tell your story your way

Decorate a rattle to take with you to mark your passage, tell your story, and symbolize your new name and identity. Rattle packets are available for groups.

You create a power circle

Your power circle is a circle that supports you on the land and in your life. To reinforce this circle, we offer drum or rattle making. Following ancient traditions, we embody our visions and calling in instruments as people have for thousands of years. Like all of the aspects of your rite of passage, the creation of an instrument is done your way, if you want.

You are telling your story

Retelling your story in your own way has the power to transform you and your life, taking control of the narrative of your past and future. So, we begin by keeping a life journal--a journal of our nature and nature. This journal helps us move through the stages as we self-reflect and grow to help create the future.

Lineage healing

What calls to you to heal? It could be the call of your ancestors and family lineage as much as your d. It could be your soul, a song of the bird, or the beauty of the sunrise. On this path you will leave patterns in your past to move more fully into your future. Separation, transformation, and integration lead you to transform yourself but also those around you. 

Writing is self-reflection

When you are in nature you get in touch with your nature, becoming natural. In the mirror of nature you discover your power and receive the gift of your name and calling. Whether in the song of a bird, a vision in the sunrise, or a synchronous discovery, nature teaches you.

The gift of time

On the land you have time to really be with yourself and discover who you are. In a time of unprecedented technology, this is a chance to be alone with yourself and get to know who you are. In the midst of constant contact, this is a chance to rest a recover, reflecting on where you have been and where you are going. Drop deep and remember yourself.

Receive a name, call, and identity.

When you are on the land you often receive a vision and this leads to the revelation of a new name. From the Israelites in the wilderness to the native peoples of all lands, people have undergone this ritual of receiving a vision of their purpose and a name that reflects it. Whether you keep this name and purpose to yourself, it will become a core part of you.