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More than a learning site, this is a place of conscious community where creative revolutionaries can come together and gather to envision and create a more equitable and sustainable world. Based on the natural metaphors of a forest and garden, Soul Space is a place to root deep and reconnect to share resources to learn and grow. This is a place to restore right relationship. 

Create Connection

Like roots underground, Soul Space connects through the common ground of our shared psychic soil and the collective unconscious/superconscious. We are:
  • a place to meet and drop deep by sharing our experiences
  • a forum for images from dreams, visions, & synchronicities
  • a landscape to explore new approaches, tools, and teachings
  • a community of heart-felt and open-minded peace building
  • a resource for eco-psychological activism in the world
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Depth Community

At Soul Space we cultivate a deep intimacy born from crisis called communitas, a sacred sense or spirit of community that emerges from the unstructured transitional or liminal experience of initiation.
Initiation means to "begin," and Soul Space is a place of new beginnings in which we are reborn like the flower from the earth and the butterfly from the cocoon. It is a renaissance of heart & soul embodied in the ourselves and the earth to blossom in the communion of our shared intimacy and suffering.

This communitas is the goal and model for Soul Space. Based on the root of communion and communication "to unite," communitas is a form of at ONEment. Like the Chinese character for crisis, communitas is a change or turning point in which crisis leads to transformation in a group.

"We want a culture that is inclusive of everyone and where everyone who joins feels they have opportunities to succeed and grow." Nellie Borrero
"there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." 

Communitas: the spirit of COMMUNITY

Communion with our nature & the natural world.

Returning to the roots of connection with ourselves, others, & the world.

Drop deep and grow up strong as ONE


This is a free course on designing, creating, and facilitating deep transformation in community.

Soul is the connective web of community

Soul connects the personal and global in a web that is fractal and scalable, transcending your soul or my soul in a world soul, our life in all life. Always connecting to something bigger, soul is a bridge that unites the world. It is a network that transcends difference with our shared world and experience. In soul, we are all one people and race: the human race. We are a tribe as big as the world in which all people are welcome, connecting human and nonhuman life. 


Soul is universal  but lost and misunderstood in our time as something unreal and religious.


Our modern disconnect from soul separates us from life, leading to a life crisis on earth.


Soul brings us back to life, connecting our nature to nature. When we are natural we heal. 


When we heal, we heal the planet and others, realizing that we are a part of a larger web of life.
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Renaissance and the rebirth of soul

After 2 years of confronting death and darkness, the light of a new dawn is rising after a collective Dark Night of the Soul. Whether suffering from disease, divorce, or death, Soul Space is a place to cultivate our light to offer to the world. If feed the hungry, meditate for peace, paint mandalas, or plant trees, your gift is vital. The world needs all of us to become who we were born to be in a soul Renaissance or rebirth. This is a call to deep authenticity in which all you have to do is be yourself and Self. You were born for this.

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." Oscar Wilde

Mission: Tending the soul in ourselves and the world.

Motto: animae mundi colendae gratia, for the sake of tending the soul in and of the world as the connection between all living things

Vision. This is a global community and transformational movement
Calling. Honor all life for a enlightened and sustainable future 
Challenge. Bridge socio-political divides for an equitable future

Creating rich soil as we garden together

As the archetype of life itself, soul holds diversity within unity. At Soul Space we honor both in an ethos of tolerance, humility, and compassion where understanding holds room for mystery. Studies show that optimal transformation comes when a diverse group is held together by a core belief, and so we gather a diverse community that believes in a better and more sustainable world. Like a community garden, we cultivate the rich soil of common ground by tending relationships through the web of life.

Transform Through Conflict

Learn to harness the power of difference and crisis to transform into something new and more.  


Your journey alone


With yourself: you & You


playful images guide you


Community emerges

Come Alone

On some level this is always your journey . . . one that is self and soul-paced.

Bring a Friend

Deepen your relationships with in shared growth. Discounts available.

Gather a Group

Group discounts are available for friends and families. Please Inquire.

Sponsor Others

In a time of need, you can help those in need. Tax deduction is pending.*

Intergenerational & Ancestral Healing

Reconnecting the generations to complete the circle.
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110 hours in total

Text material

382 pages


24 challenges


3 Certificates

civil rites> civil war

Soul Space is a place to initiate an inner creative revolution to be the change in the world we seek.
Minds are like parachutes, they only work when open. 
Bumpersticker that is equally true of the heart

Safe Passage ROP

Like it or not, we are going through a collective rite of passage through the darkness of our time. As much as we may want to hide in bed, now is the time to confront the darkness . . . inside and out. This ROP (not RIP) weaves self-generated reflection and ritual to alchemize the darkness into light.  Built around an archetypal ROP structure of separation, transformation, and integration, this is a chance to confront the darkness in order to move into the dawn. No tattooing or fasting required.
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Plant Seeds of Change 

In case you missed it (really?), we need a break. Crisis is opportunity but only if we make it a "change" or "turning point," the meaning of crisis reflected in many languages and the chance to go in a different direction--to embrace and embody soul to become whole. This is a collective movement of our time and all time transcending your soul and mine but  in the collective unconscious that unites us in the world souls. Soul connects us like the roots of a forest or garden whose rhizomal network helps reach the 95% of our thoughts, feelings, and actions that come from the depths. 
Anybody whose calling is to guide souls should have his own soul guided first, so that he knows what it means to deal with the human soul.
c g jung

Spirit of the Depths and a time to heal emotions

After a time of separation and isolation in which social and political division has become more violent and prevalent, it is time to come together. To make it through the darkness of our times we need to harvest the buried treasure that can only come from alchemizing our suffering into the gold of transformation. Soul calls us to heal ourselves and our communities through greater vulnerability, intimacy, and integrity. We can only do this through the awakened capacity of soul in which we are connected within circles of both diversity and unity. We need to realize we are one to be atoned.

Discover our offerings to find yourself and offer your gift to the world.

Contact Heather to find out more about how Soul Space can change your life. Scholarships available. Soul Space is designed to help you hear and heed your soul's call, supporting you as you chart your course and embark on a journey into greater light and life. We need you!

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