Jump into Aries as we start our astrological journey through the year, but you can join at any time. This is applied living astrology.

April 24

with Aries

an ongoing class that moves with the heavens

Astrology is an archetypal heroic journey

This class presents an astrological approach to YOUR LIFE, aligning heaven & earth to co-create with the energy & mythology of the stars. As we move together through the year, we create a project with the archetypal qualities, energies & stories of the heavens. Join at any time & continue throughout the year. This will become a LIVE in-depth yearly class next year but is a kit for now.
Understanding our astrology chart is the doorway: the effort to move through it is our own. 
chani nicholas

Astrology is a framework for Cosmic Co-Creation 

Offering an ancient & emergent perspective, astrology co-creates with soul on a cosmic level of scale. Astrology is a:

Co-creative Life Blueprint

Astrology is a matrix of time & space that allows us to co-create with the ineffable (eternity & infinity), offering an archetypal guidance system to align above & below.

Life Navigation Tool

Let's face it, life decisions are tricky, but astrology offers a lens to self-reflect & see through along with lessons, skills, energy & information to guide us on our life journey. By looking up we journey in & out into unknown lands with a celestial compass & map charted through the ages.

Expanded Perspective

Astrology is expansive, reaching backward & forward in space & time to co-create a cohesive narrative of our lives & all life: of soul. It is a way to step back & see larger patterns that we are a part of & recognize larger influences & opportunities to collaborate with in the world & worlds beyond. It is a way of seeing & being.

Create meaning & purpose

Astrology is a blueprint for co-creation that undergirds Soul Space which is about connecting our nature to nature according to the fractal & scalable nature of soul.
Explore the heroic myth from the perspective of lived astrology, traveling through the signs with power & purpose to really live your life. The class is integrated in your life & includes a year-long project.
  • Zodiacal Creation Map for YOU
  • Archetypal images & motifs
  • Heroic quest mythic narrative (hero.ine)
  • Shadow work with the signs' polarity
  • Healing complexes & relationships 
    (Zodiacal myth is a cultural framework to create, educate & evolve humanity)

Objectives & Outcomes

Monthly content drops down for the new & full moon (information for all phases too), including:
  • Zodiacal Dream journaling prompts
  • Reading, reflection & Journeys
  • Live sessions & assignments
  • Partner & group support
  • Private social media sharing
Outcomes vary but include:
  • Creating your own astrological myth
  • Illustrating, animating & mapping it
  • Make an Astrological Creation Template for your Project
  • Goal setting for your mythic journey
  • Guideposts to living your myth
    to recognize ongoing revelation

    "You can no longer see or identify yourself solely as a member of a tribe, but as a citizen of a nation of one people working toward a common purpose." Idowu Koyenikan 
We move from sign to sign but also with the stages of the moon & other astrological considerations in co-creating our life & opus.

Bring the Zodiac to life

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Course features
  • Multi-modal & lived
  • Beginners welcome
  • Marginalized Paths
  • Experience-based
  • Archived material
  • Culturally Inclusive
Course overview
This is an applied co-creative approach to lived astrology.
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Certification beginning 1.1.24
*The price of your kit will be applied to the longer course offering & gives you a chance to begin to move co-creatively with the heavens & integrate the material, so you can immerse yourself when we go LIVE.
Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.
Diane Rudhyar
Start in the energy of Aries or begin in your own time with a lesson designed for & recorded in the energy of Aries with intention. 
An example of the coursework/play from aries

Creative Astrology

This is a combination of different kinds of astrology but more than anything, it is applied creative astrology that aligns & co-creates with the signs' energies, influences, developmental stages, skills & more. Coupled with the moon's movement, this is a way to pattern co-creation with Creation, aligning above & below, heaven & earth to co-create with soul.
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Clear the old, vision, begin
or initiate & set intention

Waxing Crescent: 

Positive hope & energy to imagine into & dream on


Momentum to plan, make decisions & change/adapt


Refine, hone, clarify, assess creation & our emotions


Illuminate to view creation & relations: ritual release


Take stock & revisit to give gratitude & claim power

Third Quarter: Reflect

Spring clean to separate old habits & grow anew

Waning Crescent: Release

Be still, rest, reflect, release & renew

Creative Order

Way of interpreting & understanding symbol & synchronicity in life time & space to create

Creative Pattern

Way of expressing in a range of archetypal patterns & forms with a quality of energy

Creative Skillset 

Way of creating with skills & capacities that lend themselves to the astrological expression

Creative Energy 

Way of opening to the energy flowing from the sign to empower your creation in life

& Lots More

Way of making 
decisions to chart your creative journey aligned to the heavens

Personality & Soul

2 (+ & -) Poles or Perspective. expressing in light & shadow

Earth, Sun & Moon

Elements, Seasons & Body
expressing in an < or > of e  

Storied Structure

Myth, Archetypes & Rulers
with stories, tropes & roles

Connect to our Lives

Life Qualities & Aspects
manifesting through us
Each sign will have general content as well as a prompt