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in a rebirth
of creative insight, innovation power & inspiration for YOUR calling.

Creative Renaissance & Revolution Kit

Let's face it, we need change (badly) . . . not the change of a destructive revolution of gunfire & violence but that of creative inspiration & collaboration. We need the rebirth of insight & revelation that comes after the death of the old to bring new life. This is a kit designed to help lead us as we march together in manifesting OUR CALLING as a coordinated movement of RECONSTRUCTION with very practical yet also depth psychological ways to apply your deep passion & purpose to change the world.
Revolution, in order to be creative, cannot do without either a moral or metaphysical rule to balance the insanity of history. 
albert camus


We seek to transform ourselves & the world through the power of the imagination and creation. We believe in the power of human transformation & the need to be reborn in a new image following the soul's vision. 

"As a human being he [artist] may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is ‘man’ in a higher sense—he is ‘collective man’—one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic life of mankind.”  Jung
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Why this now & how?

We FEEL BETTER when we help others, because we are connected! Plus, we need change. So let's do this!
Creative Revolutions or Renaissance (pick your metaphor) are a way for you to actualize your dream. The stages here could be used to create a movement to get art into foster homes or to create climate action or . . .? This same template for action can create a business that is nonprofit or for profit. It can also help to create something big or small. You can take parts of it or all of it. It is always up to you. The benefit here is that you get to do it in a forum together where you can help each other cross-pollinate in our garden of co-creative collaboration. A movement only take 15% of the population to take hold. So, let's light some fires!

Our mission: < + Change

Root causes for real change
In depth analysis
Inspired passion for creation 
Technical insight


Step by step guide to support your calling in the world as a Revolution & Renaissance of positive change WE NEED.

Practical Resources to SUPPORT YOU

We need your gift (s), so here are practical tools & skills to support you as you as you develop them together. 

Networking CONNECT YOU & your GIFT

With an imbedded social media for connections & a live kit DISCUSSION GROUP, we are here to help each other. 


We are changing the WAY we are making change with deep reflection, self-honesty, empath & creativity.
A revolution that is based on the people exercising their creativity in the midst of devastation is one of the great historical contributions of humankind.
Grace Lee Boggs

Art is about creating real change.

Art is an outer manifestation of an inner state of consciousness, an emotion & expression. It is how we can communicate feeling, vision & inspiration, offering the missing link to an analytical approach. Art brings us & our ideas to life. It creates the energy & movement needed to catalyze social change. Create your dreams.

Art teaches, guides & unites us.

Just as art leads us in our individual lives, it is the avant-garde of our collective Renaissance & Movement. So, art (& nature) is integrated with graphic recording, facilitation & mediation to help us create consensus, vision & insight together. . . especially when we are stuck or polarized in opposition, judgement or fear.

Creative courage overcomes FEAR.

The dragon we fear is guarding our buried treasure, meaning we have to get in the cave no matter what & conquer our fear. In creating change, may be up against a power structure that feels like a dragon. It may even act like a dragon, but we can't create our movement (or any) without creative courage to step up in love.

How to create WE

How do we co-create social change as a movement of inclusion, respect & understanding? Let's figure this out.
  • Respond to other people's posts & check back in to keep talking. 
  • Have a partner to mirror with for self-growth. Make alliances.
  • Create coalitions of power & purpose. Find others to connect.
  • Make a structure for transparency & honor the feedback.
  • Seek differences & then listen, look & learn from them.
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Art transcends . . . words, understanding, space & time. Trans from the Latin, meaning "across, through" & "complete change" like transform. Accordingly, art really has to be experienced. So, here are some hints in images . . . & please join our movement.

Artists share ideas & inspiration

They recognize that they share one common source in soul, something that unites ^ transcends all of us.

They collaborate & co-create

Share tools, techniques, perception, insight & more. Art is about deep collaboration in co-creation.

They offer support & critique

Do not be frightened! Art can feel so personal & vulnerable, but this is really a support group: + > -.

They serve something more

The skill you need to become a real professional.
It's easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. 
Leonardo da Vinci

Coursework and play . . .

This is not a normal kit or course but a REVOLUTION & RENAISSANCE plan for all of us to apply in our own way. It could be to create a movement to educate & motivate people to take climate action through art or a coordinated effort to bridge generations to bring the old & young together for greater empathy & understanding. (I have applied these principles to both.) Do this alone or with a friend or group of friends. The more the merrier! Find a common value, issue & passion & follow the steps below as we share support, ideas, resources, connections & inspiration in our live events & discussion. 

1. Embrace a Core

Fi a common core in a central truth, belief or value.

2. Pick a Cause

Connect to a shared cause you are passionate about.

3. Identify a Need

Reflect on & select a need for reform & research it.

4. Who you Serve

Articulate the need & who you serve in meeting it.

5. Imagine a Solution

Create a goal with broad strokes to imagine + change.

6. Refine your Goal

Talk to a friend/partner to get feedback & refine goals.

7. Make SMART Steps

Make specific, measurable, achievable, relevant & time.

8. Create Action Plan

Translate into a written or visual model with checks.

9. Plan Resources

Assess & gather resources from people to $ & material.

10. Seek Allies

Talk to a friend/partner to get feedback & refine goals.

11. Choose a Symbol

Pick or create a symbol to represent your movement.

12. Create a Slogan

Make a saying that aptly communicates & inspires.

13. Create Leadership

What is the leadership like? Take roles & create relations.

14. Find Advocates

Who are the people affected or advocates to help you?

15. Gather Activists

What roles & positions do you need? Motivate them.

16. Find Followers

Reach out with a strategy of inspiration based on core.

17. Build Support

Create strategic partnerships & alliances in cooperation.

14. Build Consensus

Buy in & transparency are essential to group success.

15. Invite Difference

Diversity is necessary to make lasting social change.

16. Invite Influencers

Reach out to people who know & are known about.

17. Intellect & Vision

Create strategic partnerships & alliances in cooperation.

18. Scientists & Artists

Buy in & transparency are essential to group success.

19. Coherent Message

Create a consistent message & refine it. Make it fun!

20. Social Media & ?

Reach out to people who know & are known about.

21. Choose a Strategy

What is the most effective way to create your change?

22. Resistance is Real

Analyze & discuss what you are up against & a response.

23. Remain Centered

Stay in your core to keep focused energy positive. 

24. Remain Positive

You are revolting for a + outcome or change. Keep +

25. Keep Going

Maintain momentum with community outreach & care.

26. Stay Relevant

Change with the time & goals achieved to grow.

27. Be Transparent

Self-honesty & openness is required for integrity.

28. Celebrate Wins

A + culture builds & bonds on acknowledging the good.

Please, please click on the arrows below. We are taught that art is beside the point & unimportant, yet it is essential & central.

Rebirth of Creativity

100k students
In depth analysis
Market structure
Technical insight

Art connects us to our history & ancestry

Individually & collectively, art returns us to our childhood to remember past abilities, memories & knowledge. Art is ancient (over 40,000 years old) while the earliest stone tablets of picture writing are from 2300 BCE. So, when we create art, we connect with unconscious aspects of our brains & bodies that are instinctual & intuitive.

Art connects to deep core wounds to heal us

We now know from studies that art reaches deep into the psycho-somatic connection to access unconscious repressed memories at the heart of core counds & complexes, allowing us to heal in ways that words literally cannot reach (other than words as images that are processed through the brain-body in a similar way).

Art promotes wellbeing in dramatic ways

Reducing cognitive decline, anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD & more while increasing productivity, retention, comprehension, resilience, social connection . . . on & on

Art is at the core of who we are as creators

When we take up our brush (pencil, flute, drum, whatever), we are claiming our birthright in accessing a latent understanding of how to live consciously & collectively. This creative ability is our key to creating a sustainable future in kinship with all life. Art is our p ath forward.

 A circle of 1

Hear and Heed the Call

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Show up to root deep & grow up, connecting heaven & earth. On a fundamental level, this is between you & you or you & your soul. Come & take a stand.

A circle of many: Friends

Invite Others to Join (Please!)

Many hands make work fast & fun. Invite friends. There is more than enough transformative work for everyone. The good news is that serving soul in the world makes us feel better. 


Claim your power to recreate yourself and life.

In this process your are guiding yourself in terms of what you feel called to create and contribute. You are fostering your own resilience and creative independence whether in journaling, painting, collaging . . . whatever you feel called to do. Find your unique style.

GROUP Movement

Art moves in . . . well, movements.

While this is an emergent forum in which we each bring ourselves & our creativity, we are always moving within a larger whole of which we can only see a part. When we share, however, we can sense the bigger picture & the meaning behind the movement.
To state the obvious, the resistance will come from within as much as or more than without. Soul change is not always comfortable.
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Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

Social Justice

A Revolution for ALL

Art is a window into our humanity. In art, prejudice is not checked by institutional check & balances. So, for example, there is a 194 billion$ pay gap between men & women in art (women make 2% of a man's dollar). Art is thus a way to work directly with prejudice in the psyche.

Art mirrors & confront us with our true image

It is therapeutic on many levels of scale, from the individual to the species & between species.
  • Create art as a mirror to self-reflect on your psyche
  • Write a journal with dreams & automatic writing. Talk to your doodles & ask questions of your dream figures. Listen.
  • Create unconsciously, listening to music, lightening a candle or incense to reach a liminal state of reverie & your soul.

Pick up your PAINT BRUSH

Art is powerful yet the cost of a creative revolution can be high. Jung recognized the Promethean price of the artistic spark: " A person must pay dearly for the divine gift of the creative fire" for "a ruthless passion for creation which may go so far as to override every personal desire."  

For more creative support & a group. . .

Check out & sign up for Social Dreaming or Creative Soul Challenge for art support & a critique group.
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So, we can give our gifts to the world.

"Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted." C G Jung We do not want to climb "our" ladder only to realize it was our father's (who handed it to us so eagerly many years ago). Now is the time to check in with soul & root down to find out if we have the right ladder. What is YOUR purpose. Not society's or your persona's. YOURS!
This is a call to the rhizome buried in our life that holds our purpose. What is our potential--our true call? Usually this is related to the word weird's origin (wyrd) which means "fate." What makes us weird is our unique fate. Scary!
We move in a world of images that point to something ineffable. [Let's move together & share pointers.]
c g jung