biocentric: we Grow online to root deep into our nature & nature in creativity sanctuary

Soul Space is co-created with Nature as our teacher

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Soul Space: Constellating in Virtual Space

to reach people everywhere (especially in need)
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Common Ground: In Person Classes & Retreats

to vision, imagine, root deep & grow up in nature


Come to the land that inspires the creative collaboration between our creative nature & Nature. Drop into your wilderness in Washington (next to lots of national parks) & California (next to Joshua Tree). Come rewild in the wilderness.
Lesson series

Living Creative Activism

This is eco-art & play done soul's way, Soul Space creativity is a combination of archetypal power, time-tested practices, modern science & ancient wisdom traditions. It is psychology in a whole, new & newly emergent primordial way. To get a living sense of it & see Heather answer some questions you might have, watch the interview below.
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“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”


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Lone Bee

Sometimes we need to be alone to self-reflect

Human Partner
(love of others)

Partners help mirror, support & contain you

Nature Partner
(love of nature)

Find a tree. Connect your nature to nature 

Group Together
(love in action)

Groups (family or?) go & grow deep together 

Earth +
(love of life)

A greater planetary life & cosmic whole

Living Community 

Community comes from the Latin root "common, union and that which is shared by all" (like communication & communion). It grows around shared values. At Soul Space our core value is a deep caring for and service to all life, human & nonhuman. To promote this we have:
  • Common Ground Rules
  • Healing Rites & Rituals
  • Partner/Group Practices
  • Nature-Based Learning
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Co-create with nature

Come cocoon in ways that are natural, time-tested and evidence-based with practices to support your growth:
  • Learn to tune & tap into nature to co-create
  • Practice ancient forms of eco-art, prayer & activism 
  • Remember how to embody your nature to heal Nature
  • Return to nature as the earliest cathedral & place of worship
  • Deep gratitude rituals offer a way to give thanks & back
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Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time . . . The creative process is a living thing. . . in the souls of men. 
C G Jung

Deep Transformation

Mirroring practices for support
Seeing & being in nature
Relationship tools to deepen
Look for guidance

Seen & Unseen 

Soul is not visible, nor are some of the other "beings" that might show up to help. In crisis (especially death), beings from the "other side" guide us, often people who have passed over or . . . it could be any number of things from angels to animal or nature spirits. Look for the invisible.

Seeing & Being Seen 

We look at each other & the world through a psychological lens obscured by our biases & beliefs. To compound this, our wounding makes us hide our true selves. Soul Space is designed to help you remember how to really see & be willing to be seen, a practice that leads to real & deep love.

Deep Relations

Each offering teaches new ways of relating to yourself & others. Employing practices from art therapy to rites of passage & mindfulness, Soul Space is about deep relations as a way to reconnect to life, to really live in relationship.

Radical Authenticity

Relationships are based on being ourselves. This may seem obvious, but layers of conditioning separates us from ourselves & souls. So, much of what we are doing is deconditioning & unlearning to be free.

Communitas & the spirit of community!

Deep Community

"Absence of community is suffering and sickness." C G  Jung
Community grounds & amplifies our creative power.
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HeART & Soul

While the Enlightenment exalted human reason, this is a take 2 & a compensatory movement of deep embodiment that returns to the soul's holistic & creative nature.
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Embody Soul Power

Everybody has a unique soul power, a gift that is your Essence, uniquely YOU. This is the heart of your offering to the world, your piece of the world puzzle: your honey.
  • Soul power comes from your calling. It is what you need to do it.
  • Soul power is in you already. You just have to find it.
  • Your power is unique & uniquely needed by the world.
  • You already & innately know how to use your soul power.
  • Your super power is not (necessarily) like flying . . . or invisibility.
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Depth & Diversity 

This is a community rooted in the depths of psyche or soul, calling us to claim our shadow so that we no longer project it on others, recognizing that the greatest transformation comes from groups that hold diversity through the unity of the shared goal (soul/life). So we:
  • See through an archetypal lens
  • Learn imaginal depth practices & activities
  • Identify underlying patterns & stories
  • Rewrite your personal & organizational myth
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Social Media Hub: we learn and grow TOGETHER.

Healing is connection and integration in our body and community. Plus everything is more fun when we do it together! So, at Soul Space we encourage you to invite a friend and form a group. We are all about organic & systemic transformation. Based on bees as a socially altruistic organism, we model ourselves after a hive with the world as our garden.  To help us pollinate, we include a hive-like spectrum of participation from solitary bee to the cooperative & collective nature of the group hive into our design, including: