Social learning is soul transformation. Soul is collective with a partner & in a group. It is collective individuation & cultural therapy.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over & over again. [This is what we are creating together.]
Joseph Campbell

Help us TRANSFORM lives: Love>Fear & Abundance>Scarcity is created by US NOW
Sliding Scale & Gift Economy help EVERYONE! The Generosity Paradox is Selfish & Selfless

Soul Space Matching Challenge

We are interconnected & transform together. Soul Space's design is based on this model: a belief in a kinship with all life as ensouled--natural, creative & WHOLE. We need each other & we all need help in some wa at some time. Now, when you purchase a class, retreat, kit or hybrid offering, you give 10 to someone in need (at risk youth, domestic violence survivors or unhoused people who work with Soul Space) along with art supplies & a journal. The truth is, we can only do this together! I, Heather, am so delighted to offer this soul project of 5 years to you & also ask from the bottom of my heart for you to take up the call & spread the love. No one is turned away! Reach out.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."  C G Jung    

Ensouled Kinship &
Common Ground

Welcome to the sacred land & common ground that Soul Space is built with & upon. This is about being real & real connection. So, here I am (aka Heather, founder) in my non glam photo with my friends the ferns to introduce you to the embodied soul of nature that is our ensouled psychological & ecological foundation as kindred spirits.
Soul Space Motto: Only 1 way, your way

Soul = Your Way

This is between you & YOU, done your way through self-generated ritual, natural metaphor & your own creative self/Self expression in art.
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1 Create Soul

Come on a week-long journey to connect to & identify with soul as we create Soul Space in ourselves, lives & world together. Take your first step on an initiation into soul calling, identity & creativity to root into your soul nature & grow.
Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time . . . The creative process is a living thing. . . in the souls of men. 
C G Jung

2 Wild Soul

Soul calls us to be natural & rewild. So, we gather to remember our ensouled nature as we create tools for our journey: a soul journal; creativity altar; & pot in which we seed our community garden.

More plants are growing. . . these are ready to pick.

Rewilding is not about abandoning civilization but about enhancing it. It is to 'love not man the less, but Nature more.' [it] does not seek to control the natural world . . . to allow it to find its own way.
George Monbiot

Soul = Life Support

Soul calls us to grow in supportive community. From at-risk youth & unhoused peoples to those suffering from loss, addiction or depression, we all need help. So, we:
  • Offer deep trauma resolution in response to eco-cultural crisis
  • Create sponsorship & mentorship to create a web of connection
  • Model conflict transformation & communication skills
  • Honor marginalized ways of being & knowing to create balance
  • Reach vulnerable populations with ongoing & needed resources
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The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of must know oneself. 

Embody Soul Power

Everybody has a unique soul power, a gift that is your Essence, uniquely YOU. This is the heart of your offering to the world, your piece of the world puzzle: your honey.
  • Soul power comes from your calling. It is what you need to do it.
  • Soul power is in you already. You just have to find it.
  • Your power is unique & uniquely needed by the world.
  • You already & innately know how to use your soul power.
  • Your super power is not (necessarily) like flying . . . or invisibility.
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Communitas & the spirit of community!

Deep Community

"Absence of community is suffering and sickness." C G  Jung
Community grounds & amplifies our creative power.
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Frequently asked questions

Is Soul Space religious?

No Soul Space is not religious in the traditional sense. It is archetypal, based on the universal patterns & experiences of humanity. While it does relate to the root of religion to bind or connect through a deep commitment to life, it is for everyone regardless of belief. Rooted in the living nature of Nature or the world, soul is an ancient and archetypal word meaning the breath of life. Soul is about life . . . and it is for anyone who is alive. How you conceptualize soul is up to you. Personifying the idea of soul, however helps to engage & dialogue with them.
Our only rules are these:
1. Look & listen for the soul in others (beyond the ego with its wounds & complexes)
2. The story & the storyteller are perfect (don't try to "fix" anyone but lean in to understand deeper issues).
3. Mirror (reflect back) people's stories without judgement (the soul doesn't judge but loves) *mirroring creates empathy
4. Ask if the person wants to hear any insights or images you received before you mirror. Honor their answer.
5. Look to yourself if you see something in another to claim & integrate projections. Be self-honest & loving.
6. Practice mindful self-compassion. Return to your center or soul (again & again). 

Is the structure consistent? What can I expect?

We keep our offerings consistent with the same opening & closing, a circle format for groups,  simple instructions for partners and patterned releases of prompts, activities & exercises to make this as predictable & comfortable as possible. There is a saying that the most complicated things need to be simple, and this is a motto we have integrated, because in truth the revelation of your own path is not in our hands. Collective transformation has been found to emerge through a synergy of conditions, & we create this environment to facilitate soul guidance and intuition. For, it is your soul or inner knowing that is your true teacher . . . and the soul has their own way. As Tolkien said, "Not all those who wander are lost," and on some level you must get lost to find yourself, soul and way. At the heart of Soul Space's transformation is a pivotal reorientation from your ego to soul (fear to love). We try to make this as simple and easy as possible, but depth work isn't controlled by your ego. So relax, release & let go. 

What is Soul Space's purpose & how does it help in crisis?

Soul Space is about transformation and its purpose is to help transform people, groups, and the earth. It's heart is community and communitas or the spirit of community that gives rise to deep and meaningful change. Because communitas emerges in crisis through unstructured or liminal (transitional) conditions, this platform is not overtly structured, instead simulating nature and its emergent and adaptive complexity. This serves the purpose of allowing the underlying order in the chaos, the soul in our lives and the world to be able to take the helm.