GURU Free Zone (even love gurus)

Soul Space is about honoring your soul as your inner knowing or guru.

You are your own GUIDE 

Connecting to nature connects you with your inner nature or soul.

All paths lead to the CENTER 

All beliefs (whether in a faith or a fern) are honored here.

Eco-Art & Play your WAY

Deep Creativity

Consciously creating in the image of our soul, we create a world that reflects & honors our differences & similarities as we draw from shared ancestry.

Imagination = Super Power

Embrace the power of the creative imagination as a way to connect with soul & the power the transform into YOU!

Heart & Body

Drop into your heart & body to connect with the embodied imagination, unconscious & your somatic wounds, bringing spirit into matter to heal the earth.


Art is everything from poetry & painting to cooking, gardening & kitchen dancing. . . essentially anything creative that you do, including creating yourself & life.


We are a part of nature & this is about connecting to nature inside & out, both ecological & psychological, about being natural. The truth is that nature heals us.


Play takes us back to childhood when we were free, natural, creative & imaginative. It is a natural flow state in which we are free & open, receptive to our soul.
Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. [Conspire is to 'breathe' + 'together.']
(We conspire together.)                             Ralph Waldo emerson

Soul Guidelines

Here's an introduction with some basic guidelines to help us come together as a socially altruistic community grounded in equality.
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The secret of artistic creation & the effectiveness of art is to be found in a return to the state of 'participation mystique' [mystical participation with nature]-to that level of experience at which it is [soul, collective or archetypal] man who lives, and not the individual. 
c g jung

Resources are all over

If there is a teaching of Soul Space it is to look, listen & live deeply in alignment with the world around you as an emergent curriculum.
  • Resources abound in nature which mirrors & meets you. Listen to the wind & look to the stars.
  • Check in with soul as well as out in the world. Drop into your heart & get in touch with your inner realm.
  • We have resources here for you too! From learning through art in graphic recording & facilitation  to communicating & creating your own groups in the Hive or learning how to create Containers . . . there is a lot for you to explore & discover. Here is a start. 

Art Journal

Create & keep a book of dreams & guidance


Mindfulness with a twist. Soul is heartfelt.

Personal Ritual

Make & dedicate art, an altar & safe space 

Wilderness Rites

A vision quest in the wilderness for rebirth

Natural Medicine

Medicine walk, forest bath, hike & eco-art
Scholarliness alone is not enough; there is a knowledge of the heart that gives deeper insight. The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not to be found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows out of you life the green seed from the dark earth. [This is our creation.]
c g jung

Astrology +
Archetypal, Evolutionary  Soul  & Esoteric  

Bridge the heavenly planets & stars above with the earth below

Wisdom Traditions +
 & Alchemy (etc.)

Kabbalah, Human Design, I Ching, Tarot, Polarity Therapy . . .

Science + Quantum Creativity & Biocentrism 

Neurobiology, Physics,
Morphogenesis & Consciousness Studies

Embodiment + Yoga, Dreams  Chakras & Mantras 

Dream, Laughter & Exploratory Yoga, Forest Bathing . . .

Creative Therapies + (art, music, dance, nature & more)

Incorporate multiple modes of healing for whole body wellbeing

Cocoon to transform together.

Your transformation is unique to you, but there are aspects that are universal. Soul Space takes an archetypal approach to connect through soul as life itself.

Intuitive Insight

The path you are upon fosters symbolic insight, based on the soul's intuitive function & communication, an invaluable gift in navigating life's bumps.

Inner Orientation

Let's face it, we can feel lost in ourselves, lives & world. An interior soul perspective helps us live a life of deep value, meaning & calling: OUR life.

Giving Culture

The real gift we receive is in creating a culture of giving & sharing based on the "generosity paradox" that we are happiest when we give. 
The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of must know oneself. 

Breath. This is about you being you.

Map your inner landscape

The soul's knowledge is cartographic, mapping lived experience to make sense of your journey & connect the dots of meaning & purpose.

Journey inward for love & peace

The longest journey is within you connecting head & heart to navigate your psychological landscape to embody & follow you soul.

Your were made for this, a natural

Soul is part of you & your energy anatomy & this is natural . . . including art. We have created art for 10,000s of years. You've got this!

No grades or tests ever

Cutting-edge science & ancient wisdom are woven in but no knowledge is required. Soul is not academic but relaxed, real & relational.

Self-generated, paced & created

This is an inner journey, guided by you & your soul. It is between you & You. You get to decide how, when, where & why you do anything.

No required beliefs or rules

Follow your soul. Create in your image. This is up to you. The only guidelines are about your relationship with others, so they can be free.
Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being & makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its [soul] purpose through him. . . he is a 'man' in a higher sense--he is 'collective man'-- who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic forms of mankind. [art is a natural way for soul to teach us.]
c g jung

In ways to suit you

Art as Self-Portrait
Be Alone in nature
Gather together
Reflect & Renew

Socially Altruistic

Offerings are free or subsidized to at risk populations (by invitation or application) with a giveback model for a truly diverse community in which we grow together

Paradoxical & Complimentary


Archetypally Re-Emergent

All of the elements woven into Soul Space are archetypal, meaning they are recurring images, patterns or motifs that emerge independent of external cause because they are rooted in the perennial rhizome of our psychology: our power practices, including art, storytelling, dreaming . . .

Self/Soul-Guided: Your Way


Art recreates, integrates & regulates

Art increases: self-knowledge, confidence, love, control, compassion, care & independence 
Art reduces
: stress, anxiety, grief, depression, loneliness, confusion, ADD/ADHD, memory loss, dementia, disassociation, suicide & ideation, addiction (technology included), alienation, conflict (inner & relationship) . . . 

Art needs to be freed from its frame to evolve the psyche of humanity.

Art's role is to transform humanity, including:
Inequality in race, gender, class, orientation . . .
Imbalance in relationships between people, institutions, class, religions, nations . . .
practices in relations with nature
Unjustifiable & Unhelpful human arrogance

Art is Powerful Healing Medicine

Increasing: Intuition, Empowerment & Agency
Mental, Emotional & Physical Health
Psycho-Spiritual Wellbeing & Balance
Social-Emotional Intelligence & Regulation
Med Treatment Experience & Outcome Success
Comprehension & Retention in Education
Innovation & Productivity in Work
Art is a necessity--an essential part of our enlightenment process. We cannot as a civilized society, regard ourselves as being enlightened without the arts.
ken danby
Psychology is "the study of the soul" & Soul Space is a school of soul where we study our soul's art-based curriculum. Including:

Depth Psychology +
(unconscious & superconscious)

Mythic & symbolic soul images from the creative imagination

Eco & Terra Psychology 
+ (land-based knowing)

Honoring the spirit of place & land in ritual,  story & relationship 

Integral Psychology + (integrated consciousness) 

Art is transdisciplinary integrating body, mind & spirit in soul

Archetypal Psychology + (creative patterns & power)

Recurring patterns & images guide our emergent soul path

Transpersonal Psychology + (human & nonhuman)

Co-create with multiple intelligences within nature to learn
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Soul of Creativity

Art-based path of playful depth psychology & nature 
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Circle Passages

Nature-based approach to modern rites of passage
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Guest Teachers

Otter (maybe) plus 19 new teachers & guest teachers
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Core Resources

Tutorials, videos, activities, classes & forums to help 

Art Tutorials & Techniques
(from supplies to techniques)

Guidance from collage to painting, journaling clay & calligraphy

Create Sacred Space to BE (altars, studios & businesses)

Create a inspiring safe container for your transformed life

Writing Prompts & art journaling  (soul dialogue & words as images)

Explore active images with journaling, myth, story telling & poetry

Self-Generated Ritual & Belief 
(create your own soul relationship)

Ritual, ceremony, prayer & affirmations are powerful soul tools

Visioning & Dreaming
(in your life, business & more)

Co-create with multiple intelligences within nature to learn
biocentric: we Grow online to root deep into our nature & nature in creativity sanctuary

Soul Space is co-created with Nature as our teacher

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Soul Space: Constellating in Virtual Space

to reach people everywhere (especially in need)
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Common Ground: In Person Classes & Retreats

to vision, imagine, root deep & grow up in nature
Lesson series

Living Creative Activism

This is eco-art & play done soul's way, Soul Space creativity is a combination of archetypal power, time-tested practices, modern science & ancient wisdom traditions. It is psychology in a whole, new & newly emergent primordial way. To get a living sense of it & see Heather answer some questions you might have, watch the interview below.

Grounded Theory

Embodied Knowledge 

Applied & grounded in you, your life, community & the world 

Personalized Belief

 Self-Generated & Natural

Belief & ritual alchemize the hard things that are too big to hold

Inner Guidance

Healing Intuition

Creative imagination & visionary insight to help you navigate 

Needed Connection

Community Support

We need support now more than ever. It is time to come together
As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul [Alchemy is the Great Work of Art]
Hermes Trismegistus, the famed founder of Alchemy

Unconscious +
Shadow Work in Mythology, Art, Body & Nature 

95% of thought, feeling & action are buried in the unconscious!!!!

Belief & Story + self-author your life, past, present & future myth

Remember, retell &
reimagine your life story & beliefs

Self-Love + Care Self-Compassion,
Acceptance &

Inner compassion & loving forgiveness are essential nourishment

Mindfulness +
Meditation, Observation & polarity therapy  

Center with tools & techniques for peace & power inside & out

Psychosomatic +
Neurographics, Presencing & Remembering

Activities grounded in the heart relationship between mind & body

Your Story

You are rewriting your story & mythology

Your Connection

You are connecting to YOU & being yourself

Your Belief

You are finding YOUR belief - limiting lies 

Your Imagery

You are guided by imagery unique to you

Your Rituals

You create in self-generated rituals

Follow Path

Take the courses as they come in order

Follow Intuition

Go where & when you are guided to go

Go with Friends

Transform & gather as a group together (fun) 

Bundle Up

Get the bundles and learn by topic

Take your Time

No hurry. You can return again. Go deep
Soul is trans (across, beyond, through to the other side), synthesizing disciplines, perspectives, modalities . . .

+ Energy

Soul purpose creates a flow of energy in you

+ Creativity

Soul creativity inspires new life within you

+ Understanding

Soul gets to the root of life to give deep gnosis

+ Courage

Soul's deep meaning gives you courage

+ Compassion

Soul connection gives you compassion 

Offerings to recreate yourself & life

Flexible offerings to fit into your life with simple but beautiful instruction.

Barefoot Beginning

A hybrid kit & retreat to rewild & explore a barefoot ethic in ensouled kinship with all life. A first step to discover what is at your core: your guiding belief. 

Celebrate Creatrix

A class & retreat to honor the archetypal feminine creative or Creatrix in our nature & Mother Nature. Claim & explore your creative power!

Offerings to Come

With challenges, kits, retreats & classes, there is something for everyone & every step of your journey to discover your power, passion & purpose.