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 a Creative
Revolution of Conscious

 "Only in our creative acts do we step forth into the light and see ourselves whole and complete." C G JUNG

Creative Enlightenment

Soul Space is a socially altruistic nonprofit designed to creatively reimagine soul in ourselves, lives & world. It is a renaissance of communitas or the spirit of community that emerges organically from equality. Hosted on a learning platform with an imbedded social media hub, we offer online & onsite kits, courses & retreats, rooted in the common ground of shared creativity and calling: to create a sustainable, meaningful & equitable world.
Art is a necessity--an essential part of our enlightenment process. We cannot as a civilized society, regard ourselves as being enlightened without the arts.
ken danby
Creativity is not beside the point. It is the point.

Creativity Transforms US

Art saves lives, & creativity brings us to life, just as the soul is the archetype of life & creativity personified to  guide us in the alchemical Great Work of Art of conscious creation & transformation. Come to life! 
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Soul of Creativity

Art-based path of depth psychology & nature
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Circle Passages

Nature-based approach to modern rites of passage
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Guest Teachers

Emergent content with new teachers and classes coming
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Core Resources

Tutorials, videos, activities, classes and forums to help 
The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. [enlightenment]
c g jung
Grow through online courses or drop deep  at our nature & creativity sanctuary

Soul Space is built with Nature 

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Soul Space: Constellating in Virtual Space

to connect, learn, grow, transform & love
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BEloved: Come Create with Sacred Ground

to vision, imagine, root deep & grow up in nature

Visit our ecological inspiration

The new meaning of soul is creativity [creating with the imagination] and mysticism [initiation]. These will become the foundation of the new psychological type and with him or her will come the new civilization. 
otto rank

Creative Initiation

To initiate is to begin and also to become a member of a group. So Soul Space initiates us in a creative process of transdisciplinary healing & transformation through:
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Depth Psychology (deep healing)

+ bridging the conscious & unconscious (95% of us)

Eco-Art Therapy
(creative healing)

+ liberating through playfully creative transformation

Trauma Recovery
(somatic healing)

+ integrating shadow in the body & a body of art

 Creative Activism
(love in action)

+ creating real & sustainable change in the world

What People are saying:  "fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and "better than I could have imagined."

These offerings are for anyone and everyone who wants to heal and transform themselves and the world. The only prerequisites are self-honesty, compassion, courage, and commitment. Being playful helps too! Some things are too serious to be taken seriously. This is a time to let go, breathe and be . . . not who you have been told you should be but yourself. We do this in community.

We need this . . . NOW

Put simply, our modern crisis invokes needed change within us: to see beyond separation to the realization of connection in which we are not a part from but a part of the natural world. Summarized by the golden rule found in all religions, we are called to do unto others as we would have done to us, based on the understanding that we are a part of a greater whole connected by soul. It is time to consciously co-create from this shared reality.

I really feel that you have made such a huge contribution to our souls, to our artistic creative selves. I wish there was more Jungian work like this. 

Dr. Fannie Brewster, PhD author, educator, artist, & international speaker of Heather's dissertation

Heather is a masterful educator on how to heal and grow through art. Her presence is open, kind, wise and playful.

Dr. Mary Gibbons, MD
facilitator, philanthropist, leader, and educator.

Heather is an exceptional teacher and facilitator, as well as a beautifully soulful artist and person. She is gifted in leading persons in learning how art evokes the soul.

Dr. Kristen Williams, PhD, therapist, and writer

You and the work you are doing are an inspiration.

Dr. Susan Rowland, PhD

Heather is a creative genius, making artists feel safe to explore and create with her.
Victoria Christiansen, MA author, therapist, and artist
In everyone some kind of artist is hiding. . . this urge for artistic creation is repressed" and "very often the cause of psychic disturbances. . . The forgotten artist must be fetched up again from the darkness of the subconscious, and a path cleared for the urge for artistic expression. [This is that path. Come heal!]
c g jung

Deep Need

Epidemic of alienation, anxiety, violence, addiction, depression, domestic violence & deaths of despair

Deep Division


Deep Crisis


Deep Love



By forgetting soul creativity we have lost  our connection to life--our own, others, and the world. 


When we are disengaged from life we don't respect life, leading to destruction instead of creation.


Remembering soul art brings us to life, reconnecting our creation to Creation, our nature to Nature.


Soul healing restores our creative capacity rooted in our nature to live in harmony with all life.  
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Soul creativity does more than you can imagine

Deep Creativity 

Unlock your inner potential, purpose, power & passion to really live your life & offer your gift.
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This is not just wall art . . .

but deep exploration & transformation. Play!
  • There is no right or wrong way, only your way. 
  • This is about authenticity & integrity (honesty) not trying to be someone you are not (i.e. perfect)
  • Our transformation transforms others, rippling out in the world to magnify our influence as a group
  • Some things are too serious to take seriously, so we play with the shadow work in eco, art & play therapy
  • It doesn't matter if you can draw a nose or touch toes
Your soul is infinitely creative. It is alive and expansive in nature. It is curious and playful, changing with the tides of time. Art is the expression of the artist's soul.
Whalt Whitman
 soulful creation =  Conscious EVOLUTION = collective individuation

Where Nature & Culture Meet Science & Technology 

Supportive Courses

Online & hybrid onsite/online classes offer intimate live social learning with individual, partner & group support to foster relationship & deepen experience

Individual Kits

Online content with a partner structure offer greater flexibility with no live classes. Kits are available at all times & archived. They come with a monthly support group

Depth Retreats

Online or onsite intensives designed to cultivate depth work in yourself and group through condensed time together at a center in Olympia, WA & La Quinta, CA

Rites of Passage

Hybrid online & onsite content guides you through an initiation, culminating in a deep wilderness experience at a creativity & nature center & Olympic National Park 

Community Forums

Free social media partner and group support created for you and BY YOU for natural and emergent communitas, the spirit of community which is our goal.

Compassionate Structure

Offerings are free to at risk populations and by invitation  or application with a giveback model for a truly diverse community in which we all teach and heal.

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The timelessness of art is its capacity to represent the transformation of endless becoming into being.

Choose Love>Fear! Abundance>Scarcity
Sliding Scale & Gift Economy help EVERYONE

Dark Night of the Soul

 Help someone in need navigate the dark night of the soul to find our way together. Purchase a class or kit and give one to someone you choose or 10 to someone in need (at risk youth or unhoused people). We can only do this together! Remember: it is darkest before the dawn. So we celebrate the coming light of Winter Solstice.

"One does no become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." Jung    

A New Day & Dawn

After a collective dark night of the soul we need to heal
  • Process the last 3 years of COVID craziness to gain insight and buried treasure. Mourn what has been lost to find the silver lining
  • Learn skills to help transform tension into transformation
  • Gather resources to support you in healing self-discovery
  • Bring together friends and family to transform together
  • Return to childhood memories to remember lost gifts & legacies
  • Offer your gifts to the world and magnify their power as a group
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. [That is us!]
margaret mead
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is a guide, insight, & relationship

Soul is your inner artist.

What is SOUL?

Soul is an inner essence and experience that connects our body, mind, and spirit, reconnecting our nature to nature. Soul is not religious but natural, psychological (psyche is soul) and relational. Soul is a part of you and up to you. It is what connects and brings you to life. 

Soul = Life Support

Soul calls us to offer support in community. From at-risk youth and unhoused peoples to those suffering from loss, addiction or depression, we all need help. So we:
  • Offer deep trauma resolution in response to cultural crisis
  • Create sponsorship and support to give access to those in need
  • Model conflict transformation & communication skills
  • Honor marginalized ways of being and knowing for balance
  • Reach vulnerable populations with ongoing & needed resources
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Every individual needs revolution, inner division, overthrow of the existing order, and renewal.  Salvation is the resolution of the task. The task is to give birth to the old in a new time [creation]. The soul of humanity is like the great zodiacal wheel that rolls along the way. 
c g jung

Soul Revolution

Watch an introduction to Soul Space to see how you can participate in our Renaissance. There are many paths.
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Each person has a unique opus, a soul work. You must live your life . . . each person has to do something different, something that is uniquely his own. C G Jung
What is your soul's call?

Find Your Purpose

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skills you need to become a real professional. Thrive in your career.
  • Highly Engaging courses
  • Unique Learning Paths
  • Video Conferencing
  • Assignments
  • 24/7 Support with Live Chat
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The soul is not in the body; the body is in the soul. . . the soul is a breath of living spirit, that  with excellent sensitivity, permeates the entire body to give it life. Just so the breath of the air makes the earth fruitful . . . the soul of the earth, moistening it, greening it.
Hildegard of Bingen

Your Soul +

Your individual essence, purpose, capacity & identity

Human Soul +

Collective group soul of all humanity, including groups

Animal Soul +

The soul  of animals as both individual & group souls 

Earth Soul +

The soul of nature and the animal mundi or world soul of earth

Cosmic Soul +

Soul expands out into space to connect to creation as creators
Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time . . . The creative process is a living thing. . . in the souls of men. 
C G Jung

Embody Soul Power

Everybody has a unique soul power, a gift that is your Essence, uniquely YOU. This is the heart of your offering to the world, your piece of the world puzzle: your honey.
  • Highly Engaging courses
  • Unique Learning Paths
  • Video Conferencing
  • Assignments
  • 24/7 Support with Live Chat
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