Kim Lincoln

Terrain of Essence

Kim is an author of Soul Power and co-creator of Beloved Teachings and visionary of Soul Space. She is the founder of the Terrain of Essence Teachings, navigating the landscape of your soul. 

Her work freely weaves energetic science and ancient mysticism into a simple, direct way to access your intrinsic being, synthesizing principles of trauma resolution, spiritual psychology, quantum mechanics, and the subtle anatomy of the Soul.

Walking the Star

9 Keys of Manifestation

Are you ready to take the next step in your evolution? To discover the seen and unseen, the known and unknown? To bridge heaven and earth, as embodied spirit, and matter?

Awaken to the essence of you through these ancient mystery teachings. Where you are the star of your universe embracing your beloved in you.

Walking the Star

The Magic Square

The magic square is an ancient contemplative practice, a walking meditation and sacred path of manifestation, recorded 5,000 years ago. In its most refined form, it is a metaphysical map of the essence of the true human being. It is represented by a cube in which the star is hidden.

 A Light Matrix to Manifest

A Magic Lantern

The cube (hexagram) represents earth. It is a matrix of light in the body of form. The central core of the cube is light. The light where all forces of its geometry becomes a living flame of the universe, uniting spirit into form. Like a magic lantern, this wish fulfilling gem is a vehicle of manifestation for awakening consciousness and grounding it in the world.

Walking the Star; 9 Keys of Manifestation

Walking the Star

A Wish Fulfilling Gem of Awakened Consciousness
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1 Trust Your Wisdom

What you do is informed by your wiser self. 

“The power of your position is in balancing your mind.” - be mindful


Trust Your Wiser Self

Trust Your Wisdom
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2 Embrace Devotion

It is being held in unconditional love and living the path of devotion.

“Nobody can give you what you already have. The love you feel for another is your love.”
- be the love


Living the Path of Devotion

Embrace Devotion
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3 Listen with Your Heart

It is living strong like an oak and flexible like a willow. 

“It is embracing your life-force energy to feel fully alive.” - be enlivened


Embrace your Life-Force

Listen with Your Heart
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4 Manifest Prosperity

You are the generator of creator’s infinite abundance.

“It is understanding that what you react to in another resides in you. Own what is yours.” - own it


Create Infinite Abundance

Manifest Prosperity
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5 Embody the Divine

You are grounded like a mountain and expansive like the air. 

“You genuinely embody respect for yourself and all others.” - be embodied


Grounded and Expansive

Embody the Divine
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6 Live the Miraculous

Your resonance attracts the right people in the right place at the right time.

“You are a continuum of infinite possibilities.” - live your potential


Attract Infinite Possibilities

Live the Miraculous
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7 Create Joyously

You are playfully mining your creative depths and freeing your jewels. 

“It is courageously connecting with and engaging with what only you can create.” - be creative


Free Your Jewels

Create Joyously
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8 Master Your Mind

You are mastering your mind and receiving wisdom’s guidance. 

“It is trusting the mysterious unknown.” - open to the mystery  


Create Your Life

The nature of the soul is to create
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9 Live Your Passion

You are drawing upon your essential strength to live your life courageously. 

“It is allowing the raw energy to cycle through you like a wildfire spreading in your body.” - feel the warmth


Draw Upon Your Essential Strength

Live Your Passion
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Each course has ritual techniques or soul tools.

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